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Kirby Super Star Ultra (Nintendo DS)

Kirby Super Star Ultra (Nintendo DS)
Developer:HAL Laboratory
Released:November 6, 2008
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 50 achievements worth 640 (1987) points.
Authors: matheus2653 (50).

One Pink Boy, Multiple Skills
won by 192 (158) of 694 (27.67%)
Try every single copy ability at least once in one playthrough [One Use abilities like Mike and Crash don't count]
I hope I don't get Sleep
won by 326 (247) of 694 (46.97%)
Swallow two enemies with abilities at the same time and see the magic!
I Wonder if this Tree will ever get to take a break
won by 679 (445) of 694 (97.84%)
Defeat Whispy Woods [Spring Breeze]
Dreamland for starters
won by 560 (390) of 694 (80.69%)
Complete Spring Breeze
Did you just eat my cake?! YOU ARE BANNED!!!!
won by 173 (158) of 694 (24.93%)
Defeat King Dedede using only the hammer ability and without helpers [Spring Breeze]
Classic Kirby, but he is unbeatable
won by 205 (179) of 694 (29.54%)
Complete all the stages in Spring Breeze without using abilities and without dying [One sitting]
The Fastest and the Hungriest
won by 355 (269) of 694 (51.15%)
Win Gourmet Race Grand Prix
Too Hungry to Race
won by 92 (84) of 694 (13.26%)
Lose every race to Dedede and still manage to win Gourmet Race Grand Prix
That is Mama Kirby for you!
won by 337 (251) of 694 (48.56%)
Complete Dyna Blade
Choose Wisely
won by 201 (169) of 694 (28.96%)
Unlock all Trial Rooms in Dyna Blade [Triggers when returning to the overworld]
[11] [Goal Lifes]
won by 309 (234) of 694 (44.52%)
Make Kirby earn 3 extra lifes at the goal [Dyna Blade]
Explosions... is ART [m]
won by 116 (109) of 694 (16.71%)
Defeat Iron Mam in Dyna Blade with one single hit
[13] [Wing Blade]
won by 156 (142) of 694 (22.48%)
Defeat Dyna Blade (Boss) using only the Wing Ability and without helpers [Dyna Blade]
[14] [The Great Cave Offensive]
won by 193 (146) of 694 (27.81%)
Complete The Great Cave Offensive
Kirby will spend all that money on food, that's for sure.
won by 149 (121) of 694 (21.47%)
Complete The Great Cave Offensive with all the treasures founded
Nice Try [m]
won by 112 (97) of 694 (16.14%)
You will not be invisible this time! [The Great Cave Offensive]
Stealing abilities from someone who steals abilities
won by 103 (92) of 694 (14.84%)
Oops, this description is way too big, read the achievements description for more details
The Rock [m]
won by 108 (98) of 694 (15.56%)
Defeat Wham Bam Rock using only the Stone ability and without helpers [The Great Cave Offensive]
[19] [Revenge of Meta Knight]
won by 182 (137) of 694 (26.22%)
Complete Revenge of Meta Knight
won by 96 (89) of 694 (13.83%)
Completely Dissapear from Halberd's Radar [Revenge of Meta Knight]
Didn't even give it a chance
won by 80 (74) of 694 (11.53%)
Defeat Heavy Lobster in Stage 1 before Halberd blow you away
Heavy Lobster is attacking blindly
won by 106 (91) of 694 (15.27%)
At least he has new colors now! [Revenge of Meta Knight]
Unmasked Knight
won by 96 (88) of 694 (13.83%)
Defeat Meta Knight without using any ability and without helpers [The Revenge of Meta Knight]
The Last of the Past, Now is Just Half Way
won by 158 (122) of 694 (22.77%)
These Trophies will look beautiful in my collection
won by 123 (103) of 694 (17.72%)
Find all the collectable abilities in Milky Way Wishes
[26] [Kracko]
won by 94 (84) of 694 (13.54%)
Defeat Kracko in Milky Way Wishes before the Invicibility Candy Effect end
Mirror Way Wishes
won by 96 (88) of 694 (13.83%)
Defeat Marx using only the Mirror Ability and without helpers [Milky Way Wishes]
Wait. That is illegal [m]
won by 87 (81) of 694 (12.54%)
Complete Milky Way Wishes without having ANY other permanenty ability except Copy
The Arena Champion
won by 124 (100) of 694 (17.87%)
Complete The Arena
The King of the Show
won by 140 (111) of 694 (20.17%)
Complete Revenge of The King
HAL of fame
won by 75 (73) of 694 (10.81%)
Find the secret HAL Room [Revenge of the King]
The Worst Singer of Popstar
won by 69 (66) of 694 (9.94%)
Defeat Lololo and Lalala in Revenge of the King using all the three Mike moves [The Last Mike Move must be a finisher]
EXTRA Classic Kirby
won by 78 (75) of 694 (11.24%)
Complete all the stages in Revenge of the King without using abilities and helpers [One sitting]
Anyone can be a Hero!
won by 112 (93) of 694 (16.14%)
Complete Helper to Hero
[35] [Helper Healless]
won by 70 (65) of 694 (10.09%)
Complete Helper to Hero without healing [1-P Challenge]
EVERYONE is a Hero!
won by 46 (43) of 694 (6.63%)
Complete Helper To Hero with every helper
Know My Power!
