Metroid (NES)

Metroid (NES)
DeveloperNintendo R&D1, Intelligent Systems
GenreAction-Adventure, Platforming, Metroidvania
Title Screenhot
In-game Screenshot


There are 25 achievements worth 353 (865) points.
Authors: dude1286 (25)

Obtain the Morph Ball.
4214 (2470) of 4363
(96.58%) players
Cross Screen
Obtain the Long Beam.
1644 (1183) of 4363
(37.68%) players
Bombing Run
Acquire the Morph Ball Bomb.
1630 (1164) of 4363
(37.36%) players
Little Extra
Obtain the Varia Suit.
1019 (749) of 4363
(23.36%) players
Stay Right There
Obtain the Ice Beam.
1365 (995) of 4363
(31.29%) players
Obtain the Wave Beam.
837 (611) of 4363
(19.18%) players
Screwin' Around
Obtain the Screw Attack.
959 (697) of 4363
(21.98%) players
I'm Mario!
Obtain the High Jump Boots.
1065 (780) of 4363
(24.41%) players
Extra Punch
Obtain your first set of missiles.
2303 (1559) of 4363
(52.78%) players
More Punch
Obtain a total of 125 Missiles in your stockpile.
920 (669) of 4363
(21.09%) players
All of the Punch
Obtain all 255 Missiles into your stockpile.
540 (429) of 4363
(12.38%) players
Tanking Around
Obtain your first energy tank.
2001 (1352) of 4363
(45.86%) players
All the Tanks in the World
Obtain all six energy tanks.
809 (606) of 4363
(18.54%) players
Slimeball City
Gain access to Hideout I.
1320 (942) of 4363
(30.25%) players
The Floor is Lava
Gain access to Norfair.
1928 (1260) of 4363
(44.19%) players
Gain access to Hideout II.
911 (653) of 4363
(20.88%) players
Secret Facility
Gain access to Tourian.
847 (598) of 4363
(19.41%) players
Kraiding Power
Defeat Kraid in Hideout I.
937 (685) of 4363
(21.48%) players
Great Scott!
Defeat Ridley in Hideout II.
889 (646) of 4363
(20.38%) players
Brain Damage
Defeat Mother Brain in Tourian.
803 (553) of 4363
(18.40%) players
Mission Complete
Complete the game.
767 (549) of 4363
(17.58%) players
Successful Mission
Complete the game in under 10 hours.
760 (544) of 4363
(17.42%) players
It's a Girl!
Complete the game in under 4 hours 56 minutes.
693 (493) of 4363
(15.88%) players
Ready for the Beach
Complete the game in under 2 hours 28 minutes (first loop, no passwords).
430 (351) of 4363
(9.86%) players
Ready for the Magazine
Complete the game in under 59 minutes (first loop, no passwords).
341 (294) of 4363
(7.82%) players
Recent Players:
Delgadeth2022-09-28 01:06:04In Brinstar, 1 Energy Tanks, 0/0 Missiles. โŒš7:12.55
MGVoltJesk2022-09-27 19:26:19In , 3 Energy Tanks, 30/205 Missiles. โŒš13h24:55.28
Cheezee2022-09-26 18:25:45In Brinstar, 0 Energy Tanks, 0/0 Missiles. โŒš2:16.91
CubicIntellect2022-09-26 01:33:24In Brinstar, 0 Energy Tanks, 0/0 Missiles. โŒš0:02.51
micah6862022-09-25 00:45:54In Brinstar, 1 Energy Tanks, 0/0 Missiles. โŒš9:10.21
PaddyBrinkle2022-09-24 23:21:40In Norfair, 2 Energy Tanks, 55/55 Missiles. โŒš37:26.43
Brouwer5192022-09-24 12:26:14In Brinstar, 0 Energy Tanks, 0/0 Missiles. โŒš3:56.65
gregrfishel2022-09-20 22:20:24Playing Metroid
racerob2022-09-19 20:15:01In Brinstar, 0 Energy Tanks, 0/0 Missiles. โŒš0:08.93
rarfsz2022-09-18 14:51:15In Brinstar, 0 Energy Tanks, 0/0 Missiles. โŒš4:16.90
Recent comment(s):
kaisser 15 Jul 2021 19:07
I like this kind of sets. It doesn't make you go out of your way while playing the game, and yet it rewards people who want to invest time on the game through the ending achievements.
automidnight 19 Aug 2021 20:01
Huh...I beat the game and got the ending achievements but the mother brain one didn't trigger. Using QuickNES core with retroarch
dizzykei 21 Aug 2021 19:53
'All the tanks in the world' have misleading description, actually there is eight tanks in the game. But you can add only six to your health bar.
AntonioFNN 22 Aug 2021 02:24
