Digimon Rumble Arena (PlayStation)

Digimon Rumble Arena (PlayStation)
DeveloperBandai, Hudson Soft
GenreFighting, Platform Fighting
ReleasedFebruary 24, 2002
Title Screenhot
In-game Screenshot


There are 55 achievements worth 550 (1213) points.
Authors: SherryBirkin (55)

Courage Coat of ARMS
Beat the game with Agumon | (Default Setting) [Normal difficulty or above]
141 (103) of 704
(20.03%) players
Friendship Coat of ARMS
Beat the game with Gabumon | (Default Setting) [Normal difficulty or above]
133 (99) of 704
(18.89%) players
Hope Coat of ARMS
Beat the game with Patamon | (Default Setting) [Normal difficulty or above]
99 (81) of 704
(14.06%) players
Monmantai !
Beat the game with Terriermon | (Default Setting) [Normal difficulty or above]
110 (84) of 704
(15.62%) players
Digital Hazard
Beat the game with Guilmon | (Default Setting) [Normal difficulty or above]
107 (87) of 704
(15.20%) players
Beat the game with Renamon | (Default Setting) [Normal difficulty or above]
138 (107) of 704
(19.60%) players
Kindness Coat of Arms
Beat the game with Wormmon | (Default Setting) [Normal difficulty or above]
96 (80) of 704
(13.64%) players
Emperor's Apprentice
Beat the game with Veemon | (Default Setting) [Normal difficulty or above]
88 (72) of 704
(12.50%) players
Light Coat
Beat the game with Tailmon | (Default Setting) [Normal difficulty or above]
93 (77) of 704
(13.21%) players
Dark Smile
Beat the game with Impmon | (Default Setting) [Normal difficulty or above]
86 (71) of 704
(12.22%) players
Metallic Roar
Gabumon digivolved to MetalGarurumon [1-Player mode]
281 (186) of 704
(39.91%) players
Dragon Claws
Agumon digivolved to Wargreymon [1-Player mode]
378 (214) of 704
(53.69%) players
Angel of a Thousand Wings
Patamon digivolved to Seraphimon [1-Player mode]
181 (120) of 704
(25.71%) players
Android Rabbit
Terriermon digivolved to MegaGargomon [1-Player mode]
207 (138) of 704
(29.40%) players
Spear and Shield
Guilmon digivolved to Gallantmon [1-Player mode]
223 (144) of 704
(31.68%) players
Spirit of the Fox
Renamon digivolved to Sakuyamon [1-Player mode]
293 (170) of 704
(41.62%) players
Fly Man
Wormmon digivolved to Stingmon [1-Player mode]
162 (113) of 704
(23.01%) players
Reckless Emperor
Veemon digivolved to Imperial Dramon [1-Player mode]
209 (133) of 704
(29.69%) players
Angelic Beast
Tailmon digivolved to Magana Dramon [1-Player mode]
164 (122) of 704
(23.30%) players
Raven of Darkness
Impmon digivolved to Beelzemon [1-Player mode]
112 (80) of 704
(15.91%) players
Freezing Blows
Perform a 4-hit combo in the original form of Gabumon [1-Player mode]
221 (149) of 704
(31.39%) players
Flame Baby
Perform a 4-hit combo in the original form of Agumon [1-Player mode]
280 (165) of 704
(39.77%) players
Air Bubble
Perform a 4-hit combo in the original form of Patamon [1-Player mode]
161 (112) of 704
(22.87%) players
Long-Eared Cute
Perform a 4-hit combo in the original form of the Terriermon [1-Player mode]
144 (102) of 704
(20.45%) players
Walking Fire Spinner
Perform a 4-hit combo in the original form of Guilmon [1-Player mode]
99 (83) of 704
(14.06%) players
Rain of Thorns
Perform a 10-hit combo in the original form of Renamon [1-Player mode]
244 (152) of 704
(34.66%) players
Hidden Blade
Perform a 4-hit combo in the original form of Wormmon [1-Player mode]
100 (82) of 704
(14.20%) players
Head Followed by Turning
Perform a 4-hit combo in the original form of Veemon [1-Player mode]
137 (98) of 704
(19.46%) players
Scratching Prey
Perform a 4-hit combo in the original form of Tailmon [1-Player mode]
148 (112) of 704
(21.02%) players
Red Bat Gloves
Perform a 4-hit combo in the original form of Impmon [1-Player mode]
106 (80) of 704
(15.06%) players
Heavenly Battle
Select Magna Dramon and fight Seraphimon [Hard difficulty, vs-com Mode]
86 (73) of 704
(12.22%) players
Archival Rivals
Select Wargreymon and fight BlackWargreymon [Hard difficulty, vs-com Mode]
98 (81) of 704
(13.92%) players
Emperor vs Paladin
Select ImperialDramon and fight ImperialDramon Paladin Mode [Hard difficulty, vs-com Mode]
83 (70) of 704
(11.79%) players
A Battle Between Light and Darkness
Select Omnimon and fight Beelzemon [Hard difficulty, vs-com Mode]
84 (71) of 704
(11.93%) players
Insect Hunter
Select Sakuyamon and fight Stingmon [Hard difficulty, vs-com Mode]
84 (71) of 704
(11.93%) players
Animals Dressed in Armor
Select MetalGarurumon and fight MegaGargomon [Hard difficulty, vs-com Mode]
85 (72) of 704
(12.07%) players
Evil Rematch
Select Reapermon and fight any Digimon [Hard difficulty, vs-com Mode]
106 (89) of 704
(15.06%) players
Giant Purple Energy
Select BlackWargreymon and fight any Digimon [Hard difficulty, vs-com Mode]
97 (78) of 704
