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Detective Conan: Legend of the Treasure of Strange Rock Island (Game Boy Color)

Genre:Mystery / Adventure
First released:March 31, 2000
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 11 achievements worth 125 (134) points.
Authors: SporyTike (11).

Painful Greeting
won by 16 (15) of 17 (94.12%)
Reach the Shimamura Mansion.
First Investigations
won by 14 (14) of 17 (82.35%)
Investigate the Mansion and sleep until the next Morning.
We need to find more Evidences
won by 15 (15) of 17 (88.24%)
Finish the second Investigation.
The important evidence
won by 14 (14) of 17 (82.35%)
Get the important evidence in this case.
It's You!
won by 14 (14) of 17 (82.35%)
Finish the reasoning and find the Culprit.
The golden Secret
won by 14 (14) of 17 (82.35%)
Solve the mystery of the golden Statues.
The Treasure of the Island
won by 14 (14) of 17 (82.35%)
Solve the last riddle and find the Treasure of the Island.
Simple Logic
won by 9 (9) of 17 (52.94%)
Beat the game in under 75 minutes.
The Killer can't Ran away
won by 14 (14) of 17 (82.35%)
Play as Ran Mouri.
I'm a real Detective
won by 14 (14) of 17 (82.35%)
Play as Kogoro Mouri.
Deduction Queen Sonoko
won by 14 (14) of 17 (82.35%)
Play as Sonoko Suzuki.
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Recent comment(s):
31 Oct 2018
This is the sequel of "Mechanical Temple Murder Case". If you finished the first game you can find a password on the file select which you can use in the second game to continue the story. But you can also play the game without password.
3 Jun 2020
Mastered :)

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