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Alundra (PlayStation)

Alundra (PlayStation)
DeveloperMatrix Software
PublisherWorking Designs
ReleasedApril 11, 1997
Title Screenhot
In-game Screenshot


Authors: Infernox (76)
There are 76 achievements worth 713 (2121) points.
Recover the Book of Elna from Tarn's Manor.
359 (228) of 405
(88.64%) players
Rid Wendell's Dream of its unwanted guests.
319 (196) of 405
(78.77%) players
Clear the Coal Mine of Murgg.
199 (131) of 405
(49.14%) players
Defeat the Ancient Guardian and procure your first Crest in Lars' Crypt.
151 (99) of 405
(37.28%) players
Chase out the temptress haunting Bonaire's Dream.
138 (89) of 405
(34.07%) players
Pass the Test of Strength at the Ancient Shrine and claim your rewards.
111 (74) of 405
(27.41%) players
Prove yourself worthy of Vul's gift in the Coastal Cave.
99 (72) of 405
(24.44%) players
Deal with the aftereffects of Kline's Nightmare.
96 (72) of 405
(23.70%) players
Seize your second Crest from the depths of the Reptile Lair.
90 (67) of 405
(22.22%) players
Defeat the vile beast inhabiting Giles' Dream.
84 (63) of 405
(20.74%) players
Return to the land of the living after meeting with Magyscar's Guardian.
73 (57) of 405
(18.02%) players
Finish your investigation of the Sanctuary with Septimus.
72 (57) of 405
(17.78%) players
Reveal the mysterious visitor's motives in Meia's Dream.
74 (58) of 405
(18.27%) players
Destroy the machine impeding your progress and escape the Underground Waterway.
67 (56) of 405
(16.54%) players
Earn the respect of Nirude's remaining subjects, nabbing a new Crest in the process.
65 (55) of 405
(16.05%) players
Solve a serious case of identity crisis in Elene's Dream.
64 (52) of 405
(15.80%) players
Obtain the Fire Wand and gain dominion over the power of flame itself.
71 (56) of 405
(17.53%) players
Wipe out Zazan's drugged-out forces in Murgg Woods.
65 (52) of 405
(16.05%) players
Recover the missing Crests from the Tower of the Great Tree.
63 (51) of 405
(15.56%) players
Obtain the Ice Wand and prove once and for all that you're a pretty cool guy.
68 (54) of 405
(16.79%) players
Emerge victorious against the Guardian of Torla Mountain and claim the penultimate Crest.
58 (49) of 405
(14.32%) players
Take out the terrors haunting the twins' shared subconscious in Nestus' Dream.
57 (48) of 405
(14.07%) players
Obtain the Holy Sword, the culmination of the villagers' trust in your ability to see things through.
57 (48) of 405
(14.07%) players
Defeat Zorgia and escape Nava's Keep with the final Crest in hand.
56 (47) of 405
(13.83%) players
Confront Melzas at the entrance of the Lake Shrine Interior.
55 (46) of 405
(13.58%) players
Defeat Melzas and free the denizens of Torla from their recurring nightmares.
49 (40) of 405
(12.10%) players
Accept a gift from the inhabitants of the Fairy Pond.
64 (54) of 405
(15.80%) players
Learn the five signs that bind the world from Berue.
90 (66) of 405
(22.22%) players
Activate all the warp gates.
57 (48) of 405
(14.07%) players
Activate the warp pad at the bottom of Inoa's well.
55 (46) of 405
(13.58%) players
Appropriate someone's Secret Pass.
70 (56) of 405
(17.28%) players
Clean out the Slime Busters room of every last prize.
43 (36) of 405
(10.62%) players
Obtain a total score of 175 or more in one game of Slime Busters.
30 (27) of 405
(7.41%) players
Clean out the Monster Shooting room of every last prize.
43 (36) of 405
(10.62%) players
Obtain a total score of 90 or more in one game of Monster Shooting.
26 (24) of 405
(6.42%) players
Clean out the Gilder Roulette room of every last prize.
40 (32) of 405
(9.88%) players
Find all the Life Vessels scattered about Torla.
35 (32) of 405
(8.64%) players
Find all the Magic Seeds scattered about Torla.
51 (42) of 405
(12.59%) players
Exchange 20 Gilded Falcons for Olga's Ring.
65 (53) of 405
(16.05%) players
Exchange 30 Gilded Falcons for the Silver Armlet.
