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~Homebrew~ Frank the Fruit Fly (Pokemon Mini)

~Homebrew~ Frank the Fruit Fly (Pokemon Mini)
Genre:Platform, Puzzle
Released:April 19, 2021
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 7 achievements worth 29 (29) points.
Authors: SlashTangent (7).

Making his way to Baltimore
won by 91 (90) of 92 (98.91%)
Frank has left Boise
Over the Mountains
won by 88 (88) of 92 (95.65%)
Frank traveled over the mountains and entered the desert
Brutal Heat
won by 85 (85) of 92 (92.39%)
After crossing the desert, Frank made it to the Ocean
The Mighty Ocean
won by 82 (82) of 92 (89.13%)
Frank braved the ocean and arrived at the city
Almost There
won by 82 (82) of 92 (89.13%)
Frank escaped the city
Journey Has Ended
won by 82 (82) of 92 (89.13%)
Frank arrived at Baltimore
Fly Swatter
won by 86 (85) of 92 (93.48%)
Enter deface in the password screen and score 25 points
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Recent comment(s):
13 May 2021
14 May 2021
Are there any directions on how to play for this title? I'm on the second screen that has the plains with the zeroes on the right side and I'm at a loss.
14 May 2021
Turn on sound. You have to guess the combination. It makes a sound when you press the correct circle (with A). Each circle is only used once.
15 May 2021
That was my problem. I turned off the sound because of the high pitched notes the music plays. Got to the end by now stuck trying to put in the password. After putting in the letters, do you press something else?
15 May 2021
Press R
15 May 2021
Thanks for your help. Small things that should be obvious but not immediately. Got it finished. Appreciate it.
18 May 2021
Its cool someone made this little thing and that achievements were made to highlight it. I would not have played it or knew about it otherwise. Thanks for the set!
23 May 2021
Mastered. Seeing games like this makes me wish that the Pokemon Mini wasn't just Pokemon exclusive games. Nintendo really dropped the ball with that. Could've easily had a few Kirby and Mario on the system. Very neat little game.
2 Jun 2021
A leaderboard for most flies swatted in the minigame would work well for this game I think. Thanks for the achievements!
24 Jun 2021
Mastered! (#3)
13 Jul 2021
8 Nov 2021
Gave me a headache and resetted me a lot for no reason. Glad it's over.
31 Mar 2022
Mastered! I think I'd prefer a John Cage composition instead.
14 Jun 2022
how to put the password?
14 Jun 2022
This game is an ear rape experience, mastered

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