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Addams Family, The
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Addams Family, The (NES)


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Ocean Software



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Author: FernandoFFS (22)
There are 22 achievements worth 180 (390) points.
Get the key to get in the house!

956 (607) of 1,026

93.18% unlock rate

Get a bone for the potion!

654 (445) of 1,026

63.74% unlock rate

Save the Thing, he can help you 3 times!

420 (291) of 1,026

40.94% unlock rate

Get the key to get in the tree house!

435 (298) of 1,026

42.40% unlock rate

Do not try to swim without it.

417 (283) of 1,026

40.64% unlock rate

Get the umbrella

452 (311) of 1,026

44.05% unlock rate

Hold the bear in the trap!

397 (266) of 1,026

38.69% unlock rate

Ask him to play music!

379 (258) of 1,026

36.94% unlock rate

Get the Empty Bucket!

452 (313) of 1,026

44.05% unlock rate

Fill the Empty Bucket!

340 (235) of 1,026

33.14% unlock rate

Find the first Secret place

320 (220) of 1,026

31.19% unlock rate

Get an Extra Life!

400 (273) of 1,026

38.99% unlock rate

Take Wednesday from the refrigerator!

380 (259) of 1,026

37.04% unlock rate

Unfreeze Wednesday from freeze and get the Attic Key!

329 (226) of 1,026

32.07% unlock rate

Save Grandma, she can repair the Fog Machine!

440 (302) of 1,026

42.88% unlock rate

Get a Blue Egg for the potion!

367 (258) of 1,026

35.77% unlock rate

Get a wrench, with this she can repair the Fog Machine!

315 (207) of 1,026

30.70% unlock rate

Get some fog for the potion!

254 (165) of 1,026

24.76% unlock rate

Pass the Tiles on the roof and get the fog with all 3 Thing Shields remaining!

191 (129) of 1,026

18.62% unlock rate

Save Pugsley and he can unlock that door!

260 (170) of 1,026

25.34% unlock rate

Save Morticia and complete the game!

240 (159) of 1,026

23.39% unlock rate

Save Morticia without using a Continue!

166 (111) of 1,026

16.18% unlock rate

Recent Players:
crusadeRGP2023-06-06 02:03:33Playing Addams Family, The
SHOOTERMCGAVIN272023-06-05 01:07:17Playing Addams Family, The
divanikus2023-06-04 15:29:34Playing Addams Family, The
Polymarchos2023-06-04 04:38:17In The Garden, 47400$, 2 lives left
snozzedandlost2023-06-01 12:39:16In The Freezer, 229800$, 3 lives left
BlockABoots2023-05-28 22:17:28In The Garden, 17400$, 2 lives left
Comet6662023-05-03 08:36:26Playing Addams Family, The
slimoffsky2023-04-14 09:52:09In Somewhere, 147400$, 3 lives left
BigMcLargehuge2023-04-13 21:13:14Playing Addams Family, The
CoolThing2023-04-11 16:09:59In Somewhere, 105400$, 3 lives left
danmeyer1981 10 May 2015 21:21
HAHAHA. Chegui no final do jogo e no liberou as conquistas da mortissa e do final. para enfiar e rasgar mesmo.
FernandoFFS 6 Jul 2015 12:00
Pois e isso acontece, alem da checksum e ver se as conquistas carregaram, preciso ver se o server no esta lotado para nao acontecer isso.
PixelReality 1 Mar 2017 11:30
how get golden achievements?
Frol 29 Mar 2017 02:54
use harcore mode always
LiveFastCyYoung 14 Oct 2017 20:02
Uhh, I earned "Lurch's Play" and "Extra Live" from playing Armadillo on Famicom.
TheBatman 23 Aug 2018 16:23
...I'm confused by the stats. More People have saved Morticia than Pugsley, and more People have saved Pugsley than have got the fog, but you need the fog to save Pugsley and you need Pugsley to save Morticia. What gives?
williew705 26 Feb 2020 12:35
Good grief, the jumps in the freezer about made me go bananas!
Tsunando 5 Jun 2020 18:24
Thank you for the set, this game used to kick my ass as a kid but I got my revenge
Kutal 10 Apr 2021 22:18
Man, this game has really interesting concept and kinda faithful to the source... but the game design is BIG OOF. Throwing player to the death pits and unavoidable obstacles... yeah sure great idea. Still, got me interested to try 16-bit versions.
Szhymphild 16 Jul 2021 05:06
Mastered =D
FabinSS 12 Apr 2022 21:29
WTF is that jump returning from the furnace? Oh boy, the level design here is... pure ass.
Freakservo 22 Aug 2022 05:49
Hey, dude....
All I ever see you do is complain around here.
If you hate these games so much why do you even play them? To act like a poor AVGN clone?
Also, none of the people here even made these games. You're whining to the wrong audience.
EulerMoises1981 25 Aug 2022 11:31
Jogo bem legal! Esse foi um dos primeiros "metroidvanias" que eu joguei na vida (na época não existia esse termo). Eu adoro jogos nesse estilo! :)
BenTobitt 27 Oct 2022 09:40
FabinSS I agree, that jump is pure cancer. I wanted to like this game as a kid but that jump made it impossible.
And Freakservo, all I ever see you do is complain. Perhaps you should lighten up.
heero0080 6 Feb 2023 00:12
I didn't know retroarch had achievements. I beat the game and then setup achievements and it said I didn't complete 5 of them.

The 5 achievements.
Mastered the Roof!, Full Bucket, Save Thing, Lurch's Performance, and save refrigerator Wednesday.

But the achievements know I thawed Wednesday and that I beat the game. I wish I know how they figure one thing out but not another.

Lucky this game is only 25-35 minutes long. Jump right in and got my last 5. Now I'm at 100%.

HylianBrat 21 May 2023 02:19
Woo! My first mastered! Feels good.

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110HylianBrat HylianBrat2023-05-21 02:17
109AJGemiini AJGemiini2023-05-11 06:06
108JayGemiini JayGemiini2023-04-24 23:07
107AttilaThe13th AttilaThe13th2023-02-12 19:32
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102Coulthard Coulthard2023-01-14 18:05
101MiningMario MiningMario2023-01-12 22:48


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