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Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
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Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (Arcade)






Beat 'em up


July 20, 1990

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Author: TeddyWestside (17)
There are 17 achievements worth 179 (1,720) points.
Change into robot form

435 (193) of 441

98.64% unlock rate

Clear Round 1

413 (190) of 441

93.65% unlock rate

Clear Round 2

265 (138) of 441

60.09% unlock rate

Clear Round 3

196 (107) of 441

44.44% unlock rate

Clear Round 4

168 (96) of 441

38.10% unlock rate

Clear Round 5

156 (87) of 441

35.37% unlock rate

Clear Round 1 without losing a life

319 (160) of 441

72.34% unlock rate

Clear Round 2 without losing a life

40 (20) of 441

9.07% unlock rate

Clear Round 3 without losing a life

25 (8) of 441

5.67% unlock rate

Clear Round 4 without losing a life

15 (5) of 441

3.40% unlock rate

Clear Round 5 without losing a life

14 (4) of 441

3.17% unlock rate

Clear the game on a single credit

18 (7) of 441

4.08% unlock rate

Clear the game without using dance magic [Starting credits 3 or lower]

11 (4) of 441

2.49% unlock rate

Clear the game within 25 minutes [Starting credits 3 or lower]

20 (10) of 441

4.54% unlock rate

Reach a score of 50,000 without losing a credit

101 (46) of 441

22.90% unlock rate

Reach a score of 100,000 without losing a credit

62 (24) of 441

14.06% unlock rate

Reach a score of 150,000 without losing a credit

49 (19) of 441

11.11% unlock rate

Recent Players:
AlexHidanBR2023-06-06 09:19:57Moonwalking their way through the menus
HPS2023-06-04 21:13:26Moonwalking their way through the menus
Cutter2023-05-28 16:29:58Moonwalking their way through the menus
Kashiiyan2023-05-26 22:29:46Playing Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
Spanky822023-05-13 07:29:56Moonwalking their way through the menus
ROBEB2023-05-01 08:30:06Moonwalking their way through the menus
duckfriedrice2023-04-14 08:08:07Playing Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
helium1212023-01-29 00:53:54Moonwalking their way through the menus
alanweird2023-01-19 05:44:03Playing Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
RedEdgyBoi2023-01-14 05:10:32Moonwalking their way through the menus

Recent comments

(See all 24)

dstroyer 14 Aug 2021 19:31
ArcaneJames 18 Sep 2021 06:52
Hoping this game get cheevos someday.
TeddyWestside 5 Nov 2021 13:00
There are a couple of leaderboards: one for time and one for high score (single credit). NOTE: For achievements that say "Starting credits 3 or lower", this is from the menu. If you ever increase the credits while in game, these achievements (the ones mentioning credits) will be locked until a new run and the leaderboards will also stop until a new run.
L4stMinuteHero 5 Nov 2021 15:37
Awesome! Thanks for filling the request! Looking forward to playing through again.
Kingsombra 12 Nov 2021 13:06
Sleepwalker83 24 May 2022 16:01
Thanks for adding achievements !
Sleepwalker83 24 May 2022 16:10
I have a question : I'm on RetroArch and I already activated the "Hardcore" mode, but all achievements I earned on Moowalker are blue (not Hardcore). Is that a bug or is there a known reason ? Maybe because I increased the credits a lot (too much) in the game menu, and then the game considers it's cheat ?
TeddyWestside 13 Jun 2022 08:43
It's likely related to the "allow patched romsets" setting. Disable that and the achievements can then be earned in hardcore mode.
Sleepwalker83 2 Aug 2022 06:07
Ok got it. Thank you.
I have a new (little) problem : the game is "Free-play" by default and I don't want it. But there is no option to disable it in the quickmenu from RetroArch. And when I enter in the diagnostic menu of the arcade cabinet I can't navigate inside. I tried all the buttons of my controler but none of them works... I'm only stucked in this menu and the only way to get out of it is to press the "Reset" button ("H" key). Do you know this problem ? Thanks.
flaviodnz1 12 Aug 2022 04:27
I can't get any of the achievements in this game... They just don't pop... even the "The King of Metal" achievement isn't popping. Does someone had the same issue?
KoruKGR 17 Oct 2022 17:55
None of these pop for me.
RetroSprites 25 Oct 2022 02:58
Completed, fun game, but some achievements are pretty crazy, finishing the game in 25 min is something that borders on the world record.
Laertes 30 Nov 2022 14:55
Mecandes 22 Feb 2023 22:57
Hmm, not popping on Xbox RetroArch; didn't mess with the dip switches. When they didn't pop, I tried changing the dip switch to each setting of Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard and achievements still wouldn't pop.
MrBird 10 Mar 2023 20:18
My dipswitch settings are at the default, and the achievements still aren't popping.
GuiCogo 6 Apr 2023 12:25
Same with me, didn't touch the dipswitch settings and no achievements pop.
Could you list the "default" dipswitch settings. Thanks. :)
TeddyWestside 9 Apr 2023 09:03
Been tearing my hair out over this, but I believe the problem is with the "Coin Chute" dipswitch. For the achievements to make sense (particularly those involving credits), this option needs to be set to "common". In Retroarch, it seems to be defaulting to "individual". In individual, you basically have one credit but can continuously increase the lives to say 100... so I had to ban this.

These are the settings it will work on:

Well, demo sounds and players are not tracked in the logic, so you may choose any option for those.

Please let me know how you get on with it and if you encounter further issues after changing the coin chute mode. Sorry for the trouble!
GuiCogo 10 Apr 2023 09:41
No trouble at all, you're doing us a favor. That dipswitch config did it! Keep up the good work. :)
MrBird 16 May 2023 00:39
I finally came back to this game, and that image of the settings helped, and Achievements work as intended.
LordBBH 22 May 2023 07:07
got credit for "Who's Bad?" which is supposed to unlock when finishing the game on a single credit, when I game over'd on the last boss. I did it legit afterwards because I needed that Stage 5 deathless for the Mastery anyway.

Achievement Distribution

High Scores


Blood on the Dance Floor

Reach the highest score you can on 1 credit

You Better Run, You Better Do What You Can

Clear the game as quick as you can (starting credits 3 or lower)