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Play Novel: Silent Hill (Game Boy Advance)

Developer:Will Corporation
Genre:Visual Novel, Horror
Released:March 21, 2001
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 15 achievements worth 210 (241) points.
Authors: SporyTike (15).

To Freedom
won by 57 (56) of 71 (80.28%)
Reach Ending A as Harry Mason.
won by 47 (45) of 71 (66.20%)
Reach Ending B as Harry Mason.
Harry Opens The Door
won by 47 (45) of 71 (66.20%)
Reach Ending C-1 as Harry Mason.
Let My Body Go With The Flow
won by 45 (44) of 71 (63.38%)
Reach Ending C-2 as Harry Mason.
Leave It To Cheryl
won by 44 (43) of 71 (61.97%)
Reach Ending D-1 as Harry Mason.
Harry Goes Back To The Phone
won by 46 (45) of 71 (64.79%)
Reach Ending D-2 as Harry Mason.
If You Are Going To Kill Me Then Do It
won by 52 (49) of 71 (73.24%)
Reach Ending E-1 as Harry Mason.
Give Me That Handgun!
won by 55 (53) of 71 (77.46%)
Reach Ending E-2 as Harry Mason.
There Is No Mistake... It Is Harry
won by 51 (48) of 71 (71.83%)
Reach Ending A as Cybil Bennett.
Steadily Falling Snow
won by 43 (42) of 71 (60.56%)
Reach Ending B-1 as Cybil Bennett.
A Nostalgic Scent
won by 44 (43) of 71 (61.97%)
Reach Ending B-2 as Cybil Bennett.
Cybil Summons Her Courage And Fights
won by 44 (43) of 71 (61.97%)
Reach Ending B-3 as Cybil Bennett.
From The Ending To The Beginning
won by 43 (42) of 71 (60.56%)
Reach Ending C-1 as Cybil Bennett.
If I think it over...
won by 43 (42) of 71 (60.56%)
Reach Ending C-2 as Cybil Bennett.
Cards of Fate
won by 42 (41) of 71 (59.15%)
Collect all 28 possible cards.
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Recent Players:
TimeMachine2022-05-18 03:07:44Harry Mason - Introduction: The Beginning of the Nightmare - The first Vacation in a while
DiceIsCr4YRite2021-11-21 20:51:03Playing Play Novel: Silent Hill
rAISCEAT2021-10-18 17:04:15Harry Mason - Chapter 3: Harry Leaves the Cafe - Back alley
Ejec11902020-11-27 10:47:44In the Titlescreen
ginkop2020-07-16 22:49:03Harry Mason Scenario: Introduction – The Beginning of the Nightmare
Recent comment(s):
20 Nov 2018
I wonder if a patch exists which adds Andy's scenario.
7 Jul 2020
i'm surprised this exists lmao
6 Feb 2021
As of recent, there has been English patch being worked on and is up and running for the most part. More info here:
6 Feb 2021
And the link for the bps/ips patch and even more info:
7 Feb 2021
63rd Master. For a visual novel on a GBA and using the cutscenes from the first game, it's pretty impressive. Glad that someone did a full translation of this game so I didn't have to use the text translation guide. Great set as well.
20 Oct 2021
Do the achievements work with the English patched version?
20 Oct 2021
They should, yes
6 Nov 2021
I was unable to obtain achievements "Escape," "If You Are Going To Kill Me Then Do It," and "Give Me That Handgun!" in the hardcore mode using the English patched version and had to use the original Japanese version. Other achievements work fine in both normal and hardcore mode.

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