Arc the Lad (PlayStation)

Arc the Lad (PlayStation)
PublisherSony Computer Entertainment
GenreRPG, Strategy
ReleasedJun 30, 1995
Title Screenhot
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Mrkjbanks2022-09-30 13:39:34Playing Arc the Lad
Ogermon2022-08-26 23:07:47Playing Arc the Lad
yoshisbald2022-06-19 19:49:25Playing Arc the Lad
Recent comment(s):
Xeinok 9 Oct 2020 22:42
Great short RPG
ViviREbirth 10 Oct 2020 12:28
I would love to see this. I have only played the first one and really enjoyed it. The general consensus online seems to be that the sequels are better than the first.
Andrewgomez904 17 Jul 2021 13:15
underrated as hell!
DWAR 18 Jan 2022 21:40
Would love to see this as well
DaniloZlatan 6 Apr 2022 18:14
This series must have a set
fabrizio78 13 May 2022 09:26
Strategy Rpg rocks
garbled 13 Jun 2022 13:22
So far, loving the first. Bought the full collection eons ago when it came out and never got around to playing.
Heavens7thCloud 3 Jul 2022 21:19
I would absolutely love achievements for this Collection.
Mekichan666 19 Aug 2022 06:25



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