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LSD: Dream Emulator (PlayStation)

Developer:Asmik Ace Entertainment
Publisher:Asmik Ace Entertainment
Genre:Exploration / Adventure
First released:October 22, 1998
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


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Recent Players:
vinbug122021-08-02 18:46:50Playing LSD: Dream Emulator
Krankenwagen2021-06-04 12:43:59Playing LSD: Dream Emulator
egonaut2021-05-15 22:13:16Playing LSD: Dream Emulator
ATFenris2021-05-02 20:44:26Playing LSD: Dream Emulator
retinalgrey2021-04-25 17:24:14Playing LSD: Dream Emulator
neku2021-04-20 11:08:21Playing LSD: Dream Emulator
Koolen2021-04-18 03:29:00Playing LSD: Dream Emulator
IAmARetard2021-02-15 06:32:34Flesh Tunnels --- Day 18
wisfor2021-01-19 18:35:09Bright Moon Cotage --- Day 1
Recent comment(s):
7 Jan 2020
Lol, yesterday I was the only one requesting this set and now there are 16 requests and it's the top of the list. Good to know I'm not alone in liking this game.
20 Jan 2020
This game is what would of had happened if David Lynch were to have made that Windows 95 maze screensaver, made a few tweaks to present it as a "video game", presented it to SIE Inc, and SOMEHOW, approve...this thing.
21 Jan 2020
This game needs a remake, wanna fell on drugs again without using them
24 May 2020
What are all the achievements gonna just be "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"
17 Jun 2020
I am wondering what kind of achievements would even work for this game.
2 Sep 2020
A set would be great
20 Dec 2020
A shame that there's no requests remaining, but here's some chivos that could work: Happy New Year - watch the cutscene after completing day 365, Dja Vu - Gain the Flashback option, and finally: Dream Theatre - Achieve green squares on the graph
20 Dec 2020
20 Feb 2021
We need a set for this great game
12 May 2021
I love this game! I hope it gets a set!
28 Jul 2021
I enjoyed the game, good to know I am not the only one.
6 Aug 2021
Achievements could actually give this game purpose! (other than the art is it)
18 Aug 2021
I want a achievmente called "smoke everyday","WTF" lmao
25 Aug 2021
esse aqui precisa de conquistas, mas no sei se tem como ajudar ?
2 Sep 2021
People are wondering what kind of achievements could be made for a game like this... I could think of a few. Maybe there could be achievements for viewing different cutscenes or witnessing different events characters and landmarks.
2 Jan 2022
I would love to see achievements like these.

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