61 (51) of 405
(15.06%) players
Exchange 40 Gilded Falcons for the Recovery Ring.
53 (44) of 405
(13.09%) players
Exchange all 50 Gilded Falcons for the Spirit Wand.
35 (30) of 405
(8.64%) players
Collect all four elemental scrolls.
73 (57) of 405
(18.02%) players
Collect all four elemental spellbooks.
55 (47) of 405
(13.58%) players
Purchase the Leather Armor.
127 (81) of 405
(31.36%) players
Have the Ancient Armor restored for free.
56 (47) of 405
(13.83%) players
Receive the Silver Armor.
54 (47) of 405
(13.33%) players
Obtain Nava's Charm.
66 (52) of 405
(16.30%) players
Obtain King Snow's legendary sword. [WARNING: All other achievements are now locked, do not save your game!]
37 (33) of 405
(9.14%) players
Defeat the Ancient Guardian in under 1m30s without using consumable items.
49 (46) of 405
(12.10%) players
Embarass yourself in front of some old acquaintances.
59 (48) of 405
(14.57%) players
Witness the effects of Nadia's mysterious condition.
161 (103) of 405
(39.75%) players
Execute 4 dash-turns in a single, uninterrupted sprint.
102 (90) of 405
(25.19%) players
Dash through both bridge puzzles in Wendell's Dream in a single, uninterrupted sprint.
68 (62) of 405
(16.79%) players
Defeat the Gelatinoid without taking damage while attacking each segment in order of largest to smallest.
39 (35) of 405
(9.63%) players
Acquire the Gilded Falcon from Olen's Nightmare before you're forced out.
139 (104) of 405
(34.32%) players
Loot every chest within the thickly settled region. [Inoa Village, Central Torla, Coal Mine, Lars' Crypt, Sanctuary]
39 (34) of 405
(9.63%) players
Loot every chest within the dreams of Giles and Meia.
48 (43) of 405
(11.85%) players
Loot every chest within the dreams of Elene and Nestus.
42 (37) of 405
(10.37%) players
Loot every chest within the rough terrain in the southeast. [Cliffs of Madness, Despair Desert, Ancient Shrine]
40 (34) of 405
(9.88%) players
Loot every chest within the western forested region and coastline. [Southwestern Torla, Coastal Cave, Fairy Pond, Nava's Keep]
22 (20) of 405
(5.43%) players
Loot every chest within the enemy's territory. [The Lake, Murgg Woods, Tower of the Great Tree, Lake Shrine]
25 (24) of 405
(6.17%) players
Loot every chest within the eastern forested region. [Eastern Torla, Tarn's Manor, Reptile Lair, Underground Waterway]
38 (34) of 405
(9.38%) players
Loot every chest within the northern cliffs. [Northwestern Torla, Magyscar, Nirude's Lair, Torla Mountain]
34 (31) of 405
(8.40%) players
Loot every chest within the dreams of Wendell, Bonaire, and Kline.
64 (54) of 405
(15.80%) players
Accrue a total of 1000 or more gilder.
114 (74) of 405
(28.15%) players
Defeat Sara with a single attack.
52 (49) of 405
(12.84%) players
Defeat Watcher in the Water without taking damage or using consumables.
44 (43) of 405
(10.86%) players
Defeat Reptilicus Maximus without taking damage or using spells.
39 (38) of 405
(9.63%) players
248 (25) (116)
Defeat Melzas's final form without using spells or consumable items.
24 (23) of 405
(5.93%) players
Defeat Melzas's first form without using spells or missing an opportunity to attack.
27 (26) of 405
(6.67%) players
Defeat the Corpse Worm in under 1m10s without using consumable items.
34 (33) of 405
(8.40%) players
Defeat Zazan without taking damage or using spells.
31 (30) of 405
(7.65%) players
Defeat the Terror Twins in three attacks or less.
33 (32) of 405
(8.15%) players
Defeat Ronan without taking damage or using consumable items.
35 (34) of 405
(8.64%) players
Defeat Zorgia without using consumable items.
