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SSSnake (Watara Supervision)

Developer:B.I.T.S Studio
Publisher:Bon Treasure
First released:December 31, 1992
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 11 achievements worth 117 (140) points.
Authors: SporyTike (11).

Sneaking around the Corners
won by 2 (1) of 21 (9.52%)
The Struggle is Real
won by 1 (1) of 21 (4.76%)
Finish Level 20.
Another 10 Done
won by 0 of 21 (0.00%)
Finish Level 30.
Playing with my Snake
won by 0 of 21 (0.00%)
Finish Level 40.
Halfway There
won by 0 of 21 (0.00%)
Finish Level 50.
won by 0 of 21 (0.00%)
Finish Level 60.
Why do I do this to myself?
won by 0 of 21 (0.00%)
Getting close...
won by 0 of 21 (0.00%)
Finish Level 80.
Please don't Die
won by 0 of 21 (0.00%)
Finish Level 90.
I am done with Snake for a while...
won by 0 of 21 (0.00%)
The Best goes First
won by 21 (16) of 21 (100.00%)
Get the Secret Bonus.
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Recent comment(s):
28 Apr 2021
Because people might think I am just evil, no this game has an ending screen which appears after beating 99 level
29 Apr 2021
The RNG nature of this version of Snake is unforgiving. You can grab the last apple you need and within a split second, another shows up, which can cause you to run into a wall. It's happened three times now to me on level 4. Ugh.
29 Apr 2021
The logic of this game is simple when you know how it works: If you eat an apple an apple core appear, when you eat an apple core a death trap appears. So best way for every game is to first go for all apples, then cores to avoid what you said
29 Apr 2021
That makes more sense. Working against the stiffness of the controls now. Those 90 degree turns are brutal.
14 May 2021
How do we deal with the fact that there is a stage where the RNG can screw you over with the initial placement of the fruit? Namely stage 9 and it's further loops?
28 Sep 2021
From the videos I've seen, there is no way to gain extra lives and the game repeats itself after level 10, so it's a bit much to ask for the player to beat the game 10 times in a row. The rng can also make it impossible to beat certain levels.
9 Oct 2021
Today I just learned of achievments w SV! Changed my Launchbox default from MESS to RetroArch w/ new Potator core, and The Best Goes First is my...well, first achievement =) The best Watara game truly goes first.

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