finishing the game in less than an hour requires a lot of training, planning and a little luck. But it makes you feel like a gaming legend.
ArmeniusLOD 6 Sep 2021 20:05
I got all the achievements with the Mesen core. QuickNES is not required.
Bryan1150 29 Oct 2021 21:44
Mastered! Use and and they are nice sources!
neutralend 14 Nov 2021 05:37
Apparently this set is made for no-intro with the old headered_iNES. I know they will be around for quiet some time, but there is any chance to update it for the new headered_iNES2.0? I don't think it will be harder than adding the new hash to the list, since I don't believe the chages in the heard of the files changed anything ram related to the game. The heardered_iNES2.0 metroid file has the hash: MD5: 397d10e475266ad28144a5fa6ec3c466 CRC32: D1A02CAB
williamgeesdorf 6 Jan 2022 05:07
Mastered (platinado)! Exploring the entire map to get everything and learning some speedrun tricks to get the best ending made me appreciate OG Metroid more. I wonder what it must have been like to play this game at the time of release.
Deansrule 22 Jan 2022 12:08
Mastered, under 1 hour run was fun to route. Thankfully the game allows for death warps.
DarkArgentino6 6 Feb 2022 04:42
Anyone else getting super bad lag when there's only like 3 or 4 enemies on the screen? Any ideas of how to make it better?
Andrevus 9 Feb 2022 02:25
That's how the game is supposed to run @DarkArgentino. You gotta remember this is an 8bit NES game, it's SUPPOSED to slow down when lots of things are on the screen.
timenoe 17 Feb 2022 11:11
Mastered! Had to play the mother (brain) of Metroid. Unfortunately the game is nearly unplayable at certain parts. In Tourian, for example. Yes I know that is how the game ran on an NES
Nemesis99614 27 Feb 2022 09:50
had to use nesquick, quicknes, whichever its called to complete the set. Had a strange thing where it would freeze around every ten minutes then go back to playing.For anyone who thinks they cant do the under our challenge, you can, there is a amazing video on youtube that will walk you step by step for a glitchless run
Xiroes 27 Mar 2022 22:30
Mastered! Always frustrating fighting against mother brain >.<... Lol
Cadarsso 4 Apr 2022 01:14
Minha primeira platina! I'm happy๐ŸŽ‰
Jazmataz 9 Sep 2022 00:55
Mastered! Not that good of a Game as I thought. The Farming is stupid in this.
BillyPones78 9 Sep 2022 14:54
This game was awesome when it came out. Think about the games that came out in 1986. How many compare to the open world epicness of this? Sure If you die on MB you gotta farm for 30mins and no map really challenges you. So in retrospect it's got flaws but it was unmatched at release. If you want a more modern Metroid 1 experience, play Zero Mission on GBA.
Jazmataz 9 Sep 2022 18:47

„This game was awesome when it came out. Think about the games that came out in 1986.“
Sure I do and I have this always in my Mind. I grow up with a NES and SNES. But when I compare it to big Names on the NES (Mario, Castlevania, Mega Man, Zelda etc) this Game is mediocre in my Opinion. And i‘m aware of Zero Mission.
Jazmataz 9 Sep 2022 18:53
Sequels from the Games above are included!
Jazmataz 23 Sep 2022 14:12
Update: After replaying this Game on the GBA, I really started to like this Game.



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Complete the game as fast as possible
Get all the items (8 E-Tanks) and beat the game as quickly as possible.
Complete the game as fast as possible.
Finish the final ascent as quickly as possible (Score is time remaining).
Complete the game as fast as possible
No entries
Complete the game as fast as possible.
Get all the items and beat the game as quickly as possible.
Finish the final ascent as quickly as possible (Score is time remaining).