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Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (NES)

Developer:Nintendo R&D4
Genre:Action RPG, Metrovania
First released:January 14, 1987
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 29 achievements worth 455 (1114) points.
Authors: dude1286 (29).

Desert Gem
won by 1144 (694) of 1640 (69.76%)
Place the gem in Parappa Palace.
Swamp Gem
won by 752 (461) of 1640 (45.85%)
Place the gem in Midori Palace.
Island Gem
won by 651 (419) of 1640 (39.70%)
Place the gem in Island Palace.
Maze Gem
won by 562 (372) of 1640 (34.27%)
Place the gem in Maze Island Palace.
Water Gem
won by 545 (357) of 1640 (33.23%)
Place the gem in the Palace on the Sea.
Hidden Gem
won by 495 (327) of 1640 (30.18%)
Place the gem in Three Rock Palace.
Sleeping Beauty
won by 415 (272) of 1640 (25.30%)
Obtain the Triforce of Courage and awaken the Princess.
Adventure Master
won by 181 (121) of 1640 (11.04%)
Obtain the Triforce of Courage and awaken the Princess without continuing.
Bested Horsehead
won by 421 (308) of 1640 (25.67%)
Defeat Horsehead without being harmed.
Bested Helmethead
won by 312 (220) of 1640 (19.02%)
Defeat Helmethead without being harmed.
Bested Rebonak
won by 221 (168) of 1640 (13.48%)
Defeat Rebonak without being harmed.
Bested Carock
won by 221 (156) of 1640 (13.48%)
Defeat Carock without being harmed.
Bested Gooma
won by 215 (160) of 1640 (13.11%)
Defeat Gooma without being harmed.
Bested Barba
won by 227 (175) of 1640 (13.84%)
Defeat Barba without being harmed.
Bested Thunderbird
won by 204 (147) of 1640 (12.44%)
Defeat Thunderbird without being harmed.
Bested Yourself
won by 249 (174) of 1640 (15.18%)
Defeat Shadow Link without being harmed.
Full of Heart
won by 503 (339) of 1640 (30.67%)
Gain all eight heart containers.
All the Magic
won by 532 (354) of 1640 (32.44%)
Gain all eight magic containers.
Max Health
won by 535 (351) of 1640 (32.62%)
Get your Life to level eight.
Max Magic
won by 482 (319) of 1640 (29.39%)
Get your Magic to level eight.
Max Attack
won by 483 (326) of 1640 (29.45%)
Get your Attack to level eight.
Shield Spell
won by 1560 (910) of 1640 (95.12%)
Acquire the Shield Spell from Rauru.
Jump Spell
won by 1154 (714) of 1640 (70.37%)
Acquire the Jump Spell from Ruto.
Life Spell
won by 900 (569) of 1640 (54.88%)
Acquire the Life Spell from Saria.
Fairy Spell
won by 738 (463) of 1640 (45.00%)
Acquire the Fairy Spell from Mido.
Fire Spell
won by 626 (414) of 1640 (38.17%)
Acquire the Fire Spell from Nabooru.
Reflect Spell
won by 606 (403) of 1640 (36.95%)
Acquire the Reflect Spell from Darunia.
Spell Spell
won by 525 (349) of 1640 (32.01%)
Acquire the Spell Spell from Hidden Kasuto.
Thunder Spell
won by 506 (337) of 1640 (30.85%)
Acquire the Thunder Spell from Old Kasuto.
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Recent comment(s):
15 Nov 2016
Will adventure master still unlock if you just marathon the game through on the first new game and manage not to die/dontinue?
15 May 2017
Anyone have any tips on how to beat the Bosses of the Palaces without getting damaged?
16 May 2017
Also, to get the Adventure Master Achievement, can the file be a new game + with saves etc. or does it have to be a 000 file? Thanks!
16 May 2017
For how to beat bosses without getting damaged, best is watching some youtube videos tutorials, they are pretty well made to explain how to do it (and it works with new game +). And yes adventure master achievement works with new game + too.
18 May 2017
OK, cool! Thanks!
17 Jan 2018
I'll have another go at this again and try not to pull my hair out just beating the game
7 Mar 2018
Although the bosses without damage was very fun and challenging, they weren't as difficult as I originally thought. Adventure master is interesting as well!
31 Oct 2019
Great game! Thanks for this set!
8 Mar 2020
this game is brutal :( Loved the first one but really having a hard time enjoying this one. Keep getting lit by the Red Daira in Death Mountain near the beginning of the game.
9 Mar 2020
Zelda II has by far the best combat of the Zelda series but it requires precise timing that gets lost when it's played in emulators, all of which have input lag. The best bet is to use RetroArch with latency reduction.
9 Mar 2020
It still has some lag but far less than any other emu I used. Also I'm not sure if all the achievements will trigger in RetroArch, as depending on the core, it may use different addresses.
9 Mar 2020
As for the Daira, my advice is to stay a bit away from him & wait for him to throw an axe and jump over it and as soon as you land, walk up to him in a ducking motion and stab him in his legs. Then back up & repeat.
9 Mar 2020
Sometimes red Dairas throw a 2nd axe soon after they throw one so be careful and ready to jump over it in case he does (can be tough to do on console if your reaction time is off, let alone on emulators).
9 Mar 2020
So take your time, stay calm and you'll be fine. Blue Iron Knuckles are also best handled by a similar approach.
13 Mar 2020
Thanks for the advice Mutawarrior. This Death Mountain is just kicking my ass. I can get all the way through and fall into the hole, and I end up getting game over there every time
13 Mar 2020
I am not the best gamer in the world but I am certainly above average, and this game is just ugh lol. I may move on to ALTTP on SNES and come back to this one. I am pumped to play that (skipped entire Zelda series growing up) (IDK why lol)
13 Mar 2020
Oh, and FWIW I am using RA, pretty much exclusively use that for all my old console gaming.
13 Mar 2020
13 Mar 2020
Nice. I posted a walkthrough of the game on my youtube channel. Here's the video of me getting the Hammer:
13 Mar 2020
Nowadays I use the ducking jump strikes on him (hold down as you attack him) because it works better. There's an entire playlist I made of the playthrough if you're interested. One of these days I'll do tutorials on how to fight the various enemies.

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