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Mario Golf (Game Boy Color)

Developer:Camelot Software Planning
Genre:Sports (Golf)
First released:October 1999
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 28 achievements worth 315 (544) points.
Authors: Delmaru (28).

The Nerd
won by 126 (83) of 194 (64.95%)
Beat Putts in Match Play.
Red Haired Beauty
won by 86 (57) of 194 (44.33%)
Defeat Grace in Match Play.
Not Very Small At All
won by 63 (42) of 194 (32.47%)
Defeat Tiny in Match Play.
Such a Genius
won by 51 (32) of 194 (26.29%)
Defeat Gene Yuss in Match Play.
Marion Tournament
won by 161 (114) of 194 (82.99%)
Win the Marion Tournament and earn the trophy.
Palm Tournament
won by 105 (78) of 194 (54.12%)
Win the Palm Tournament and earn the trophy.
Dune Tournament
won by 92 (69) of 194 (47.42%)
Win the Dune Tournament and earn the trophy.
Links Tournament
won by 59 (37) of 194 (30.41%)
Win the Links Tournament and earn the trophy.
The Invitation
won by 57 (36) of 194 (29.38%)
Recive an invitation from someone familiar.
Mushroom Kingdom Tournament
won by 46 (28) of 194 (23.71%)
Win the Mushroom Kingdom Tournament and earn the Trophy.
Marion Club Star
won by 108 (81) of 194 (55.67%)
Finish all lessons and contests at Marion Club to earn all stars.
Palm Club Star
won by 85 (67) of 194 (43.81%)
Finish all Lessons and Contests at Palm Clubs to earn all stars.
Dune Club Star
won by 61 (43) of 194 (31.44%)
Finish all Lessons and Contests at Dune Club to earn all stars.
Links Club Star
won by 41 (26) of 194 (21.13%)
Finish all lessons and challenges at Links Club to earn all stars.
A Windy Challenge
won by 97 (68) of 194 (50.00%)
Complete Windy Valley 1 Challenge.
Cleaning up the Mess
won by 69 (48) of 194 (35.57%)
Help clean up all the golf balls around the Tiny-Tots Golf Grounds.
Worst Shot Ever
won by 70 (49) of 194 (36.08%)
Complete the Mini-Mini Lake Course Challenge
A Windy Challenge 2
won by 61 (45) of 194 (31.44%)
Complete Windy Valley 2 Challenge.
Hit the Pin
won by 55 (39) of 194 (28.35%)
Complete the Raven Woods Course.
One On, One In
won by 30 (13) of 194 (15.46%)
Complete Golf Guru's Pitch and Putt Challenge
Hide and Go Seek
won by 37 (26) of 194 (19.07%)
Find the other three characters that you are not playing as.
1-Up in the Club
won by 105 (80) of 194 (54.12%)
Find the 1-Up in the Director's Room
Club Maker 1-Up
won by 64 (49) of 194 (32.99%)
Find the hidden 1-up Mushroom at the Club Maker's Hut
1-Up in the Kingdom
won by 44 (30) of 194 (22.68%)
Find the hidden 1-Up in the Mushroom Kingdom Garden.
Reach Level 30
won by 54 (38) of 194 (27.84%)
Achieve a level of at least 30 with any character.
Not Even Mario
won by 38 (23) of 194 (19.59%)
Defeat Wario in Match Play.
The Often Forgotten
won by 53 (34) of 194 (27.32%)
Defeat Luigi in Match Play.
The Star Himself
won by 40 (25) of 194 (20.62%)
Defeat Mario in Match Play.
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Recent Players:
BluFoxxo2022-01-24 03:04:57Kid is Level 19
Giandalf2022-01-24 00:05:08Playing Mario Golf
tinoperez2022-01-22 16:37:10Kid is playing a Tournament on Marion Club
MattR19792022-01-18 23:44:09Kid is playing against Putts
hiscorebob2022-01-10 19:03:02Joe is playing a Tournament on Marion Club
nadersith2022-01-08 11:21:20Kid is Level 1
Atlas912021-12-27 23:46:43Playing Mario Golf
Shankelstoff2021-12-17 22:57:44Playing Mario Golf
cyb3rwarr10r2021-11-09 02:35:44Azelea is Level 51
dkodr2021-10-16 21:19:19Joe is Level 1
Recent comment(s):
9 Jan 2018
I can't get "The Nerd" to trigger. I defeated Putts in a match game after winning a tournament. When that failed, I started a new game and defeated him in a match game straightaway, and still, I don't have the achievement. I'm using the USA version.
10 Jan 2018
"Red Haired Beauty" won't trigger either, so it's only match play; tournament and star achievements seem to work. Does it matter that I'm winning with dormie instead of playing all 18 holes? Also, I'm using Gambatte in RetroArch if that's relevant.
15 Jan 2018
Just so you know, switching to the official emulator didn't give the achievement upon redoing the match with my RetroArch save, but everything worked properly when I created a new save file.
19 Jan 2018
Did anyone figure out a way to activate "Hide and Seek". I've changed the order that I found the characters, but that doesn't seem to matter. Does it only work if you don't level up, meaning that I have to grind to a high level first?
4 Feb 2018
Prism, I started a new game using Kid and I got it then after finding the other three.
6 Feb 2018
Thanks for letting everyone know, Olafur. You were definitely right. It would seem that you have to use Kid in order to get the achievement; I at least know that neither Joe nor Azalea worked for me.
28 May 2018
All win match achievements are broken even started a new file
12 Jul 2018
Dune club did not trigger for me after earning all stars for that area
11 Jul 2020
This game must still be broken. Directors room 1-up and marion tournament both failed to pop.
29 Sep 2020
Achievements working fine here. Make sure you have the right ROM?
1 Feb 2021
I can confirm at least 1 up achievement in Director's Room isn't popping up for compatible Mario Golf (USA).gbc version

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