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Galaxy Fighter (Watara Supervision)

Galaxy Fighter (Watara Supervision)
GenreShoot 'em Up
Title Screenhot
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Authors: guindev (8)
There are 8 achievements worth 25 (25) points.
Upgrade your main weapon to the 5-Way Spread gun. [Level 3 (P)]
194 (168) of 198
(97.98%) players
Upgrade your side weapon to the Nuclear Rockets. [Level 1 (!)]
198 (170) of 198
(100.00%) players
Upgrade your side weapon to the Fast Gudied Missiles. [Level 3 (m)]
184 (161) of 198
(92.93%) players
Upgrade your side weapon to the Dual Orbiting Shield. [Level 4 (O)]
177 (160) of 198
(89.39%) players
Complete Stage 1 by defeating the first Chief.
181 (161) of 198
(91.41%) players
Complete Stage 2 by defeating the second Chief.
155 (142) of 198
(78.28%) players
Complete an entire loop without dying (From start to killing the second chief).
144 (133) of 198
(72.73%) players
Reach a score of 333k.
155 (142) of 198
(78.28%) players
ourdeardexter 22 Apr 2021 15:11
Works on retroarch?
guindev 22 Apr 2021 15:49
It works on the latest nightly.
ourdeardexter 22 Apr 2021 17:16
What core?
guindev 22 Apr 2021 17:37
"Watara - Supervision (Potator)" in the download core list.
MaddieKittyTV 25 Apr 2021 10:09
YahwehTzVaoth 26 Apr 2021 03:30
The challenge stuff is cool, but this sort of archival, obscurity is way more what I like seeing pop up on RA. Thanks for the set!
BlotchJBMR 26 Apr 2021 06:15
stfN1337 12 Jun 2021 14:47
jeffsilvers 15 Oct 2021 18:42
This was somehow a quicker master for me than Color a Dinosaur...
Retrokaiser 5 Jan 2022 14:06
RetroChris81 18 Feb 2022 18:26
Mastered (#143)
Rghayes76 20 Apr 2022 23:12
What a weird fun little game. Mastered!!!
AzuchiAkeshi 30 Apr 2022 20:36
Mastered! \o/
DraconianEcho 10 Jun 2022 20:44
xthedestroyer 24 Jun 2022 14:28
Very easy game, but oddly enough I had a bit of trouble with getting the Good Luck I'm Behind Two Moons achievement. No matter how many power ups I grabbed I never seemed to get that one. But tried it again just a minute ago and it popped right after I defeated the first boss and collected everything he dropped. Weird, but hey, I finally got that out of the way. Fun game if you just want a quick mastery or something fun to play for a few minutes that won't make you want to rage quit gaming altogether.
VectorPrime40 6 Jul 2022 21:34
1979 17 Nov 2022 23:48
deathless mastery on my first play ever VERY easy game
Surnis 16 Feb 2023 13:54
None of the achievements require you to pass that meteor shower or finish the game! I know the game is no good, but surely I'm not the only one to realise it is not an endless shooter? Tour de Force is hardly an entire loop. You get the first two stages, then a third one, with no boss but an extremely hard meteor shower at the end, then stage one repeats, but the game ends after it. All you guys who claim that the game is so easy, and have "mastered it" still have work to do!
Nostromo82 25 Feb 2023 15:56

Achievement Distribution

High Scores

133rbloodriver rbloodriver2023-03-21 12:47
132Sutarion Sutarion2023-03-18 03:44
131GodzKinG GodzKinG2023-03-10 18:00
130XashTheStampede XashTheStampede2023-03-01 00:45
129Nostromo82 Nostromo822023-02-25 15:55
128Surnis Surnis2023-02-17 03:22
127superthrush superthrush2023-02-12 20:51
126LazyFecks LazyFecks2023-02-05 23:45
125Khorea Khorea2023-01-29 03:53
124KobraKid1337 KobraKid13372023-01-27 06:35


Get the highest score possible from the start using a single life
The1Ross The1Ross485609