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November 1991


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Mutawarrior 8 Oct 2018 03:04
ID'ing many addresses for this game & I plan to make a set and leaderboard for it.
kramer 21 Mar 2019 19:29
This game is awesome!
Mutawarrior 1 May 2020 22:23
I have many ideas for this so when I have time after the stuff I'm currently working on, I'll whip up a nice set.
LeprosoNA 20 Mar 2021 12:27
armac 26 Apr 2023 18:20
My favorite arcade game
Mutawarrior 27 Apr 2023 05:27
It's definitely on my 10 or maybe even top 5 list. I own the PCB (also own Diet GoGo and Joe & Mac Returns PCBs since Diet is the sequel and J&M Returns plays exactly like Tumble Pop but with Joe & Mac weapons) and the game is so fun and I think a big improvement over games like Bubble Bobble and Snow Bros with the faster paced gameplay and the diversity of stages, enemies and bosses.
Mutawarrior 27 Apr 2023 05:35
My ideas for this were to make achievements for getting powerups (range extension, speed boost, flamethrower/blower powerup and the big vacuum that sucks up everything on the screen), boss achievements, deathless boss achievements, and many world-based achievements awarding different points depending on which world you started the game on since a world picked early like Antarctica has far fewer stages than if you pick the default Russia stage first and work your way to the Antarctica stage where it would have many more stages. So anyone who makes a set for this, I hope you can incorporate that idea by having beat world XYZ starting from the default Russia world along with beating all the stages starting from all the other possible worlds you can select at the start of the game.

Also having a 3 credit completion achievement would be good for starters (1CC might be too much for core set). Maybe a deathless boss rush achievement and one allowing deaths as well. Of course a bonus stage achievement should be included as well and one for earning a 1up in the bonus stage. And score based achievements.
ChewyPudding 29 Apr 2023 17:09
Hey, I'm the one working on the set. I have most of those achievements: standard completion/bosses, deathless bosses, deathless boss rush, score based achievements, an achievement for the bonus stage, an achievement for having max powerups simultaneously, and some others. I've been away from my home computer a while, and won't be home for a couple weeks, but when I'm back I'll look into achievements based on starting level and possibly one for winning in a certain amount of credits :)
Mutawarrior 29 Apr 2023 19:18
Thank you Chewy I'm really glad you're considering it. I think it's a great idea for the set given how many ways the game can be played and how the stages played per world change depending on where you start.

I'll let you know if I think of anything else I had planned but forgot to mention above. In the meantime, good luck and enjoy your time away from home.
Mutawarrior 29 Apr 2023 19:48
FINAL EDIT (I kept updating this post to improve wording & make it as clear as possible, so ignore all previous versions of this post that you may see in emails):

Oh I just remembered another type of achievement I had planned---beating worlds deathless. My plan was to again have multiple deathless world achievements for each world depending on which world you'd start on so that the longer a world was, the more points it was worth beating it deathless (or even beating it regularly for non-deathless world achievements).

So for example for the Russia "world", the default path (which starts at Russia) would give the least points for beating Russia deathless since that world would have the least amount of stages, as is typical in Tumble Pop for the world you begin the game on. But note that the same default path that the game puts you on (that starts with Russia) if you don't change the starting point to another world would also result in another world having its highest point deathless achievement. I forget which world that is off the top of my head, but it should be the final world you'd play when Russia is the starting point. Similarly, every path (starting point) taken should have its least point deathless world and its highest point deathless world if such achievements are made.

All these deathless world achievements based on starting level would best be done by plotting out the order of the worlds based on each of the possible starting points in advance (could be done on paper or in a file on a computer) and the # of stages per world that results in each path/starting point taken would be accounted for in each possible path.

If you end up doing a set for Diet Go Go in the future, the same tecnhique could be done for it (I think Joe & Mac Returns too).
ChewyPudding 29 Apr 2023 23:15
Thanks, like I said I'll see what I can do when I back at my home computer and can get back to making achievements.

Also never played Diet Go Go or Joe & Mac Returns, just know this one because there was a machine of it at an arcade I used to go to as a kid haha. I probably won't be making sets for those games, but if it really is similar and you decide to go for it yourself, I would obviously be willing to help with the knowledge I gained from the tumblepop set.
Mutawarrior 30 Apr 2023 05:43
I was looking at them when I was dev but since I was inactive for too long I had my role taken away so it's OK. I'm glad that you're open to suggestions and have a nice set in mind that covers many key areas of the game.

If I'm ever dev again I might take a look at them since I'm a Data East nut and own a lot of their arcade PCBs, flyers, instruction cards, etc. and did a documentation project on them on my old website before it lost its hosting by the RAINE emulator's website after it went down.
mankodax 28 May 2023 00:47
@ChewyPudding are you going to try it again??? I was hoping for the cheevos =(
AppleAndo 17 Aug 2023 16:02
So... Is this just stuck in limbo now? This is still on the Jr. Dev Proficiency Checklist.
Olengu86 3 Sep 2023 10:25
Any news about this set? This is an awesome game, it deserves an achievements list
mblack 6 Nov 2023 03:43
Really looking forward to this one. Thanks in advance!
mankodax 25 Feb 2024 16:05
The unofficial cheevos looked great, is there a chance so someone can pick them up???