won by 121 (98) of 694 (17.44%)
Complete Meta Knightmare Ultra
Lonely Knight
won by 77 (73) of 694 (11.10%)
Complete all the levels from Meta Knightmare Ultra without using any points [New Game, One Sitting]
The Best of the Best
won by 80 (64) of 694 (11.53%)
Finish The True Arena
Popstar Suplex Championship
won by 37 (35) of 694 (5.33%)
Finish The True Arena using only the suplex ability and without helpers (You can lose the ability and get it back)
The True TRUE Arena
won by 46 (42) of 694 (6.63%)
Finish The True Arena without healing... and without the hammer! (Bonkers included)
[42] [Kirby Card Swipe]
won by 112 (96) of 694 (16.14%)
Get 1st place in Kirby Card Swipe in Level 2 or higher
[43] [Card Swipe Points]
won by 91 (80) of 694 (13.11%)
Win Kirby Card Swipe without letting any other Kirby get any points in Level 2 or Higher
You talk too much my friend, I just got bored
won by 89 (76) of 694 (12.82%)
Get 1st place in Kirby on the Draw
Speed Eaters 2.0
won by 87 (75) of 694 (12.54%)
Get 1st place in Snack Tracks in Level 2 or higher
Finally, some good puyo food
won by 74 (65) of 694 (10.66%)
Get 1st place in Snack Tracks without losing any points
The Most Disastrous Competition
won by 96 (82) of 694 (13.83%)
Complete Megaton Punch in Level 3
One Punch Puyo
won by 78 (70) of 694 (11.24%)
Get 201 points in Megaton Punch
The Sensei of Reflexes
won by 51 (45) of 694 (7.35%)
Complete Samurai Kirby
You Are a Super... ULTRA Player!
won by 66 (58) of 694 (9.51%)
Watch the Kirby Master video in Theater
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Recent Players:
Freakservo2022-08-11 09:28:24Kirby is choosing a MiniGame
PlamzDomino2022-08-11 02:39:01Kirby is racing against King Dedede on Gourmet Race
SpoonMantheEleventh2022-08-10 17:58:24Kirby is playing Dyna Blade as Parasol Kirby with 3 Lives
xenomorph2022-08-10 11:16:04Playing Kirby Super Star Ultra
Yoshipro2022-08-09 20:13:58Kirby is exploring The Great Cave Offensive as Mirror Kirby with 4 Lives
CiaranIchiban2022-08-09 01:02:55Kirby is choosing a MiniGame
nobodyishere2022-08-08 17:30:52Kirby is exploring The Great Cave Offensive as Standard Kirby with 4 Lives
ultimategamerboi20002022-08-08 10:37:09Kirby is challenging The True Arena as Suplex Kirby
Adryanbr1232022-08-08 02:11:07Kirby is choosing a MiniGame
SatanIsSI4v32022-08-05 10:49:29Kirby is playing Dyna Blade as Standard Kirby with 7 Lives
Recent comment(s):
15 Feb 2020
2 Mar 2020
2 Mar 2020
Will be playing this tomorrow <3 Thanks Matheus!
7 May 2020
Very cool the developer was able to come up with unique ideas to make this fairly different from the SNES set! I do think this set could use leaderboards. For example Gourmet Race stage times, total time, and overall hi score (points).
12 May 2020
why is the hammer on dedede missable? u can just select it again and retry.
12 May 2020
Are you not sure if you are mistaking with another achievement? Because "Did you just eat my cake?! YOU ARE BANNED!!!!" doesn't have a [m] tag
8 Aug 2020
At some points this set was very tough.
11 Sep 2020
Thanks who thought that putting a screen that pauses the game almost everytime bc "performance reasons" was a good idea (it wasn't that laggy/unplayable)...wasn't enough to make me give up
6 Dec 2020
Can someone add compatibility with the Europe version please?
13 Apr 2021
Galacta knight with suplex for some reason has become the hardest boss in the world for me. The last gatekeeper from my mastery. That dang bum!! Ima get him!
22 Apr 2021
great set, great game definitely was challenged in was I hadn't been in Ultra, but I had to get "creative" for most of the touch mini games
1 Jul 2021
Finally mastered this fantastic game. Hands down the best Kirby game, with an equally good set to boot, though the minigame achievements can be a pain with a mouse pointer.
5 Jul 2021
Mastered! This was a very fun trip down memory lane for me, as both this and the SNES original were some of my favorite games. Great set, while also being different from the SNES set!
12 Sep 2021
Mastered! Best Kirby game ever, this game is actually amazing. Super fun set too.
11 Dec 2021
Mastered! God, I hate Galacta Knight, made the suplex achievement harder than what it needed to be.
4 Mar 2022
Such a fun set! Mastered.
11 May 2022
Gonna Do Suplex True arena and no heals at the same time just to see if I can. Great set
4 Jun 2022
Mastered, and the "You have mastered Kirby" video hits very different now that I've gone through every mainline set! And I got to clear the True Arena with Suplex without using any tomatoes at literally 1 HP by the end of Marx Soul, what an ending

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