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Family Feud (NES)

Developer:Beam Software
Genre:Game Show
First released:May 1991
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 8 achievements worth 100 (161) points.
Authors: Keltron3030 (8).

The Apex Family
won by 268 (236) of 294 (91.16%)
Buzz in first with the top answer on the board
The Hasty Family
won by 284 (249) of 294 (96.60%)
Win a round without ever letting the clock reach single digits
The Burglar Family
won by 176 (162) of 294 (59.86%)
Defer and then go on to win the round with a steal
The Immaculate Family
won by 239 (219) of 294 (81.29%)
Sweep a round without getting a strike
The Prevaling Family
won by 250 (225) of 294 (85.03%)
Knock out the other family and reach the fast money round
The Victorious Family
won by 195 (179) of 294 (66.33%)
Win the fast money round and earn $5000
The Overachieving Family
won by 78 (72) of 294 (26.53%)
Reach $200 in the first round of fast money
The Perseverant Family
won by 67 (58) of 294 (22.79%)
Earn $20,000 and get kicked off the show
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Recent comment(s):
15 Oct 2020
11 Jun 2021
Mastered, finally. Been doing this on and off, just so many questions I had to write down since I can't remember them all.
26 Jul 2021
Hey guys, i'm making a small guide with some of the Q&A of this game until i master it. Here is the link if you're having trouble just like me:
10 Aug 2021
Somehow putting in grape fruit instead of grapefruit doesn't give it to you, but putting icecream instead of ice cream gives to you, makes no sense. I even put in Ferrari for one of these and it gave me Corvette

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Get the most consecutive correct answers before receiving a strike (not fast money round)