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Rugrats: Studio Tour (PlayStation)

First released:November 10, 1999
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 7 achievements worth 85 (87) points.
Authors: Alfex (7).

What? Another door?
won by 18 (16) of 20 (90.00%)
Open the first locked door
Now we can go find Dil
won by 18 (16) of 20 (90.00%)
Open the second locked door
We found Dil!
won by 15 (14) of 20 (75.00%)
Rescue Dil
Captain Cookies key winner
won by 17 (16) of 20 (85.00%)
Win all the keys in Captain Cookies
Lazy Saddles key winner
won by 15 (14) of 20 (75.00%)
Win all the keys in Lazy Saddles
Diapies of Thunder key winner
won by 16 (15) of 20 (80.00%)
Win all the keys in Diapies of Thunder
Outside Space key winner
won by 16 (15) of 20 (80.00%)
Win all the keys in Outside Space
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Recent comment(s):
23 Nov 2020
It's a japanese version of Skullmonkeys, so it should be merged with the Skullmonkeys page.
29 Dec 2020
Entry renamed.
1 Jan 2021
Yay! Achievements fully work now. Mastered!
8 Jan 2021
This one's a guilty pleasure for me, but we could have gotten more achievements out of this.
20 Jan 2021
I apologize if this is the wrong place to talk about this; I just got all of the keys in Lazy Saddles and my progress even says 100% in RetroArch, but the achievement won't unlock.
1 Feb 2021
To report an achievement, enter the achievement's page and click on "Report an issue with this achievement". You can know the MD5 in the quick menu -> information, in "RetroAchievements hash". I've fixed the achievement.
6 Apr 2021
First Master!

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