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OutRun (Arcade)

OutRun (Arcade)
DeveloperSega, Sega AM2
ReleasedSeptember 20, 1986
Title Screenhot
In-game Screenshot


Authors: TeddyWestside (18)
There are 18 achievements worth 342 (2036) points.
Complete Coconut Beach
492 (224) of 493
(99.80%) players
Complete Gateway
170 (93) of 493
(34.48%) players
Complete Devil's Canyon
206 (112) of 493
(41.78%) players
Complete Desert
79 (44) of 493
(16.02%) players
Complete Alps
77 (42) of 493
(15.62%) players
Complete Cloudy Mountain
63 (34) of 493
(12.78%) players
Complete Wilderness
44 (22) of 493
(8.92%) players
Complete Old Capital
45 (22) of 493
(9.13%) players
Complete Wheat Field
45 (28) of 493
(9.13%) players
Complete Seaside Town
39 (19) of 493
(7.91%) players
Complete Vineyard
39 (20) of 493
(7.91%) players
Complete Death Valley
41 (21) of 493
(8.32%) players
Complete Desolation Hill
36 (17) of 493
(7.30%) players
Complete Autobahn
39 (24) of 493
(7.91%) players
Complete Lakeside
36 (18) of 493
(7.30%) players
Reach a score of 25 million
29 (13) of 493
(5.88%) players
Complete any route without going off track, spinning out or flipping the car
23 (12) of 493
(4.67%) players
After Coconut Beach, maintain a speed greater than 160km/h and complete any route
24 (12) of 493
(4.87%) players
Recent Players:
Zarastro2023-03-22 06:43:36Racing in Coconut Beach | Time Remaining: 53 | Score: 665650
hwminnebruiker2023-03-21 22:56:52Playing OutRun
jamesbuc2023-03-21 22:06:59Racing in Gateway | Time Remaining: 42 | Score: 2428260
alanchiz2023-03-21 13:25:51Watching an Out Run demonstration
SonicRanticoot2023-03-21 06:09:30Racing in Coconut Beach | Time Remaining: 57 | Score: 560280
Aggband2023-03-20 14:29:43Playing OutRun
Tcket2023-03-19 20:16:23Racing in Coconut Beach | Time Remaining: 59 | Score: 50030
spardawade2023-03-18 20:26:27Playing OutRun
supernalle2023-03-16 17:03:30Racing in Desert | Time Remaining: 65 | Score: 4489590
AggroBeard2023-03-10 19:55:21Playing OutRun
S4g4tNL 20 Jun 2020 10:43
i am already enjoying the md version, but the arcade version would be much cooler as that is the one i (and i guess many more) def remember the best!
20100 27 Oct 2021 10:06
I agree :)
TeddyWestside 15 Dec 2021 01:19
Dip Switch settings must be at default for the achievements and leaderboards to function. If you run into any issues, please let me know. Like Glue and Speed Demon both make use of the "Trigger" flag, so you know whether you have failed or not. Have fun. :)
Sachiel 15 Dec 2021 11:59
teddy westside at it again with more arcade achievements. thanks man, the arcade was really neglected
Kingsombra 15 Dec 2021 14:10
ph hell yeah. One of my favorite Arcade racing games. Thanks so much for this.
5pectre 25 Dec 2021 13:16
Leaderboards doesn't seem to work? I have leaderboard active and I've completed both Goal A and D and my scores aren't appearing on the RA leaderboards for OutRun
5pectre 25 Dec 2021 21:05
Thats strange. My score for Goal B got accepted to the leaderboard? It was when I went for the "like glue" achievement, so it seems like if you go off track your score isn't recorded?
5pectre 25 Dec 2021 21:05
MASTERED!! Like Glue and Speed Demon were fun and challenging to get
TeddyWestside 26 Dec 2021 00:24
Sorry, the leaderboards should be fixed now.
S4g4tNL 2 Jan 2022 18:28
wow any tips for the 25m score? i just completed d route and got lil over 10m, so quite some ways off!
5pectre 2 Jan 2022 20:59
go faster. If you finished the game with 10 million I'd say you had 1 second left on the clock. Goal D is your best bet as that route gives you the most time. You get 1 million per second at the end, so you need around 15 seconds on the clock to break 25 million
S4g4tNL 7 Jan 2022 08:57
Ah good to hear thanks, already got 19M the other day :) (E route i believe)
alyxhawk 19 Sep 2022 22:52
Going at max speed is not enough to get 25M score. You should choose the shortest routes to maximize time left at the end of the course. Take note:

Easiest route is all lefts. Next easiest is all rights, although stage 4 on that one can give you fits.

Hardest route I can't recall but I think it is right, left, left, left.

The highest scoring route is right, left, right, right. This route is the shortest, leaving the most time on the clock, which at a million points bonus per second at the end gives you the highest score.
Crush 16 Oct 2022 20:19
I really hope in future the Euro/Japanese rom gets added, as that's a different course layout, and the one we're used to here.
S4g4tNL 7 Mar 2023 13:27
@alyxhawk Cheers! will def give this a go, 3 cheevo's left and this game deserves to be mastered!

Achievement Distribution

High Scores

12missiray missiray2023-01-25 20:11
11xClawz xClawz2023-01-22 15:45
10RaphMec RaphMec2023-01-21 01:18
9NeowaveBR NeowaveBR2022-09-24 14:19
8alyxhawk alyxhawk2022-09-20 03:11
7Fanonos Fanonos2022-05-20 15:36
6Infernum Infernum2022-03-09 10:10
5Wendigo Wendigo2022-03-08 23:14
4shotmaker shotmaker2022-02-06 21:51
3ChrisGold97 ChrisGold972022-01-12 10:39


Complete Route A with the highest score!
alyxhawk alyxhawk32412730
Complete Route B with the highest score!
shotmaker shotmaker41019720
Complete Route C with the highest score!
alyxhawk alyxhawk37746650
Complete Route D with the highest score!
alyxhawk alyxhawk37160890
Complete Route E with the highest score!
alyxhawk alyxhawk39233660
Highest score on finishing the game or timer running out
missiray missiray34634560