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Duke Nukem 3D (Mega Drive)

Developer:Tec Toy
Publisher:Tec Toy
Genre:First-Person Shooter
First released:1998
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 17 achievements worth 280 (1152) points.
Authors: Wolferhu (12), Stronghammer22 (5).

Damn, Those Alien Bastards!
won by 134 (56) of 143 (93.71%)
Complete Spaceport
It's Time to Kick Ass and Chew Bubblegum
won by 12 (9) of 143 (8.39%)
Mess With the Best, You Will Die Like the Rest
won by 7 (6) of 143 (4.90%)
Who Wants Some?
won by 9 (7) of 143 (6.29%)
Complete Lunar Space
Duke Nukem Must Die!
won by 21 (14) of 143 (14.69%)
Complete Occupied Territory
See You In Hell!
won by 19 (14) of 143 (13.29%)
Complete Mortal Prison
Blow It Out Your Ass!
won by 8 (7) of 143 (5.59%)
Complete Fatal Wind
Damn, I'm Good!
won by 7 (6) of 143 (4.90%)
Complete Electric Station
Piece of Cake
won by 13 (7) of 143 (9.09%)
Complete Overlord on Piece of Cake difficulty
Let's Rock
won by 23 (14) of 143 (16.08%)
Complete Overlord on Let's Rock difficulty
Come Get Some
won by 12 (6) of 143 (8.39%)
Complete Overlord on Come Get Some difficulty
Do, Or Do Not, There Is No Try
won by 12 (6) of 143 (8.39%)
Complete Spaceport using only the pistol [no switching allowed]
Lucky Son of a Bitch
won by 7 (6) of 143 (4.90%)
Complete any level with 20 or less health remaining
Sometimes I Even Amaze Myself
won by 6 (5) of 143 (4.20%)
Complete The Incubator with run mode always set to on
won by 26 (17) of 143 (18.18%)
Get All of the Weapons
Atomic Health
won by 10 (7) of 143 (6.99%)
Get 200 Health
Full Armored Duke
won by 12 (6) of 143 (8.39%)
100 Armor and 200 Health at the same time
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Recent comment(s):
13 Sep 2016
Could you guys do something for "Come Get Some Secret Laser" and "Lets Rock in the Secret Laser" achievements ? I completed the game on all three difficulty mode, without cheats and it doesn't pop for me..
13 Sep 2016
"Secret Laser" is the third level of the game, meaning I had to complete it (and thus, reach it) to finish the game.. :(
29 Sep 2016
Still no updates ? :O
20 May 2017
I've made it so there is an achievement for completing each level and an achievement for beating the game on each difficulty. Though, they stack (beating it on Let's Rock will award Let's Rock and Piece of Cake, etc). Pausing the game will disable..
20 May 2017
achievements until a reset. I'll continue adding achievements over the coming days until I have a full set (400 points). Good luck.
21 May 2017
"Sometimes I Even Amaze Myself" requires you to have run mode on when you complete Space Port. Unless anyone has other achievement ideas, my contributions to the list are done.
22 Mar 2018
Duki Nuki
2 Jun 2019
How do you open doors? Controls seem to be press A to open doors, yet when I press A I just change weapons.
2 Feb 2020
Duke Nukem!

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