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Ninja Golf (Atari 7800)

Developer:BlueSky Software, Inc.
Publisher:Atari Corporation
Genre:Ninja Golf, what else would it be?
First released:1990


There are 11 achievements worth 320 (54) points.
Authors: Zaphnath

Ninja Children\
won by 0 of 2 (0.00%)
Beat the game on easy.
National Open Tour
won by 0 of 2 (0.00%)
Beat the game on normal. (Unlocks easy.)
International Championship
won by 0 of 2 (0.00%)
Beat the game on hard. (Unlocks normal and below.)
Kamikaze at PGA Masters Championship
won by 0 of 2 (0.00%)
Beat the game on Kamikaze. (Unlocks hard and below.)
Stage 1
won by 2 (2) of 2 (100.00%)
Beat your first stage on Kamikaze.
Shuriken Hoarder
won by 0 of 2 (0.00%)
Never used any shuriken for 3 consecutive stages.
Incredible Ninja Golf Pro (Easy and up)
won by 0 of 2 (0.00%)
Every stage no higher than 3 strokes. (Par or Under Par)
Invincible Ninja Golfer (Hard and up)
won by 0 of 2 (0.00%)
Beat any stage in perfect health. (No death.)
Immaculate Ninja Golf Master (Normal and up)
won by 0 of 2 (0.00%)
(Beat the game par or under, deathless, collected 30 Shurikens.) You're a god or goddess. Really.
Beat Golfer Zaphnath\
won by 1 (1) of 2 (50.00%)
Beat Zaphnath's High Score of 59,000. (Time counts faster during cutscenes and title screen. Pause doesn't work.)
Beat Ninja MagusPC\
won by 1 (1) of 2 (50.00%)
Beat MagusPC's Hi-Score of 77,000 (World record No.5 is 95,550 by farming points. No.1 is 173,860 by Glenn Case.)
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Recent comment(s):
17 Dec 23:41 2018
Time-limit Score runs is about roughly 15-20mins.
18 Dec 1:47 2018
Let me know if this is too hard. I'm not too familiar with this game.
19 Dec 0:31 2018
Ill try this game soon
21 Dec 1:26 2018
This game is pretty hard. I cant even beat normal. Score challenge wasnt that hard. But set looks good. Games funner than it looks
21 Dec 1:29 2018
Reminds me of vigilante
25 Dec 21:21 2018
You sould make it 400. And add filler cheevos for beating holes on normal and up. I think its plenty hard
8 Jan 20:12 2019
I still cant beat normal difficulty rip

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