King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder!
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Playing King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder!

Dexterspet 29 Jun 2015 23:47
Use King's Quest V (USA)
ImpliedKappa 2 Jul 2015 05:09
Oh man, all the deaths. This is going to be a painful completion, but I must do it.
badatrowing 12 Jul 2015 18:37
Lousy port (I wish I'd read the save game disclaimer BEFORE leaving Serenia :P), but what an excellent achievement set. Puzzling out the deaths was a blast.
Dexterspet 15 Jul 2015 11:26
I suppose I should state that warning here as well, some people don't read the forums. Your savegames don't save when you reset, you must note your password to continue in another session.
mariic 16 Aug 2017 04:35
Or you could just make a save state.
Dexterspet 16 Aug 2017 08:17
Most people play hardcore mode, and you can't load a savestate then enter hardcore, so you have to hardsave.
OverDose 30 Sep 2019 18:13
I think Meat your Demise achievement is buged for me
classicgamer 11 Jan 2020 02:17
I think Meat your Demise and Bonk on the head are bugged too. Can't figure out a toymaker affair either
HaruNatsu619 19 Mar 2020 18:31
I don't get the death achievements. I assume you have to get killed by something then the achievement pops, but i've been killed by a variety of things and don't get the achievement. And yes Retroarch picks up at the beginning the achievement set.
ChronoGear 20 Apr 2022 00:18
The controls are a little on the clunky side, but still a fun game to master
MDGeist 13 Dec 2022 13:25
Fun set, thx
1979 18 Mar 2023 20:54
Here is the accurate map for the nes version its different from pc
vintageclassicgamer 15 Sep 2023 10:21
Why did this get demoted?
Empovyle 16 Nov 2023 02:17
I believe it got demoted because passwords were accidentally left enabled in the achievement coding. It got noticed during one of the RARoulette weeks this year and has been sitting in limbo ever since.
vintageclassicgamer 17 Nov 2023 21:26
Since you had to die a billion times with no save weren't passwords mandatory? Idk I never got to try it. I remember a bunch of cryptic death Cheevos.