Sengoku 3 (Sengoku Densho 2001) (Arcade)

Sengoku 3 (Sengoku Densho 2001) (Arcade)
DeveloperNoise Factory
GenreBeat 'Em Up (Multiplanar, Hack & Slash), Beat 'em Up
ReleasedOctober 2001
Title Screenhot
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xenowildfire2022-12-02 13:38:53Playing Sengoku 3 (Sengoku Densho 2001)
tonypiz2022-11-07 19:40:39Playing Sengoku 3 (Sengoku Densho 2001)
slapman2022-10-27 22:55:28Playing Sengoku 3 (Sengoku Densho 2001)
unlockvita19832022-09-16 02:12:24Playing Sengoku 3 (Sengoku Densho 2001)
Recent comment(s):
quiroalvaro 27 Apr 2018 15:47
Great game
Mutawarrior 13 Jan 2019 04:26
Sengoku Densho 2001 is the alternate title of Sengoku 3 that is accessible from changing the BIOS region.
Antisthenes 17 Apr 2021 09:25
My #1 Arcade brawler. The hoops I had to jump through to get this to work on GGPO was retrospectively astounding.
bilcassonato 23 Jul 2021 13:07
Can someone please make a set for this game? It will be really appreciated!



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