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Peter Pan's Playground (Nintendo DS)

Developer:Phoenix Games
Publisher:Phoenix Games
First released:2008
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 9 achievements worth 33 (33) points.
Authors: monkeytoung (9).

Story of My Childhood
won by 20 (20) of 22 (90.91%)
Watch the entire movie.
They All Look the Same
won by 20 (20) of 22 (90.91%)
Finish all Easy Finding Differences. (One Session)
Seeing Double
won by 19 (19) of 22 (86.36%)
Finish all Hard Finding Differences. (One Session)
Flipping Mad
won by 18 (18) of 22 (81.82%)
Finish all Easy Matching games. (One Session)
It's Not in the Cards
won by 17 (17) of 22 (77.27%)
Finish all Hard Matching games. (One Session)
This Game's Existence is Puzzling
won by 18 (18) of 22 (81.82%)
Complete all Easy Jigsaw Puzzles. (One Session)
Jigsaw Pieces of Eight
won by 17 (17) of 22 (77.27%)
Complete all Hard Jigsaw Puzzles. (One Session)
Everyone Loves Slide Puzzles...Right?
won by 17 (17) of 22 (77.27%)
Finish all Easy Sliding puzzles. (One Session)
This Game Is Made By Literal Code Monkeys
won by 15 (15) of 22 (68.18%)
Finish all Hard Sliding puzzles. (One Session)
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Recent comment(s):
7 Mar 2020
For anyone doing this make sure you do start the slide puzzles from the first one , don't go back to the main menu, and wait 20 seconds or more before moving on to the next puzzle
23 Dec 2020
23 Mar 2021
Yargh! Mastarrred! Walk the plank me will! Yargh!
3 Apr 2021

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