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Streets of Rage (Game Gear)

Genre:Beat em Up
First released:1991
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 21 achievements worth 190 (509) points.
Authors: BrunoKiko (21).

Ha Ha Ha! Stick 'em!
won by 130 (78) of 138 (94.20%)
Pick up a knife.
I ain't your plumber
won by 124 (75) of 138 (89.86%)
Pick up a pipe.
Stink boom!
won by 116 (74) of 138 (84.06%)
Pick up a gas bomb.
S of Special
won by 73 (50) of 138 (52.90%)
Do the Special move for the first time.
RVC Gots Muh Back
won by 39 (24) of 138 (28.26%)
Have 5 or more lives.
won by 50 (33) of 138 (36.23%)
Score 100k Points.
won by 20 (11) of 138 (14.49%)
Score 300k Points.
Everything that goes sometimes doesn't come back ...
won by 55 (37) of 138 (39.86%)
Stop the Antonio's boomerang in the air.
Hot City Streets
won by 119 (69) of 138 (86.23%)
Beat level 1.
City Neighborhood Hype
won by 76 (51) of 138 (55.07%)
I'm on a boat
won by 58 (40) of 138 (42.03%)
Beat level 3.
Dumpster factory
won by 49 (36) of 138 (35.51%)
Beat level 4.
The top floor fiasco
won by 35 (26) of 138 (25.36%)
Beat level 5.
Bested boomer
won by 30 (21) of 138 (21.74%)
Beat Antonio on Level 1 without dying on Hard Mode.
Busted Bongo
won by 21 (13) of 138 (15.22%)
Beat Bongo on Level 2 without dying on Hard Mode.
Mutilated Mona & Lisa
won by 18 (10) of 138 (13.04%)
Beat Onihime & Yasha on Level 3 without dying on Hard Mode.
Murdered Mr. X
won by 15 (10) of 138 (10.87%)
Beat Mr. X on Level 5 without dying on Hard Mode.
Axel Foley
won by 31 (22) of 138 (22.46%)
Beat the game as Axel Stone in any difficulty.
Blaze The Cat
won by 21 (16) of 138 (15.22%)
Beat the game as Blaze Fielding in any difficulty.
Lollie Break Tiem!
won by 18 (11) of 138 (13.04%)
Beat the game on Hard Mode.
won by 17 (10) of 138 (12.32%)
Beat the game from Level 1 on Hard Mode without using continues.
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Recent comment(s):
9 Nov 2020
It's a great franchise and the game gear version are full of nostalgia !
12 Jan 2021
Set is on! The level related achievements don't work if the cheat menu is activated, for the cheevos turn to work you have to reset the game and begin a new game without activate the cheat menu.
12 Jan 2021
The remaining achievements don't work if invicible cheat is activated.
12 Jan 2021
22 Mar 2021
This version keeps getting me with the enemies as they keep hitting me down and I cant escape till I lose a life, dang they are cheap.
29 Aug 2021
This game is unplayable, the master system is 1000 times better. It's a piece of shit, you get 3 enemies and your can't even punch them, you have to jump aound like a moron. Its a disgrace to the SOR franchise that this piece of garbage exists. How are you supposed to get 5 lives when you get killed in every screen?
29 Aug 2021
You know you are playing a piece of shit when the only way to not die is to somehow not lose the pipe in the entire level.
30 Aug 2021
Walkthrough: 1) Learn to pass level 3,4 and 5 without losing the pipe; it's impossible to win Mr X without the pipe (and cornering him in the corner and hitting consecutive) 2) Everytime some enemy kicks you (and possible combo to death) hit both buttons to do a jab to (sometimes) avoid gettting hit to death (doesn't work with the ninjas on level 5, so get good with the pipe) 3) Pray. For 380 points it's not worth it, for being the worst port of SOR I ever played.
17 Sep 2021
yea this verison of street of rage is pretty meh and hard to deal with and I would recommend just master the classic sega genesis version for a good time but only do this if you hate youself
5 Oct 2021
man that was hard =B ... one more hint for the masochists: do not stand in the same line of a fire malabarist, these guys drain your extra lives quicker than you blink your eyes
27 Oct 2021
I'm sorry, but sets for such terrible and awful games do not belong on the normal cheevo list. It should be up there alongside with the unreleased Ninja Gaiden (Prototype) for the Genesis. Even then, that prototype is leagues more playable than this hot mess of a game. It's hard to believe this was officially released especially when you compare this to SoR2 on the Game Gear which was better than the Master System versions of both SoR1 and SoR2. Such a shame they let this abonimation into production.

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