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~Prototype~ Pocket Monsters Gold Version | Pocket Monsters Silver Version (Game Boy)

Developer:Game Freak
Genre:Role-Playing Game
Released:November 15, 1997
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 18 achievements worth 100 (141) points.
Authors: SporyTike (18).

The Beginning of a Great Adventure
won by 85 (77) of 129 (65.89%)
Finish the Demo. [No Debug]
Proto Evolution
won by 66 (63) of 129 (51.16%)
Evolve a Pokemon. [No Debug]
Master of Catching
won by 69 (63) of 129 (53.49%)
Have a Team of 6 different Pokemon. [No Debug]
Special Pokemon
won by 67 (60) of 129 (51.94%)
Catch a shiny Pokemon. [No Debug]
Nobody can stop me!
won by 69 (62) of 129 (53.49%)
Defeat all 6 Trainers in one Playthrough. [No Debug]
Gotta Catch 'em All
won by 22 (20) of 129 (17.05%)
Obtain all Pokemon in either Game at least once in one Session. [No Debug]
I Choose You!
won by 41 (37) of 129 (31.78%)
Try to pick one of Oak's Starters. [Debug]
What are you doing here?
won by 45 (39) of 129 (34.88%)
Visit Professor Oak's Pokemon Lab in Kanto City and encounter someone you maybe didn't expect to be there. [Debug]
Playing by a Friend
won by 45 (41) of 129 (34.88%)
Play on an N64 that doesn't belong to you. [Debug]
That doesn't feel right!
won by 29 (28) of 129 (22.48%)
Play the Slot Machine Minigame in the Game Corner. [Debug]
Welcome to Proto Town
won by 46 (39) of 129 (35.66%)
Visit the only Town you can't warp to. [Debug]
Kanto of another Dimension
won by 39 (36) of 129 (30.23%)
Visit all Cities of the Game in one Session. [Debug]
won by 49 (48) of 129 (37.98%)
Have 9999 Coins or more in the Poker Minigame.
Sliding Monster
won by 61 (59) of 129 (47.29%)
Finish a 15-tile sliding puzzle.
Monstery Game
won by 70 (65) of 129 (54.26%)
Find 3 Pairs or more in the Memory Game.
won by 89 (77) of 129 (68.99%)
Finish a Picross.
Pokie Party
won by 64 (61) of 129 (49.61%)
Get a Lucky 7 in the Slot Machine game.
Musical Pikachu
won by 59 (57) of 129 (45.74%)
Collect 250 Notes or more in the Pikachu Minigame.
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Recent Players:
Redbicho2021-01-07 05:28:07Shigeru is in the Silent Hill Forest
Jamie365652020-08-15 18:05:59In the Titlescreen
radiationofthenation2020-06-12 09:16:55Koji is on Route 1
2Tie2018-11-29 09:03:26Testing the demo
Recent comment(s):
31 May 2018
Not wrongly linked console entry. The prototypes were on original GB hardware as opposed to the GBC.
31 May 2018
Linked both Debug and Non-Debug builds to this entry but that will probably change if it ever gets achievements.
3 Aug 2018
To play the Minigames exept the one with Pikachu you need to use the version with the debug menu.The Debug menu opens when you're in the titlescreen and press select.
3 Aug 2018
No achievements for exploring beta johto via debug mode walk through walls :(
4 Aug 2018
All Achievements except the Minigames can only unlock in the normal mode NOT in the Debug mode.
4 Aug 2018
Use the Header-Fixed roms to play this Prototype.
18 Aug 2018
How can I catch a Shiny in the Demo?
19 Aug 2018
Shinys appear random in the wild and can caught like all others. Because there is no shiny animation you should turn the color on to see if the pokemon has another color.
19 Aug 2018
Defeat all 6 Trainers and the Achievement doesn't triggered so far.
20 Aug 2018
Try to beat them in the order they appear. First the one with paras, after, meowth, magby, ledyba, slowking and clefairy. It didn't trigger until I beat them in this order.
20 Aug 2018
@jos beat the trainer in this order and the Achievement didn't triggered.
10 Jun 2019
Using Header-Fixed roms still doesn't allow me to play these from RAVisualBoyAdvance - 0.57. Do I have to use RetroArch? I deleted RetroArch the other day so if that's the case I'll just pass on this set
10 Jun 2019
You can play this set on RAVBA. It only seems your rom isn't linked so just try to find another one.
20 Aug 2019
Some of these like musical pikachu, pokecross or nobody can stop me are unachievable on retroarch (any core)
21 Apr 2020
25 Oct 2021
wait is this only available in Japanese?

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