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Astyanax (NES)

Genre:Action Platformer
First released:December 21, 1989
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


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Recent comment(s):
24 Jun 2016
Added some images for the achievements.
23 Aug 2017
see this is a good example of how achievements should be done. just nice beat the game and stuff like that instead of some crazy retardedly hard ones like some games have
3 Oct 2018
Needs a cheevo for beating the game.
30 May 2019
Even though the above comment is old I will rephrase it a little. THIS is very far from what a good achievement set is. Honestly, sometimes I wish for very strict rules about percentage of achievements tied to ingame progress and nothing else.
4 Jul 2019
Then make your own sets.
9 Jul 2019
Universal reply and a stupid one. I would make my own set but lately seeing constant whining about some achievements being too hard doesn't do anything good for my motivation.
10 Jul 2019
You have no idea what the code for this game is like, for all you know it could be a total mess and these could be the achievements possible. I guess It's easier to be a self entitled man baby than it would be to put your money where you mouth is.
10 Jul 2019
Heh. Well. If having nothing to say besides "do it yourself" and calling me entitled man baby is best what you can do - I think we both should stop flooding this comment section. No point in arguing.
16 Oct 2019
the game went well and everything on it =) where are the achievements at the end of the game ? there's still a whole level to go through =)
8 Jan 2021
I think there is no end achievement because the game doesn't ever really register an ending. It doesn't return to menu or anything, just sits at the "The End" screen until you reset.
19 Jan 2021
Is a 2014 set, so probably had no strict rules about that, but we must highly agree what Arekdias said on his 1st comment here, this really has potential for more achievements, isn't a great game, but still good for sure
27 Jan 2021
Mastered. Was a fun one, sure was kinda bland, but was a fun experience.
12 Apr 2021
WTF why'd this set just disappear?? Can't you (devs) just stop meddling and leave stuff alone?
12 Apr 2021
FFS if a whole set of achievements I've put any amount of time into unlocking and completing just DISAPPEARS without any reason, what's the friggin point of doing anything on this site at all? SERIOUSLY???
12 Apr 2021
24 Apr 2021
Well, this set was unfinished (no cheevo for finishing the game) with mostly progression and some unnecessary grinding. So it was only a matter of time bafore it got demoted. Most likely it will be back later.
7 May 2021
Not mentioning the achievements titles that are totally generics, and all badges that are distorted (see last comment on forum), it was literally a zero effort, even for old times
8 May 2021
The quality of the achievements isn't what I'm talking about, I'm talking about it being demoted inconsiderate of the players that spent time unlocking it for nothing now. That's absolutely infuriating.
8 May 2021
13 May 2021
What the hell? I decided to finish off the last achievement, but there are none at all ... What happened?

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