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~Homebrew~ Flight of Pigarus (Master System)

Publisher:SMS Power!
First released:2018
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 15 achievements worth 125 (279) points.
Authors: Bl4h8L4hBl4h (15).

Pristine Porcine 1
won by 11 (11) of 58 (18.97%)
Finish the stage including killing the boss and dont get hit (2min mode)
Powered Up Porker 1
won by 34 (28) of 58 (58.62%)
Get maximum fire power (2min mode)
Beef Battler
won by 35 (27) of 58 (60.34%)
Destroy the bosses green sheild (2min mode)
Makin' Mignon
won by 20 (19) of 58 (34.48%)
Kill boss 1 with 5secs or more left on the clock (2min mode)
Points Porker 1
won by 39 (31) of 58 (67.24%)
Score 9,000 or higher (2min mode)
Points Porker 2
won by 15 (14) of 58 (25.86%)
Score 18,000 or higher (2min mode)
Powered Up Porker 2
won by 32 (27) of 58 (55.17%)
Get maximum fire power (5min mode)
Points Porker 3
won by 29 (25) of 58 (50.00%)
Score 30,000 or higher (5min mode)
Points Porker 4
won by 11 (10) of 58 (18.97%)
Score 55,000 or higher (5min mode)
Mince Meat
won by 32 (27) of 58 (55.17%)
Defeat the first boss (5min mode)
Black balls
won by 14 (13) of 58 (24.14%)
Destroy all 4 black balls on boss 2 (5min mode)
Bovine Brawler
won by 20 (17) of 58 (34.48%)
Defeat boss 2 (5min mode)
That'll Do Pig, That'll Do
won by 57 (41) of 58 (98.28%)
Get a game over (either mode)
Porcine Pacifist
won by 10 (10) of 58 (17.24%)
Run out the clock in 2min mode without shooting or hitting an enemy
Pristine Porcine 2
won by 7 (7) of 58 (12.07%)
Finish the stage including killing the boss and dont get hit, you can not change movement speeds (2min mode)
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Recent comment(s):
14 Dec 2019
Can't get "Pristine Porcine 1" to unlock and I don't know why. Finished 2m mode multiple times without getting hit on both RetroArch and RALibretro.
17 Dec 2019
thats weird, i dont think anyone else has had problems with it. get some proof and ask for a manual unlock id the only thing i can think of to help you.
17 Dec 2019
Tried again and once more didn't unlock. All my attempts I ran the timer out instead of killing the boss, then I decided to try again while killing the boss and this time it unlocked. My guess is that it doesn't unlock unless you kill the boss.
17 Dec 2019
ok thank you for your feed back, i will reword the achievement asap.
24 Dec 2019
Pristine Porcine 1 - tried this without killing the boss. Does bot work. I will try killing it later
24 Dec 2019
Checked. You have to kill it
24 Dec 2019
Porcine Pacifist - now this is not unlocking. I got 0 points, no cheevo (i changed speed)
24 Dec 2019
JailDesigner, For the Pacifist one I did a couple attempts and didn't unlock, then in the middle of a playthrough doing other achievements it unlocked. Sorry can't provide more help.
24 Dec 2019
Also in case someone else is having trouble; for the >55k score achievement, I beat the score AFTER reaching the boss and didn't unlock, but beating the score BEFORE reaching the boss it unlocked fine.
31 Dec 2019
i am sorry about the issues here, i will look in to a fix for both of them.
2 Jan 2021
I beat the second boss a few times and the achievement hasn't unlocked. I think I will try to get a manual unlock maybe.
29 Jan 2021
Mince Meat chevo popped for me even though I didn't defeat the boss. Got close but when it blanked the screen to go to the new high score screen, it popped.

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