64th. Street: A Detective Story (Arcade)

64th. Street: A Detective Story (Arcade)
DeveloperC.P. Brain
PublisherJaleco Entertainment
GenreBeat Em' Up
Title Screenhot
In-game Screenshot


There are 15 achievements worth 135 (513) points.
Authors: TeddyWestside (15)

Clear stage 1
370 (209) of 383
(96.61%) players
Clear stage 2
246 (156) of 383
(64.23%) players
Clear stage 3
223 (145) of 383
(58.22%) players
Clear stage 4
206 (138) of 383
(53.79%) players
Clear stage 5
201 (135) of 383
(52.48%) players
Clear stage 6
199 (133) of 383
(51.96%) players
Clear the game playing only as Rick
134 (105) of 383
(34.99%) players
Clear the game playing only as Allen
78 (51) of 383
(20.37%) players
Clear the game losing 3 or fewer credits
21 (12) of 383
(5.48%) players
Clear the game without picking up any weapon
50 (36) of 383
(13.05%) players
Pick up all possible weapon types
193 (129) of 383
(50.39%) players
Reach the end of a stage section while holding a weapon
202 (125) of 383
(52.74%) players
Reach a score of 300,000
238 (154) of 383
(62.14%) players
Reach a score of 700,000
196 (133) of 383
(51.17%) players
Reach a score of 1,000,000
137 (95) of 383
(35.77%) players
Recent Players:
matheus20022023-01-25 19:25:39Playing 64th. Street: A Detective Story
nightshadowon2023-01-22 12:30:59Playing 64th. Street: A Detective Story
Sylphia2023-01-17 02:43:58Playing with a friend as Allen in Stage 6 - Section 3 (Game Complete) | Credits: 5 | P1 Lives: 1 | P2 Lives: 1 | P1 Score: 1121700 | P2 Score: 0
facinorous2023-01-16 07:37:55Playing 64th. Street: A Detective Story
diegosel2023-01-09 01:40:51Playing with a friend as Rick in Stage 1 - Section 1 | Credits: 0 | P1 Lives: 3 | P2 Lives: 3 | P1 Score: 0 | P2 Score: 0
stealth19822023-01-03 06:03:39Playing 64th. Street: A Detective Story
ojalfresh2022-12-17 14:40:32Playing 64th. Street: A Detective Story
supergeek3002022-12-13 19:08:53Following a lead...learning more about the kidnapping...getting ready to take action!
txikitron2022-12-12 07:28:16Playing 64th. Street: A Detective Story
xveugs2022-11-20 11:04:18Following a lead...learning more about the kidnapping...getting ready to take action!
Recent comments: (All 21)
TeddyWestside 3 Dec 2021 10:57
Two players are allowed for the most part, although anything outside of the stage clears will require that player 1 is the one who completes them (like score 300,000 etc). "Just Another Day at the Office will not work in two player mode. NOTE: Dipswitch settings must be left at default for the achievements to function. If you have any issues with the achievements or the leaderboard, please let me know.
Kingsombra 3 Dec 2021 17:05
Can someone help? For some reason, my Final Burn Neo core automatically switches to softcore. How can i fix it.
NewWizKid 3 Dec 2021 20:30
You have to change a core setting. It drove me nuts until I figured it out. Hold on I'll see if I can figure out what I did.
NewWizKid 3 Dec 2021 20:38
OK, you need to go to your RetroArch installation folder. Then open retroarch-core-options.cfg in Text Editor, Search for [press Ctrl + F] the line "fbneo-allow-patched-romsets", and change replace the "enabled" on the right side of it with "disabled". Then save the file [Ctrl + S]. If the line is not there add fbneo-allow-patched-romsets = "disabled" to the file and save it.
NewWizKid 3 Dec 2021 20:42
There are 2 options for saving core config files the first one is to have them in one large file which is what I put in the instructions, the second is to have separate cfg files named after the cores the settings in them refer to.
Kingsombra 3 Dec 2021 21:21
it worked, thanks so much. Drove me nuts as well.
LeprosoNA 4 Dec 2021 02:13
thanks :D
LeftyGuitar 4 Dec 2021 02:54
If you're using RALibRetro you'll find the file you need to edit in the Cores folder and edit the fbneo_libretro.json file.
Beulu79 4 Dec 2021 14:12
Cool set, didn't know this game. Thanks !
echoscreen 6 Dec 2021 05:44
What a goofy game, I enjoy the living cats falling out the broken walls. Thanks for the nice set. Any advice for which level to get the "Drop It" cheevo?
TeddyWestside 6 Dec 2021 06:16
I think stage 1 - section 1/2 using the pole. It's easier to keep your distance and not lose it than the wrench. Other than that, the final boss with the pool cue is an easy option.
echoscreen 7 Dec 2021 04:12
Oh, I completely mistaken the description, and thought it had to be carried through a boss fight. Thank you, I'll give it a shot
echoscreen 7 Dec 2021 13:26
Hm I just cleared stage 1, sections 1 and 2 with weapons, they dropped, but no trigger. Just got to the third section (the train)
RetroChris81 9 Jan 2022 00:42
Mastered (#109)
supermos 11 Jan 2022 23:00
Mastered and i had some feeling from the past ,,, thank you man
AngryMartian 24 Feb 2022 00:43
Mastered ... Classic Beat Em' Up Style
2022worlds2022 9 May 2022 22:11
Completed, thanks for this awesome Beat Em' Up set.
SonicRanticoot 28 May 2022 02:24
I don't think this is the best beat 'em up (I totally see how this is like the one arcade game I've seen that doesn't have a 1CC cheevo, what the fuck is that third boss, or stage 5), but, in the end, it's so charming and goofy
VectorPrime40 8 Jun 2022 23:39
L4stMinuteHero 25 Jun 2022 23:35
I was the weirdo that preferred this to Final Fight in the arcades. Something very satisfying about throwing enemies everywhere. Broken as hell, the music is terrible, but it's just so loveable. Good set.

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