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Kaboom! (Atari 2600)

Genre:Action game
First released:1981
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 13 achievements worth 325 (6672) points.
Authors: Grenade44 (13).

Score 250
won by 152 (120) of 379 (40.11%)
Score More than 250
Score 500
won by 50 (42) of 379 (13.19%)
Score More than 500
Score 750
won by 28 (23) of 379 (7.39%)
Score More than 750
Score 1,000
won by 13 (11) of 379 (3.43%)
Score More than 1,000
Score 2,000
won by 6 (4) of 379 (1.58%)
Score More than 2,000
Joined The Bucket Brigade
won by 4 (2) of 379 (1.06%)
Score More than 3,000
Reach Level 2
won by 379 (251) of 379 (100.00%)
Reach Level 2
Reach Level 4
won by 73 (60) of 379 (19.26%)
Reach Level 4
Reach Level 6
won by 9 (7) of 379 (2.37%)
Reach Level 6
Reach Level 8
won by 0 of 379 (0.00%)
Reach Level 8
Reach Level 10
won by 0 of 379 (0.00%)
Reach Level 10
Bucket Collector
won by 0 of 379 (0.00%)
Loose 2 buckets and then claim 2 new ones!
Collecting Buckets
won by 11 (3) of 379 (2.90%)
Have 2 Buckets and Claim another
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Recent comment(s):
8 Jun 2018
Nice game! How do you intend to substitute the paddles onm emulation? Congratulations for your initiative!
8 Jun 2018
You just use the left and right buttons on your keyboard.
8 Jun 2018
Ok, but when you use the paddle it's possible to control the speed of the basket, in advanced stages this is essential to colect all the bombs. I was thinking about that the use of the mouse would be a nice choice to substitute the original interface
8 Jun 2018
Games like this, for example, Arkanoid (MAME), use the mouse on emulation. Just a sugestion!
8 Jun 2018
Ralibretro controls feature is limited. I never played the game on the 2600, not sure how its ment to handle. Im not sure if it possible to use the mouse on ralibretro.
8 Jun 2018
I have no control over how the game emulates. I will be releasing the set tonight after I finished the achievement pictures. If people arent getting to the later levels I might have to correct them
8 Jun 2018
Ok, I understand. I'm talking about the paddle because I'm a fan of this game and I usually play it on my original console. The ideia to bring it on RA is wonderful, but I realized about the keybord's limitation. I intend to test your set soon.
8 Jun 2018
Thank you!
12 Jun 2018
Man that's tough because it feels like it's very "sticky" when playing with a controller.
18 Jun 2018
Nice game! Thanks for the achievs! Its very hard to play on controller! Hope to see more atari achievs like river raid, Frostbite, Hero, Keystone Kappers, Turmoil, Enduro...
18 Jun 2018
Playing on RetroPie and MAN is it hard without a paddle...
12 Aug 2018
Yeah, really poor choice for a game to make achievements for, the game is nearly impossible to control in the only emulator you're allowed to use. You shouldn't make more achievements for paddle games until there's proper support for them.
23 Feb 2019
I don't think there's any harm in making achievements, because they will exist for when support is added. I'm finding it quite fun to play with a Dpad
18 Apr 2019
Yep, waiting for mouse support to play this one.

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