Asteroids (Atari 2600)

Asteroids (Atari 2600)
GenreTop Down Shooter
Title Screenhot
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There are 18 achievements worth 75 (90) points.
Authors: deividokop (18)

Leave Zone I
Reach 3k points (game type 1)
1014 (636) of 1057
(95.93%) players
Leave Zone II
Reach 6k points (game type 1)
876 (580) of 1057
(82.88%) players
Leave Zone III
Reach 10k points (game type 1)
768 (529) of 1057
(72.66%) players
Pass the Asteroid Belt
Reach 50k points (game type 1)
487 (375) of 1057
(46.07%) players
Master of Vesta
Reach 3k points without losing a life (game type 1)
997 (632) of 1057
(94.32%) players
Master of Pallas
Reach 6k points without losing a life (game type 1)
794 (545) of 1057
(75.12%) players
Master of Ceres
Reach 10k points without losing a life (game type 1)
733 (510) of 1057
(69.35%) players
Master of the Asteroid Belt
Reach 20k points without losing a life (game type 1)
606 (439) of 1057
(57.33%) players
Minor Pacifist
Survive for one minute without shooting!
446 (363) of 1057
(42.19%) players
Survive for three minutes without shooting!
383 (318) of 1057
(36.23%) players
Major Pacifist
Survive for five minutes without shooting!
369 (309) of 1057
(34.91%) players
Ninja Dodger
Survive for seven minutes without shooting!
361 (308) of 1057
(34.15%) players
Asteroid Looter
Gain your first Extra Life
898 (588) of 1057
(84.96%) players
Armageddon Pirate
Have 9 Lifes
460 (351) of 1057
(43.52%) players
Out of Fuel
Blast 20 asteroids without moving
925 (594) of 1057
(87.51%) players
Major Engine Failure
Blast 50 asteroids without moving
748 (525) of 1057
(70.77%) players
Score Reset
Obtain the maximum score then have it roll over back to zero
403 (321) of 1057
(38.13%) players
Double Twist Score Flip
Have over 4 lives, obtain the maximum score, then have it roll over back to zero
395 (316) of 1057
(37.37%) players
Recent Players:
mrjarvis08652022-09-27 00:36:44Destroying Asteroids on Level 1 [25090 Pts.] [๐Ÿš€6]
fourulse2022-09-16 00:22:38Destroying Asteroids on Level 1 [76640 Pts.] [๐Ÿš€7]
Sapo2022-08-30 00:23:14Destroying Asteroids on Level 1 [00000 Pts.] [๐Ÿš€4]
hurt1382022-07-31 01:12:35Destroying Asteroids on Level 2 [01600 Pts.] [๐Ÿš€4]
Sector7e2022-07-06 19:52:47Destroying Asteroids on Level 3 [14620 Pts.] [๐Ÿš€3]
s4turn32022-06-27 16:01:05Playing Asteroids
soretro692022-04-03 20:31:37Destroying Asteroids on Level 3 [01960 Pts.] [๐Ÿš€1]
Joseph108052022-03-08 15:50:59Destroying Asteroids on Level 1 [00230 Pts.] [๐Ÿš€4]
Frievous92021-12-31 17:31:30Playing Asteroids
AcatFAnatic2021-09-15 02:46:26Destroying Asteroids on Level 4 [00000 Pts.] [๐Ÿš€4]
Recent comment(s):
Vvardenfell 14 Jul 2021 13:06
how do you reset score? I press start but the achiev dont trigger
mCyBeR76 14 Jul 2021 13:31
Reset Score or Reset Progress?
televandalist 26 Jul 2021 02:59
It's not the best wording. Resetting your score means having the score roll over. After you get the maximum score, it goes back to 0, thus resetting it.
Olafur 29 Aug 2021 17:09
Mastered! Short, sweet and pretty easy.
berkough 8 Nov 2021 17:23
Challenging enough to be worth it, but easy enough to not be frustrating. Great set!
Nette 12 Nov 2021 07:37
That was fun, brought me back to middle school haha.
Retrokaiser 21 Nov 2021 07:51
Lifeinsteps 2 Jan 2022 17:38
I'm glad this game has a set at all, but it needs a touch up imo. There are a ton of modes in this game and game 1 is the easiest and most boring. Currently it's just really time consuming to play through the score flip on the easiest mode for 15 minutes and not varied or interesting enough.Would like to see some achievements for shooting UFOs, and score attacks for the other game modes, at least.
Jendrej 21 May 2022 14:51
The pacifist achievements were very easy with the right RNG. If all asteroids stay in one vertical strip, you can just move in one direction and you never have to cross with them.
xthedestroyer 4 Jun 2022 04:47
A childhood favorite! Didn't take me long to get my rhythm back and finish these achievements. Fun set. Thank you very much.
VectorPrime40 8 Jun 2022 13:53
Magicrafter13 22 Jul 2022 21:22
Do pacifist achievements require that you have not yet fired a shot since starting the game? I destroyed them until there was one left and waited for over 3 minutes without getting one.
S4g4tNL 23 Jul 2022 06:41
Yeah i think that;s pretty much the idea of the achievement, but have to be honest, it has been a while since i got it myself!
Squirtle 11 Aug 2022 12:36
@Magicrafter13 it needs to be no shots from the very start, there is no counter reset if you fire. You can use turbo mode to speed it up. It's a tedious achievement if you're just sitting there waiting for seven minutes doing nothing but tap A/D.

banthis89 14 Aug 2022 20:50
Pretty damn easy, took me like 43 minutes.
tygrys10s 26 Aug 2022 21:25
I can no-life in this game my favourite game on atari2600
theflyingape 7 Sep 2022 18:33
The pacifist achievements should monitor that your ship can NOT wraparound X OR Y -- ship must remain visible / whole at all times. Assuming X or Y could hit value "0" on a wraparound, should be trivial to add as a filter, no?
banthis89 10 Sep 2022 06:20
How about no.
Magicrafter13 27 Sep 2022 17:25
@theflyingape no thanks Satan, I prefer to not hate my life
theflyingape 27 Sep 2022 23:01


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