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~Homebrew~ Pongemon (Pokemon Mini)

First released:December 04, 2005
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 15 achievements worth 62 (62) points.
Authors: Kisumebuckets (15).

Ready to Pong?
won by 72 (70) of 73 (98.63%)
Start the game in 2 player mode
Oh Dang!  Bulbasaur!
won by 72 (71) of 73 (98.63%)
You earned 1 point. This acheivement is worth 1 point. Bulbasaur is #1 in the Pokedex. Coincidence?
Ball Buster
won by 69 (68) of 73 (94.52%)
You earned 10 points! This major accomplishment will now contribute to your points on!
won by 73 (71) of 73 (100.00%)
You made a mistake and now the opponent has a point! Better luck next time.
You win!!!
won by 67 (66) of 73 (91.78%)
You completed one game of Pong and earned 21 points! The journey is more rewarding than the end.
Nightmare! Ball Buster
won by 67 (66) of 73 (91.78%)
Collect 10 points while the opponent's score is 0. Can you feel the heat?
Mr. Perfect Pong
won by 66 (65) of 73 (90.41%)
Complete a game of Pong without the opponent scoring a single point. This will give you lots of rage.
Hee Hee
won by 67 (65) of 73 (91.78%)
Have a score of 6 while the opponent has a score of 9
won by 64 (63) of 73 (87.67%)
Win three games without losing any games. A game is earning 21 points.
Precise Ponging
won by 64 (64) of 73 (87.67%)
Win a game of Pong while only changing the direction of the paddle less than 100 times (measured).
Close one!
won by 65 (64) of 73 (89.04%)
Either win a game, or lose a game where the opponent has 20 points, or you have 20 points.
Okay Now this is Pong
won by 64 (63) of 73 (87.67%)
Win 5 games in total in one session!
won by 65 (64) of 73 (89.04%)
You need to score 50 points in one session (across any games) for this achievement.Only then can you catch Pokemon #50, Diglett
Ball Bouncer!
won by 68 (67) of 73 (93.15%)
Make the ball bounce until the achievement measured timer is full. Scoring a point will reset the counter.
Advanced Ball Bouncer
won by 64 (64) of 73 (87.67%)
Make the ball bounce until the measured bar is full. This is harder than Ball Bouncer. Scoring a point will reset the counter
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Recent comment(s):
7 Dec 2020
8 Dec 2020
8 Dec 2020
Mastered, so I guess that makes me a Pongemon Master.
8 Dec 2020
9 Dec 2020
28th game that I've mastered. This is the first ever Pokemon Mini game that I've mastered as well and it was pretty easy due to how broken the game is. If you can find the sweet spot, you can just stay there, not move and win.
4 Jan 2021
9 Feb 2021
Mastered given the exploit of staying in the right place
10 Apr 2021
RA is the S. I never even heard about this system until this year and here I am knowing about some exploit in a homebrew for it. Thanks for the set!
26 Apr 2021
Mastered. The sweet spot broke the game. About 1/4 the way down from the top of the screen. Then Fast Forward your way to an easy win. Thanks for the set!
30 Apr 2021
Platinado, bem legal o jogo e o set :D
16 Jun 2021
Platinado! Que merda em kkkkk so ficar parado e ganha praticamente todas as conquistas, que jogo quebrado kkkk, Easy Easy

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