Shining the Holy Ark (Saturn)

Shining the Holy Ark (Saturn)
DeveloperCamelot Software Planning
GenreDungeon Crawler, RPG, Dungeon Crawl
ReleasedDecember 20, 1996
Title Screenhot
In-game Screenshot


There are 25 achievements worth 275 (639) points.
Authors: Alfex (25)

Defeat Rodi
133 (76) of 136
(97.79%) players
Defeat the Wraith
52 (37) of 136
(38.24%) players
Defeat the Time Warrior
31 (23) of 136
(22.79%) players
Defeat the Vampire
30 (23) of 136
(22.06%) players
Defeat the Viper
30 (23) of 136
(22.06%) players
Defeat the Witch
29 (22) of 136
(21.32%) players
Defeat Rilix in Enrich Castle
27 (21) of 136
(19.85%) players
Defeat the King Snail
27 (21) of 136
(19.85%) players
Recruit Doyle
22 (19) of 136
(16.18%) players
Defeat the Mad Blossom
26 (20) of 136
(19.12%) players
Defeat Blader
25 (18) of 136
(18.38%) players
Defeat Panzer
24 (18) of 136
(17.65%) players
Collect every collectable item
12 (11) of 136
(8.82%) players
Collect all the pixies of all the species
19 (16) of 136
(13.97%) players
Defeat all the Chest Ghosts and Chestheads
20 (18) of 136
(14.71%) players
Defeat all the Cobra Pots
27 (21) of 136
(19.85%) players
Defeat all the Ifrits
17 (15) of 136
(12.50%) players
Defeat all the Goblins, Sphinxes and Wallbeasts in the South Shrine
20 (18) of 136
(14.71%) players
Fight all the tentacles in the West Shrine
25 (21) of 136
(18.38%) players
Promote Arthur to class Champion
30 (23) of 136
(22.06%) players
Promote Melody to class Summoner
30 (23) of 136
(22.06%) players
Promote Rodi to class Master Ninja
30 (23) of 136
(22.06%) players
Promote Basso to class Dragon Knight
30 (23) of 136
(22.06%) players
Promote Akane to class Chief Kunoichi
28 (22) of 136
(20.59%) players
Promote Forte to class Sorcerer
26 (20) of 136
(19.12%) players
Recent Players:
DrenPueblo2022-12-06 04:26:56Playing Shining the Holy Ark
OohJimbo2022-11-09 18:29:53Playing Shining the Holy Ark
tuxedose2022-09-17 20:43:00Playing Shining the Holy Ark
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Recent comment(s):
4aiman 27 Aug 2020 07:56
Developer: Camelot Software Planning (by 1995 they dropped the Sonic! Software Planning name and switched to the current one); Publisher: Sega; Genre: RPG/Dungeon Crawler; First released: 20 December 1996
4aiman 27 Aug 2020 07:58
Not sure why the box art says it's still "Sonic! SP". Camelot's site says they were established on 4/4/94
YungHotDog 27 Aug 2020 12:04
wow, was just thinking about how great it would be to see achievements for this. thank you for your hard work!
Sines 24 Mar 2022 17:45
Great game, great set ! Some of the puzzle make it look like a proto Golden Sun at times and I love the early 3D jank. I feel like the set is a tad low in term of points given how long this is to complete and having a single achievement for item collection is kind of oppressive. Especially when you realize in the last room of the game that you are missing ONE item and have to revisit all the previous dungeons until you find it... It's probably directly tied to the endgame item collection percentage but it would have been cool to have it be like the Shining in the Darkness set. In any case, thanks Alfex for the set and for how quick you helped me when one was bugged.
SynbiosRex 25 Aug 2022 07:16
Mastered! Phew, was able to snag the 10th spot. I had already started, but had to travel back to Japan, I had a little jetlag, so I blitzed it with fast forward. Playing through again no fast forward. Pro tip: Don't level passed level 20 and then promote. It's not like previous Shining titles where levels reset. If you promote at level 30, you will still need level 30/31 experience required to get to level 2.


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