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Kid Icarus (NES)

Kid Icarus (NES)
Developer:Nintendo R&D1, Nintendo R&D1
Genre:Action, Adventure, Platforming
Released:December 1986
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 33 achievements worth 410 (2843) points.
Authors: ENZYME1 (27), pgj1997 (6).

Tune Your Enemies
won by 1678 (821) of 1697 (98.88%)
Collect the Harp.
Whac-a-Mole (x12)
won by 230 (131) of 1697 (13.55%)
Collect 12 Mallets.
Whac-a-Mole (x24)
won by 117 (71) of 1697 (6.89%)
Collect 24 Mallets.
Whac-a-Mole (x42)
won by 81 (57) of 1697 (4.77%)
Collect 42 Mallets.
Underworld Federal
won by 157 (104) of 1697 (9.25%)
Obtain the Credit Card.
Call Me Cupid
won by 165 (95) of 1697 (9.72%)
Max out your Heart collection.
Worst Kind of Black Magic
won by 272 (141) of 1697 (16.03%)
Get turned into an Eggplant.
Keg Party Time !
won by 86 (58) of 1697 (5.07%)
Collect 8 Water of Life Bottles (Must own the Water Barrel)
Level Up (Plus Two)
won by 209 (119) of 1697 (12.32%)
Raise Pit's Endurance level.
Level Up (Plus Three)
won by 197 (110) of 1697 (11.61%)
Raise Pit's Endurance level.
Level Up (Plus Four)
won by 170 (112) of 1697 (10.02%)
Max Pit's Endurance level.
Strength Up (Green)
won by 325 (166) of 1697 (19.15%)
Raise Pit's strength with Bronze Arrow.
Strength Up (Purple)
won by 220 (115) of 1697 (12.96%)
Raise Pit's strength with Silver Arrow.
Strength Up (Red)
won by 142 (94) of 1697 (8.37%)
Raise Pit's strength with Gold Arrow.
Strength Up (Blue)
won by 94 (67) of 1697 (5.54%)
Raise Pit's strength with Sacred Arrow.
Crystal Orb Defender
won by 220 (111) of 1697 (12.96%)
Obtain the Protective Crystal from Zeus.
Fire Power
won by 226 (115) of 1697 (13.32%)
Obtain the power of Fire from Zeus.
Holier Than Thou
won by 234 (119) of 1697 (13.79%)
Obtain the Holy Bow from Zeus.
won by 283 (148) of 1697 (16.68%)
Obtain the Check Sheet.
Write it Down
won by 234 (135) of 1697 (13.79%)
Obtain the Pencil.
Flame War
won by 237 (136) of 1697 (13.97%)
Obtain the Torch.
Three Sacred Treasures (#1)
won by 262 (137) of 1697 (15.44%)
Obtain the Mirror Shield.
Three Sacred Treasures (#2)
won by 206 (116) of 1697 (12.14%)
Obtain the Arrow of Light.
Three Sacred Treasures (#3)
won by 183 (109) of 1697 (10.78%)
Obain the Wings of Pegasus.
Slayer of Twinbellows
won by 171 (97) of 1697 (10.08%)
Defeat Twinbellows without the Centurians.
Slayer of Hewdraw
won by 151 (95) of 1697 (8.90%)
Defeat Hedraw without the Centurians.
Slayer of Pandora
won by 159 (99) of 1697 (9.37%)
Defeat Pandora without the Centurians.
Like an Angel
won by 59 (31) of 1697 (3.48%)
Reach the Sky Palace without losing an Angel's Feathers (Must attain a feather)
Evasive Maneuvers
won by 63 (38) of 1697 (3.71%)
Avoid sticky fingers, and having to reclaim your property from the Black Market
Clash of the Titans
won by 197 (119) of 1697 (11.61%)
Defeat Medusa.
The Wit of Hermes
won by 66 (41) of 1697 (3.89%)
Defeat Medusa without being harmed.
All Grown Up !
won by 105 (74) of 1697 (6.19%)
Achieve the best ending.
Tragic Peasant
won by 50 (34) of 1697 (2.95%)
Achieve the worst ending.
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Recent Players:
bcofido2022-07-20 20:12:03Escaping the Underworld, 000000
bertsampson2022-05-29 09:12:52Escaping the Underworld, 002900
apploofthefoof2022-05-26 16:47:00Escaping the Underworld, 000000
phantom2022-03-02 02:25:24Escaping the Underworld, 000000
ChanBolas2022-02-04 20:41:33Climbing the Skyworld, 253200
DoktorPropper2021-10-30 09:21:00Escaping the Underworld, 000000
JohnSheridan2021-10-01 18:35:25Escaping the Underworld, 017400
javivisan2021-04-12 15:00:34Escaping the Underworld, 000000
Kraidster2020-09-11 09:19:41Escaping the Underworld, 000000
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Recent comment(s):
30 Jun 2016
Only one leaderboard available, which is for the Sky Palace (World 4-1) - due to RA's current coding limitations.
15 Jul 2017
i posted a comment on the Like An Angel cheevo. i need some EXTREME clarification on how to get this to be unlocked.
15 Jul 2017
You have to play the ENTIRE game (at least from the first world) with a feather for it to unlock. How much explanation do you need? You know the game loops on a password after beating it right? So you can always try again.
1 Jan 2018
