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Final Fantasy (NES)

First released:1987
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There are 26 achievements worth 336 (790) points.
Authors: dude1286 (20), Dexterspet (6).

won by 1999 (1300) of 2019 (99.01%)
Win your first battle.
A Seemingly Useless Trinket
won by 1225 (913) of 2019 (60.67%)
Acquire a gift from Princess Sara.
Pirate Bay
won by 980 (761) of 2019 (48.54%)
Sail for first time after acquiring your ship by defeating the Pirates.
Sleeping Prince
won by 668 (548) of 2019 (33.09%)
Receive the Mystic Key after awaking the Prince
Blood Ruby
won by 550 (460) of 2019 (27.24%)
Defeat the Vampire of Melmond and acquire the Star Ruby.
Rotten Earth
won by 555 (464) of 2019 (27.49%)
Defeat the Lich and purify the Earth Crystal.
won by 547 (458) of 2019 (27.09%)
Acquire a canoe from the circle of sages.
Molten Fire
won by 495 (420) of 2019 (24.52%)
Defeat Kary and purify the Fire Crystal.
won by 482 (407) of 2019 (23.87%)
Resurrect the airship from the desert.
Class Upgrade
won by 492 (416) of 2019 (24.37%)
Receive praise and reward from King Bahamut.
won by 474 (403) of 2019 (23.48%)
Acquire Oxyhale from a freed friend.
The Lost City
won by 469 (397) of 2019 (23.23%)
Defeat the Kraken and purify the Water Crystal.
won by 448 (384) of 2019 (22.19%)
Learn the language of the Lefenians.
Floating Fortress
won by 457 (386) of 2019 (22.63%)
Defeat Tiamat and purify the Wind Crystal.
Heroes That Never Were
won by 422 (354) of 2019 (20.90%)
Defeat Chaos and end the cycle of destruction.
Holy Power Over the Dead
won by 386 (361) of 2019 (19.12%)
Defeat the Lich with an attack from a White Mage-White Wizard. [Earth Cave]
Meditation Under the Extremes
won by 371 (341) of 2019 (18.38%)
Defeat Kary with an attack from a Monk-Master. [Mt. Gulg]
Fried Kalamari
won by 360 (332) of 2019 (17.83%)
Defeat the Kraken with an attack from a Black Mage-Black Wizard. [Sunken Ruins]
Classic Hero
won by 398 (350) of 2019 (19.71%)
Defeat Tiamat with an attack from a Warrior-Knight. [Air Fortress]
Epic Finale
won by 396 (344) of 2019 (19.61%)
Defeat Chaos without anyone going down.
Rage Against The Machine
won by 364 (330) of 2019 (18.03%)
Defeat a WarMECH in the Floating Castle.
Of Mighty Magic
won by 395 (356) of 2019 (19.56%)
Have a character with full magic slots. [Black or White]
Mjolnir Cometh
won by 423 (367) of 2019 (20.95%)
Obtain Thor's Hammer.
The True King
won by 409 (357) of 2019 (20.26%)
Obtain Excalibur.
Light Within The Chaos
won by 399 (344) of 2019 (19.76%)
Obtain Masamune.
Puzzle Fantasy
won by 477 (441) of 2019 (23.63%)
Complete the secret slider puzzle.
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Recent comment(s):
3 Sep 2020
Reds fall off on the late game because they can learn few spells from LvL 6 to 8, and those White/Black spells are REALLY useful.
3 Sep 2020
Yeah, but I don't like the limited usage. Fortunately, that doesn't make a huge difference.
3 Sep 2020
I mean Red Mage is not BAD to have, but 4 of them would make an awesome challenge, especially since we wouldn't have a Warrior to take the hits.
3 Sep 2020
Red Wizard is very strong in the endgame, especially once you get Masamune. 4 white mages used to be the unofficial player challenge, but I wouldn't want an achievement for that either
4 Sep 2020
Having played through the game as every same 4 party composition I remember 4 Thief being my least favorite.
4 Sep 2020
i think thief is the worst class
4 Sep 2020
Thief is only good on the other versions because Ninja had Temper, and on this NES version Temper doesn't work so... meh screw Thief.
4 Sep 2020
yeah temper is the best spell in the game on other versions, on PSP i used haste and like 80 tempers and oneshot chaos
4 Sep 2020
Yes, thief is definitely the worst class. It's what they use to do the hardest possible "speed" run. There was some other way they made it even harder, but I forget how.
4 Sep 2020
I think it may have been from not buying any weapons or armor.
6 Sep 2020
Oh right. It was from using ONLY one thief. Don't know why anyone would go through something that painful.
16 Sep 2020
Have all cheevos except pirate Bay. Tried over 20 times to get this and no pop, playing on retropie 3b using retroarch emulation station I have all cheevos except that one
17 Sep 2020
I Mastered it on RetroArch, every achievement worked without any issues. The achievement should pop as soon as you step into the ship.
20 Sep 2020
Bilingual (5) did not unlock and I am clearly past where it unlocks since I am in ToFR. (I just noticed, wish I had noticed sooner.) - Playing on RetroArch
20 Sep 2020
I had an older save that I was able to reload after completing the game and went directly for unlocking Bilingual and this time it unlocked. No idea why it did not the first time, but was able to get it to when I tried again.
23 Sep 2020
Ok figured out my problem i loaded a different core and it popped when I did the cheevoFinally mastered!
8 Dec 2020
Completado / Mastered
5 Jan 2021
Mastered! Thanks for the awesome set!
8 Feb 2021
Party must be at the beginning of the game(!!!): White Mage, Monk, Warrior, Black Mage, otherwise miss the achievement:Holy Power Over the Dead, Meditation Under the Extremes, Classic Hero, Fried Kalamari
8 Feb 2021

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Beat the game with the least amount of experience points with having four separate classes.
Get the least amount of experience with having four Warriors at the end of the game.
Get the least amount of experience with having four Black Belts at the end of the game.
Get the least amount of experience with having four White Mages at the end of the game.
Get the least amount of experience with having four Knights at the end of the game.
Get the least amount of experience with having four Masters at the end of the game.
Get the least amount of experience with having four White Wizards at the end of the game.