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Adventures in the Magic Kingdom (NES)

Genre:Platformer (Side Scrolling), Action (Top-Down View
First released:June 1990
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 15 achievements worth 262 (618) points.
Authors: jossyhadash (15).

Ya Dun Goofed
won by 244 (192) of 939 (25.99%)
Your name, not his!
won by 169 (109) of 939 (18.00%)
Questionably collect 6 virgins
Meet Jack Sparrow
won by 185 (118) of 939 (19.70%)
And collect the candle
In a rush
won by 162 (124) of 939 (17.25%)
Become number 1,000 within 1 second
won by 94 (76) of 939 (10.01%)
Collect 60 candles before reaching the 2nd floor
A b-press is a b-press
won by 68 (50) of 939 (7.24%)
Have 79 candles or more before reaching the boss
World Record
won by 124 (94) of 939 (13.21%)
Complete the race with 15 or more seconds left
Best Buddies
won by 389 (240) of 939 (41.43%)
Prove yourself to be a Disney connoisseur
Star Wars
won by 78 (59) of 939 (8.31%)
Reach Star F without getting hit on the most difficult route (D<><>, E <>)
Mine Craft
won by 86 (63) of 939 (9.16%)
Reach goal within 45 seconds without getting hit
Time to Party
won by 137 (84) of 939 (14.59%)
Collect all 6 keys
Say My Name
won by 434 (251) of 939 (46.22%)
Find out your character's name
Super Star
won by 90 (73) of 939 (9.58%)
Have the maximum amount of stars
Unlimited continues
won by 86 (71) of 939 (9.16%)
Waste your stars on something useless
Speedy Rescue
won by 83 (68) of 939 (8.84%)
Beat pirate level with 85 or more seconds left
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Recent Players:
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Recent comment(s):
13 May 2017
I love the titles!
14 May 2017
Done :)
14 May 2017
great job jossy!!!
15 May 2017
Some of these achievements are ridiculous. We need an achievement oversight committee on RA.
16 May 2017
Can you tell me which are ridiculous? And why?
2 Sep 2017
Can't get the Pudong achievement, look at how few have got it compared to the other similar achievements.
2 Sep 2017
Same with the Star Wars achievement
14 Oct 2017
I have no idea how Pudong was even meant to unlock, but you can get it by pausing the game when the final digit on the meters left counter in Thunder Mountain is 5.
14 Oct 2017
As for the Star Wars achievement, it's messy. It triggers when you've spent a certain amount of time in the Space Mountain stage without getting hit,
14 Oct 2017
but there are several routes to Star F, some of which are so long you'll get it quite a while before you arrive, others of which are so short the stage will end before you get it.
15 Oct 2017
Also, "A b-press is a b-press" does not trigger at 79 "or more" candles, it triggers at 79 candles exactly. If you have 75 candles and grab another 5, you won't get it unless you press that b button.
15 Oct 2017
Then, "Speedy Rescue" triggers if you beat the pirate level with either 85-89 or 95-99 seconds left on the timer (but not 90-94), OR if you replay the level after beating it once and let the timer hit 99.
31 Oct 2017
With those tips I managed to unlock Star Wars and Speedy Rescue, PUdong still eludes me though, tried the U and E ROMs, and still nothing, this set is screwed in any case regardless.
31 Oct 2017
To get Pudong, you need to pause the game when the final digit on the meter counter on Thunder Mountain is a 5, then leave the game on pause for about a minute. Sorry I wasn't clear.
22 Dec 2018
Tried all the suggestions and tips you guys provided and the Pudong achievement never popped for me. Oh well. I tried lol.
30 Dec 2019
this guy is sora type beta to create HK saga xdd(sound suspect this guy with the castle of mouse mickey)
21 May 2021
Mastered! This game is simple and fun. :D
21 May 2021
there is no pudong achievement.
21 May 2021
someone removed 5 achievements from this set and removed my developer status. sad.
22 May 2021
maybe its a bug

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