(13.78%) players
Imperial Divine Sword
Select ImperialDramon Paladin Mode and fight any Digimon [Hard difficulty, vs-com Mode]
83 (69) of 704
(11.79%) players
Double Agumon
Select Agumon and win against Agumon [Hard difficulty, vs-com Mode]
106 (92) of 704
(15.06%) players
Double Veemon
Select Veemon and win against Veemon [Hard difficulty, vs-com Mode]
100 (87) of 704
(14.20%) players
Double Guilmon
Select Guilmon and win against Guilmon [Hard difficulty, vs-com Mode]
102 (87) of 704
(14.49%) players
Teaching How to Play
Win the Basketball bonus [1-P Bonus mode, Hard difficulty]
90 (77) of 704
(12.78%) players
Punching Bag
Win the Boxing bonus [1-P Bonus mode, Hard difficulty]
78 (67) of 704
(11.08%) players
Diamonds and Stars
Win the Crystal collection bonus [1-P Bonus mode, Hard difficulty]
89 (76) of 704
(12.64%) players
The True Strength of a Digi-Chosen
Finish the game with Mat's original outfit [Hard difficulty]
82 (71) of 704
(11.65%) players
Digimon World Hero
Finish the game with Taii's original outfit [Hard difficulty]
88 (75) of 704
(12.50%) players
Child of Hope
Finish the game with T'K original outfit [Hard difficulty]
80 (68) of 704
(11.36%) players
Girl Who Dreams of Salvation
Finish the game with Kari original outfit [Hard difficulty]
78 (68) of 704
(11.08%) players
You Tried, but Still Have to Improve
Finish the game [Easy difficulty]
327 (179) of 704
(46.45%) players
Record of a Novice Digi-Chosen
Get 100,000 Points [1P-Mode, Any difficulty]
482 (274) of 704
(68.47%) players
Standard Record of a Digi-Chosen
Get 200,000 Points [1P-Mode, Any difficulty]
404 (223) of 704
(57.39%) players
You Beat the Record for a Digi-Chosen
Get 300,000 Points [1P-Mode, Any difficulty]
183 (114) of 704
(25.99%) players
I Don't Need a Digivice
Finish the game without Digi-Evolve | (Default Setting) [Normal difficulty or above]
126 (95) of 704
(17.90%) players
You Are a Digi-Chosen One
Finish the game without losing any round [Hard difficulty]
102 (80) of 704
(14.49%) players
Recent Players:
LiquidDivide2022-09-26 05:55:00Playing 1P-Mode on Easy with a Gabumon!
KalKeg2022-09-26 03:25:10Playing Digimon Rumble Arena
jalanimal2022-09-25 11:08:50Playing 1P-Mode on Easy with a Renamon!
StartnaNostalgia2022-09-25 01:39:38Playing on Medium with a Agumon!
KikiCrosser482022-09-24 09:35:22Playing 1P-Mode on Hard with a Patamon!
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Recent comment(s):
Hitzugy 13 Apr 2020 05:18
Okay for all new commoners, hold "select" button to choose same digimon vs.com
affftedio 16 Apr 2020 22:15
It was nice to remember my childhood. Also, Renamon is broken =3
Grungust 13 Oct 2020 06:57
Do you need to unlock the alt outfits? Holding R1 doesn't work for me.
SherryBirkin 14 Oct 2020 20:01
You need to finish the game on Hard difficulty with the alternative clothes, just like in the description
Dehumanizer 20 Oct 2020 15:45
have any reason for not having an achievement of beating the 1P game with the emperor Ken's alternative clothes?
SherryBirkin 20 Oct 2020 21:12
I put only the protagonists of the first digimon
BerkRider 12 Dec 2020 19:45
I admit it was annoying having to change the difficult all the time to get the achievements, most of them should be able to unlock by playing on hard if they require to play on normal, like the "beat the game with each character" achievements
SherryBirkin 28 Dec 2020 02:25
I edited this
luisguedes 1 Apr 2021 23:24
good night, when i try to play this warning appears: firmware is missing.I'm using RALibretro-x64 and it happens in any of the 3 Core that is there = /
AzuchiAkeshi 21 Sep 2021 16:58
AtaqueZero 5 Oct 2021 19:30
Thanks for this set! One of my favorite fighting games based on one of my favorite animes! A highlight for the arts of achievements that are very beautiful.
darkXhadow 15 Dec 2021 10:47
How do you use the alternate outfits?
AtaqueZero 15 Dec 2021 11:18
Hold R1 and select a digimon. It works with Tai, Matt, Kari, T.K. and Ken.
Mafioso07howard 22 Jan 2022 23:53
Nossa jogo meio merda, coisa ruim de fazer os combos, jogo travado, e jogar os bonus no dificil ta doido
slashfour21 11 Feb 2022 23:18
Mastered!!! Good set SherryBirkin.
UniverseOfGamer 19 Apr 2022 12:45
Nostalgier 12 May 2022 18:24
damn...i cant beat Reapermon on easy... :D is there something i can do? some trick or something
affftedio 3 Jun 2022 00:00
You can try to keep some distance since he doesn't have ranged attacks
Cwene 10 Jun 2022 22:50
Punching Bag , ok Impossible.
Arvenyte 25 Aug 2022 16:45
Back when I mastered this I literally broke my PS3 controller doing punching bag. Easily the most frustrating achievement in the set.



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