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Detective Conan: Legend of the Treasure of Strange Rock Island (Game Boy Color)

Genre:Mystery / Adventure
Released:March 31, 2000
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 11 achievements worth 125 (132) points.
Authors: SporyTike (11).

Painful Greeting
won by 32 (30) of 33 (96.97%)
Reach the Shimamura Mansion.
First Investigations
won by 30 (29) of 33 (90.91%)
Investigate the Mansion and sleep until the next Morning.
We need to find more Evidences
won by 29 (28) of 33 (87.88%)
Finish the second Investigation.
The important evidence
won by 28 (27) of 33 (84.85%)
Get the important evidence in this case.
It's You!
won by 28 (27) of 33 (84.85%)
Finish the reasoning and find the Culprit.
The golden Secret
won by 28 (27) of 33 (84.85%)
Solve the mystery of the golden Statues.
The Treasure of the Island
won by 28 (27) of 33 (84.85%)
Solve the last riddle and find the Treasure of the Island.
Simple Logic
won by 19 (19) of 33 (57.58%)
Beat the game in under 75 minutes.
The Killer can't Ran away
won by 30 (29) of 33 (90.91%)
Play as Ran Mouri.
I'm a real Detective
won by 31 (30) of 33 (93.94%)
Play as Kogoro Mouri.
Deduction Queen Sonoko
won by 31 (30) of 33 (93.94%)
Play as Sonoko Suzuki.
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Recent Players:
Jenettebaghead2022-05-21 04:09:37Solving the Case as Conan Edogawa [🔍0]
BlackDM20022022-04-24 12:24:46Solving the Case as Conan Edogawa [🔍2]
Recent comment(s):
31 Oct 2018
This is the sequel of "Mechanical Temple Murder Case". If you finished the first game you can find a password on the file select which you can use in the second game to continue the story. But you can also play the game without password.
3 Jun 2020
Mastered :)
7 Jan 2022
Unless the password is literally "Secret", I'm not seeing it. Do I need a higher Sleuth Rank for that?
7 Jan 2022
The password can be found in the file select after the game was beaten. In the english patched version, you should have "Game Clear" on a file and then below that is a word. This is the password, all passwords all words somewhat related to the story of the first game so it could be that one of them is indeed plain "Secret".
10 May 2022
Any idea what the 3rd Ending/Special is? I managed to unlock Specials 1 (One More Secret), 2 (Farewell & Reunion), and 4 (A Moment of Relief) by finishing the game once with the "Secret" password, again with the "Satomi" password, and one final time without using any password.

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