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Frankenstein's Monster (Atari 2600)

Developer:Data Age
Publisher:Data Age
Genre:2D Platformer, Horror
First released:1983
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There are 10 achievements worth 148 (426) points.
Authors: (10).

The First Stone
won by 19 (14) of 20 (95.00%)
Achieve a score of 1000 points.
Want to See My Rock Collection?
won by 10 (7) of 20 (50.00%)
Achieve a score of 2000 points.
Another Brick in the Wall
won by 5 (3) of 20 (25.00%)
Achieve a score of 3000 points.
You're a Rock Star!
won by 2 (1) of 20 (10.00%)
Achieve a score of 3600 points on Advanced difficulty.
Village Hero
won by 7 (4) of 20 (35.00%)
Beat the game.
Village Legend
won by 3 (1) of 20 (15.00%)
Beat the game on Advanced difficulty without losing a life.
Bricklayer of the Year
won by 3 (1) of 20 (15.00%)
Seal away Dr. Frankenstein's creation in under 4:30.
Driven Batty
won by 7 (5) of 20 (35.00%)
Weave your way through a wave of bats in under 3 seconds on level 3 or above.
Acid Trip
won by 3 (2) of 20 (15.00%)
Ride a moving platform across the pool of acid and make your way back with the objective in a single cycle.
Leap of Faith
won by 13 (10) of 20 (65.00%)
Fall into a hole in the middle of the 2nd floor and land on one of the tiny platforms while they're in motion.
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