36 (33) of 405
(8.89%) players
Recent Players:
Hairymuffin2023-03-21 23:56:55Playing Alundra
Xymjak2023-03-21 21:03:11Playing Alundra
Howard85462023-03-21 19:25:06Playing Alundra
tromzy2023-03-21 15:21:02Playing Alundra
HonorDeath2023-03-21 14:37:38Playing Alundra
JukePlz2023-03-21 06:18:43Playing Alundra
XymjakThe2nd2023-03-20 15:28:06Inspecting Memory
gwenwid2023-03-20 01:58:27Playing Alundra
plasmazelda2023-03-17 20:43:29Playing Alundra
mettool2023-03-15 01:22:59Playing Alundra
Recent comments: (All 110)
Chronophage 11 Apr 2022 12:49
With Duckstation I couldn't unlock some chest loot achievements despite meticulous tracking. Re-did those with Swanstation. Everything can be done the first time through if you keep track of the missables but I don't recommend it. Some of the boss challanges and the casino rng severely tainted my impression of this game and I wish I had played it without first. Thank you for the set!
Superbegito 4 May 2022 21:13
No boss unlock with duckstation i use it only and never had issue with
LancerD1984 4 May 2022 23:22
yeah, Duckstation tends to do that for some games, all achievements seem to work but the boss-related ones
Kamikoopa 11 May 2022 03:13
Why is nothing marked as (M)?
DangerousCheese 11 May 2022 15:21
Laziness, but honestly, I can't blame them because I have seen a few comments saying that is annoying is hell to put a (M) on every achievement or maybe people don't know how to do them properly, but honestly, I may be wrong on that though but still why have so many achievements that are miscible is honestly your fault when you think about it.
Kamikoopa 11 May 2022 21:44
If you’ve never played the game like me, I’d like to know what’s missable.
DangerousCheese 12 May 2022 12:50
The most I would give a warning is the chests in every place some or missable and a few gilded falcon so a guide would help a lot oh and if you have retroarch go to the achievements tab is in the settings menu and enable challenge indicators that helps a lot seriously and lastly some achievements will drain your soul so if you want to play a set that is easy or fun don't play this set mostly the no damage bosses tho the game is fun is hell so your choice honestly.
ViviREbirth 29 May 2022 19:04
Just a quick question. How do I loot every chest if my inventory is full of a certain item? Lots of chests contain herbs and my inventory is full. Some areas I cannot take damage so that I can use said items. I cannot find any info online to suggest I can discard items either. Is it enough to try to look a chest? Thanks in advance
LancerD1984 29 May 2022 22:44
just take damage and use the item
ViviREbirth 30 May 2022 13:06
I just got bombs so can damage myself. I should have played a bit longer before commenting. Sorry about that
SynbiosRex 1 Aug 2022 17:10
What a set to master! *sigh of relief*. I was able to snag the last spot, didn't think it was possible though, haha. This set is definitely challenging and difficult. Keep at it and you'll definitely get there. Some challenges took me a day to complete. Feel free to ping me a message if you're struggling with something, I'll do what I can to help. :)
NewWizKid 1 Oct 2022 02:10
I never saw this game before. It looks great!
TrueUltimagod 18 Oct 2022 10:41

If you're a Zelda fan, give it a shot. This was a great alternative for Playstation owners at the time and a very highly regarded game.
Scott 18 Oct 2022 12:56
it's amazing, proper nostalgia rush. IMHO it's a shame they picked a really washed-out palette for the sprites, but it's still a beautiful game
nahuelescobar 19 Oct 2022 21:47
Mastered!! one of my top 3 favorite games of all time.
I had to finish the game 2 times because I forgot a missable chest, the second time I finished it as fast as I could, it was fun.
The 2 casino achievements of beating a certain score was quite challenging but once I got it I felt really good.
It's a shame some bosses don't have challenge achievements like the black dragon.
Definetely a very good set, I had a great time thanks for creating and giving me an excuse to play this game again :)
PS: If ever more achievements are created in this set or an extra set is created I have no doubt that I will play it as soon as I see it.
EnkiProxy 14 Jan 2023 18:45
There's a hidden chest behind Kohei's house at the Coal Mines that I believe isn't counted towards any achievements. It has a Strength Tonic.
nahuelescobar 14 Jan 2023 18:51
Ok i'm going to put this in case someone want to grab every chest [included the 3 chest thatv are not counted (one is behind Kohei's house that EnkiProxy says)
1:11:33 (near Merrick's hut), 2:12:23 (Magyscar hidden)
Credits to Spiriax for the video
EnkiProxy 14 Jan 2023 20:26
Thanks for that video, I'll watch and double check for the two chests I'm missing.
drPOC 19 Jan 2023 13:53
Mastered! Fun set and fun game, thank you!
javispikes 11 Feb 2023 13:02
I am asking for the pal versions to be added but they ignore me, the Spanish one is: 0f31b77d56750c08e55b8436413397d2

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