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Metroid (NES)

Developer:Nintendo R&D1
First released:1986
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 25 achievements worth 353 (1019) points.
Authors: dude1286 (25).

won by 3233 (1869) of 3363 (96.13%)
Obtain the Morph Ball.
Cross Screen
won by 1281 (917) of 3363 (38.09%)
Obtain the Long Beam.
Bombing Run
won by 1249 (887) of 3363 (37.14%)
Acquire the Morph Ball Bomb.
Little Extra
won by 777 (565) of 3363 (23.10%)
Obtain the Varia Suit.
Stay Right There
won by 1043 (753) of 3363 (31.01%)
Obtain the Ice Beam.
won by 652 (471) of 3363 (19.39%)
Obtain the Wave Beam.
Screwin' Around
won by 731 (525) of 3363 (21.74%)
Obtain the Screw Attack.
I'm Mario!
won by 812 (590) of 3363 (24.15%)
Obtain the High Jump Boots.
Extra Punch
won by 1790 (1199) of 3363 (53.23%)
Obtain your first set of missiles.
More Punch
won by 703 (506) of 3363 (20.90%)
Obtain a total of 125 Missiles in your stockpile.
All of the Punch
won by 406 (323) of 3363 (12.07%)
Obtain all 255 Missiles into your stockpile.
Tanking Around
won by 1540 (1033) of 3363 (45.79%)
Obtain your first energy tank.
All the Tanks in the World
won by 619 (458) of 3363 (18.41%)
Obtain all six energy tanks.
Slimeball City
won by 1009 (706) of 3363 (30.00%)
Gain access to Hideout I.
The Floor is Lava
won by 1492 (954) of 3363 (44.37%)
Gain access to Norfair.
won by 703 (495) of 3363 (20.90%)
Gain access to Hideout II.
Secret Facility
won by 649 (450) of 3363 (19.30%)
Gain access to Tourian.
Kraiding Power
won by 707 (505) of 3363 (21.02%)
Defeat Kraid in Hideout I.
Great Scott!
won by 689 (497) of 3363 (20.49%)
Defeat Ridley in Hideout II.
Brain Damage
won by 614 (414) of 3363 (18.26%)
Defeat Mother Brain in Tourian.
Mission Complete
won by 579 (409) of 3363 (17.22%)
Complete the game.
Successful Mission
won by 573 (405) of 3363 (17.04%)
Complete the game in under 10 hours.
It's a Girl!
won by 533 (376) of 3363 (15.85%)
Complete the game in under 4 hours 56 minutes.
Ready for the Beach
won by 340 (281) of 3363 (10.11%)
Complete the game in under 2 hours 28 minutes (first loop, no passwords).
Ready for the Magazine
won by 258 (226) of 3363 (7.67%)
Complete the game in under 59 minutes (first loop, no passwords).
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Recent comment(s):
8 Dec 2018
Question: Am I going crazy or is the ice beam achievement glitched? Because I picked up the one in Brinstar first, then picked it up in Norfair but the achievement didn't pop. Was I supposed to pick it up in Norfair first for the achievement to work?
10 Dec 2018
ice beam achievement is glitched
12 Dec 2018
And I guess alienation is also broken.
20 Dec 2018
Ice Beam was broken. Fixed now.
21 Dec 2018
Alienation wasn't completely broken but it's fixed too.
15 Apr 2020
And that's precisely why I love this community. Only time I had played this game was inside the Metroid Zero Mission bonus and only did the basic. Now, after mastering this classic, I feel so much closer to this epic series.
15 Apr 2020
It isn't just about the points, it's about truly diving into the game. It's about learning how to truly understand the soul of each game. Thank you, RA.
5 Jul 2020
played through the game on retroarch and only received the 5 achievements for each level. basic achievements didnt work.. any advice would help
5 Aug 2020
There's def an issue with FCEUmm and a few achievements. If you want all to pop use QuickNes core.
29 Aug 2020
You need to use the Quicknes Core like I said in my last post here.
10 Sep 2020
28 Oct 2020
Love it!
16 Nov 2020
Finally mastered this
20 Nov 2020
quick question before I start trying the speedruns, what is considered a "loop"? Also, can I use the second controller to use the password screen in order to backtrack faster?
20 Nov 2020
Loop refers to your current playthrough of the game. After the credits of your first run you can restart the game with all the items of your previous playthrough. For this reason, only the 1st loop is considered on the achievements.
15 Jul 2021
I like this kind of sets. It doesn't make you go out of your way while playing the game, and yet it rewards people who want to invest time on the game through the ending achievements.
19 Aug 2021
Huh...I beat the game and got the ending achievements but the mother brain one didn't trigger. Using QuickNES core with retroarch
21 Aug 2021
'All the tanks in the world' have misleading description, actually there is eight tanks in the game. But you can add only six to your health bar.
22 Aug 2021
finishing the game in less than an hour requires a lot of training, planning and a little luck. But it makes you feel like a gaming legend.
6 Sep 2021
I got all the achievements with the Mesen core. QuickNES is not required.

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Complete the game as fast as possible
Get all the items (8 E-Tanks) and beat the game as quickly as possible.
Complete the game as fast as possible.
Finish the final ascent as quickly as possible (Score is time remaining).
Complete the game as fast as possible.
Get all the items and beat the game as quickly as possible.
Finish the final ascent as quickly as possible (Score is time remaining).