Defeated Medusa without being harmed. Didnt pop.
1 Jan 2018
Your using the wrong md5
1 Jan 2018
It popped my 3rd time through before I faced Medusa. Doesnt make sense.
1 Jan 2018
Then what you are most likely experiencing is connectivity issues, which I really can't help you with. That achievement and the other you posted to were beta-tested many times over.
2 Jan 2018
I have played through the game twice purchasing a feather in 1-3 and made it to Sky Palace without losing it. For this cheevo requiring little explanation, why isn't it working?
2 Jan 2018
I'm sorry to hear that, but I've explained it already (too many times) This will also be the last time I will respond to this. Next time you play take a Twitch recording and send to an admin to prove this. In the meantime I will triple check.
4 Jan 2018
Same here. Medusa damageless popped one time before the fight. I also think the Feather achievement requires more clarification. Do you have to play from World 1 to Sky Palace without dying at all, or only without falling?
4 Jan 2018
Angel requires you not to fall (and lose a feather) there wouldn't be any challenge if you just bought a feather to the end of the game. Has nothing to do with dying & your pal has not clarified which MD5 he's using..I'm about to unlink the other 12
4 Jan 2018
i was asked about this cheevo after i gave extremely vivid details. you have to buy the Feather in the first shop when it's available in the game, and you CANNOT FALL IN ANY PIT AFTERWARD FOR THE REST OF THE GAME. it's that absurdly hard.
26 Dec 2019
Below is a link to the manual for the achievements. It explains what a player needs to know to master the set.
5 Aug 2022
I'm sorry but some of the decisions made in this set are just so idiotic. Having to get the EXACT score for the health upgrade is just stupid and unnecessarily forces someone to play the game how YOU want to play it. If you don't want people to use passwords make ACTUAL password protection instead of using a delta for the health status. Also I'm not even going to mention the absurdity of the "Like an Angel" achievement, seems like it was made for no other reason than to be hard and annoying...
5 Aug 2022
Hello! I honestly don't remember how those health achievements were done. I'll have to take a look, because they shouldn't behave like that. This is one of the older sets before the tool set was enhanced. Everything else you are saying is a projection of YOUR gameplay though lol, so I'm not even gonna go there.
5 Aug 2022
That is true, it is a projection of my gameplay. And honestly, I'm not even saying I'm unable to do it or that you should change it. It just isn't a good achievement, especially for a game literally focused on verticality.
5 Aug 2022
Everyone has their own opinion on how a set or a achievement is done, but there are clearly two types of players: the ones who grew up with the game looking for more of a challenge which utilizes the possibilities of difficulty vs the ones who want a breezy playthough on an older game that is overall not built for in-game saving.
5 Aug 2022
I think you should try and strike a balance between those two sides when making a set. A person shouldn't have to be a god a certain game in order to master it unless it's a subset or something
5 Aug 2022
This is my final comment on this subject, and I understand you’re fairly new around here: every set (especially 4th and 3rd generations) will and should have a balance between moderate difficulty, just completing the game and then will also have a smaller portion of the set dedicated to more difficulty/expert and experienced. Those experienced players deserve recognition. You can go back in the forums over the last 5 years and find tons of discussion on this, no one is ever going to have it 100% their way. And please do not flood the forum and game wall on asking for an easier set with save enabled, it’s not going to happen with this version.
5 Aug 2022
I understand that there should be hard achievements. I just think this one in particular as an idea it isn't all that unique or interesting to justify it being so hard.
Also I didn't "flood" the forum, I asked one time and admitted I was wrong but alright I refrain from doing that in the future.

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