Little Samson (NES)

Little Samson (NES)
PublisherTaito Corporation
GenreAction, Platforming
ReleasedJune 26, 1992
Title Screenhot
In-game Screenshot


There are 15 achievements worth 165 (218) points.
Authors: valkyrov (15)

Learning The Ropes
Beat all 4 intro stages(Normal Mode)(No Passwords)
528 (381) of 531
(99.44%) players
One-eyed Wonder
Beat the 1st boss(Normal Mode)(No Passwords)
404 (304) of 531
(76.08%) players
Mushroom Cave
Beat one of the 2nd bosses(Normal Mode)(No Passwords)
355 (271) of 531
(66.85%) players
Stumble upon the crab level (Normal Mode)(No Passwords)
236 (205) of 531
(44.44%) players
Beat the 3rd boss(Normal Mode)(No Passwords)
348 (267) of 531
(65.54%) players
Angry Spirits
Beat the 4th boss(Normal Mode)(No Passwords)
303 (236) of 531
(57.06%) players
Beat the 5th boss(Normal Mode)(No Passwords)
286 (223) of 531
(53.86%) players
Tis But a Flesh Wound
Beat the 6th boss(Normal Mode)(No Passwords)
270 (209) of 531
(50.85%) players
Breath of Fire
Beat the 7th boss(Normal Mode)(No Passwords)
261 (201) of 531
(49.15%) players
Bringer of Death
Beat the 8th boss(Normal Mode)(No Passwords)
252 (195) of 531
(47.46%) players
Golden God
Beat the 9th boss(Normal Mode)(No Passwords)
230 (173) of 531
(43.31%) players
Death Made a Friend
Beat the 10th boss(Normal Mode)(No Passwords)
226 (171) of 531
(42.56%) players
Blue Knight Also Made a Friend
Beath the 11th boss(Normal Mode)(No Passwords)
223 (170) of 531
(42.00%) players
Get Out of My Castle!
Beat the final boss(Normal Mode)(No Passwords)
220 (167) of 531
(41.43%) players
Let's Get Out of Here!
Escape the castle(Normal Mode)(No Passwords)
220 (165) of 531
(41.43%) players
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retroparis2022-09-27 18:11:07Playing Little Samson
Taurinensis2022-09-27 14:16:26Playing Little Samson
ObiKenobi2022-09-26 23:24:25Playing Little Samson
MabuwahTibah2022-09-25 22:57:53Playing Little Samson
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Recent comment(s):
valkyrov 23 Feb 2015 03:10
Ran through the game on HC mode, 3 achieves did not pop, they are now fixed.
FernandoFFS 23 Feb 2015 21:45
unintentionally reseted the game in the last boss Instead of pressing the TAB to get to continue fester, I will not play again till there. :(
valkyrov 23 Feb 2015 22:07
Oh man, that's harsh, it should be easier the second time through and maybe ou can get the crab level on your way :)
metalders 2 Aug 2015 17:32
Any plans of adding more achievs? Or would you rather increase some of the existing ones to complete the 400-points limit?
DonCosmo 10 Feb 2016 03:36
How exactly does secret slayer work?
BerserkerBR 8 Apr 2016 12:43
About Secret Slayer....Someone should wipe those achievements nobody knows how to do...Mystical Ninja of the snes has the same problem...
NeonHenchman 15 May 2016 19:37
I really don't see the point of having no Passwords, using these doesn't help you in any way except to take up from where you left off, as an extra convenience. Besides, it's not like you could get all previous achievements anyway, right?
DonCosmo 18 Oct 2016 03:44
Secret slayer seems to be playing the game on normal, completing the secret crab level, and then spam killing a bunch of skeletons early on in the green temple level. That at least is when it unlocked for me. Thank you SamuraiGoroh for the help!
BerserkerBR 22 Feb 2017 01:09
Thank god someone got rid of secret slayer
valkyrov 4 Mar 2017 03:48
Sorry, I've been absent from the site for some time and just now getting back into the swing of things. Set updated to 400 points also leaving Secret Slayer out.
valkyrov 4 Mar 2017 16:25
Achieves should pop at the proper times now. If anyone would like more achieves for this game (no damage, no continues, etc.) Just send me a message and left me know!
Kerogero 13 May 2017 10:17
Beated the first boss, but it got achievement for beating 3rd.
GabrielAlves 4 Dec 2017 18:39
OmegaVideoGameGod 9 Jan 2019 01:21
Love this game, but it's not worth the fucking price people want physical copies for.
Ghoster 3 Feb 2019 18:24
SuperTails0991 21 Oct 2019 11:49
GamerDude16 9 Mar 2020 00:18
MASTERED!!! Holy @#$ this game gets brutal towards the end. But it was a super fun experience all the way! :D Definitelly a recomendation to any platformer fans out there.
saphoenix1987 28 Sep 2020 02:49
Played for the first time and can say mastered the most expensive nes game!
gugolg51 27 Dec 2020 20:20
Do I have to get all this in a single session? that's ridiculous
GamerDude16 6 Jan 2021 00:55
It's not as hard as you think, all you have to do is beat the game and you will get almost all the achievements. Otherwise, yes, you can't use passwords, so you have to beat the game in one go



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