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~Homebrew~ Classic Kong (SNES)

~Homebrew~ Classic Kong (SNES)
Released:September 18, 2012
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 6 achievements worth 130 (191) points.
Authors: adamjohnny5 (6).

Thank You, Sir. May I Have Another?
won by 56 (49) of 58 (96.55%)
Not Too Shabby
won by 46 (40) of 58 (79.31%)
Get a score of 25,000 Points.
Doing Much Better
won by 34 (30) of 58 (58.62%)
Score 50,000 Points
Dee Kay. Donkey Kong.
won by 25 (22) of 58 (43.10%)
Score 50,000 Points without dying.
Lots Of Zeros
won by 24 (21) of 58 (41.38%)
Score 100,000 Points
Donkey Kong December!
won by 20 (18) of 58 (34.48%)
Score 100,000 Points without dying.
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Recent Players:
speedruntrainer2022-08-20 00:01:07Jumpman is saving the day! Lives: 1 Score: 149400.
shaunkhor2022-04-18 15:08:31Playing ~Homebrew~ Classic Kong
Recent comment(s):
24 May 2022
Thanks for the set. It's a really nice version of the game. More people should play this!
13 Aug 2022
Mastered! I have a lot of experience with Kong games so I expected this to be pretty easy. Getting 100k on a single life proved to be kinda difficult though. In the original Arcade DK game, the timer of the stages is actually controlled by the obstacles Kong throws at you. Eg- for each barrel rolled, the timer ticks down. In this game though, the timer just goes full throttle and ticks down constantly. This forces you to rush some of the stages and gamble with a coin flip every now and then.

One thing the achievement set doesn't cover is if you are able to make it to Level 6 (survive 20 stages), the entire game flips into a mirror image and the spring board (75m) dramatically ramps up in difficulty. Making it to and/or beating this mirror image world might be achievements worth adding as a set revision one day.

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