Spider-Man (PlayStation)

Spider-Man (PlayStation)
ReleasedSeptember 1, 2000
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There are 60 achievements worth 700 (2307) points.
Authors: wilhitewarrior (60)

Safe and Sound
Rescue the hostages and safely dispose of the bomb
1029 (486) of 1095
(93.97%) players
Stealthy Spider
Resolve the hostage situation and stop the bomb without taking damage
201 (131) of 1095
(18.36%) players
Nobody Would Know... Nobody
Defeat 14 enemies while 'racing' to the Bugle
129 (102) of 1095
(11.78%) players
You Serious??
Defeat Scorpion and rescue Jameson! Because... Reasons
805 (398) of 1095
(73.52%) players
Get Over Here!
Defeat Scorpion without Spidey or Jameson taking damage and without letting Scorpion find Jameson
171 (129) of 1095
(15.62%) players
Reach the top of the building on the Missile Attack level without stopping or taking damage
166 (128) of 1095
(15.16%) players
Follow the Cold Shiver Running Down Your Spine
Locate the Green Goblin's lair
261 (170) of 1095
(23.84%) players
I'm Not the Bad Guy!
Complete all five levels of the police chase without attacking any cops
284 (193) of 1095
(25.94%) players
Toro, Toro!
Defeat Rhino
596 (301) of 1095
(54.43%) players
Destroy all four transformers and defeat Rhino without taking damage
210 (149) of 1095
(19.18%) players
A Venomous Relationship
Defeat Venom for the first time
507 (262) of 1095
(46.30%) players
Personal Space
Defeat Venom for the first time without throwing a single punch or kick or being grabbed by Venom
147 (120) of 1095
(13.42%) players
I'm Trained for This
Knock 25 lizardmen off the subway car
448 (227) of 1095
(40.91%) players
It's Not Easy Being Green
Find the Lizard in the maze
258 (159) of 1095
(23.56%) players
The A-Maze-Ing Spider-Man
Reach the end of the Lizard's maze in less than 50 seconds
100 (86) of 1095
(9.13%) players
Suck Out the Venom
Defeat Venom again and rescue your wife... again
350 (196) of 1095
(31.96%) players
Went Up the Water Spout
Defeat Venom without taking damage or allowing the water flow to be turned back on
80 (68) of 1095
(7.31%) players
What's My Name?!
Locate the spidey armor in the elevator shaft
239 (138) of 1095
(21.83%) players
I'm On Fire Today!
Find three magnesium cartridges in the Bugle's Basement
81 (69) of 1095
(7.40%) players
People Need to Believe
Defeat Mysterio and find out what this has all been about
294 (178) of 1095
(26.85%) players
Show's Over, Beck!
Defeat Mysterio while missing no more than three shots with your impact webs
101 (81) of 1095
(9.22%) players
This Place Blows
Collect the hidden Spidey armor in the waterfront warehouse ventilation shaft
121 (91) of 1095
(11.05%) players
I'm Not a Water Spider
Cross the Underwater Trench without taking damage (Normal or higher difficulty)
73 (58) of 1095
(6.67%) players
A Gift, Not a Privilege
Defeat Doc Ock
277 (170) of 1095
(25.30%) players
No Idea What You're In For
Defeat Doc Ock without taking damage before his shield can regenerate for a second time
74 (66) of 1095
(6.76%) players
Maximum Carnage
Defeat Carnage
277 (170) of 1095
(25.30%) players
Minimum Carnage
Defeat Carnage without letting him get off a single attack
84 (75) of 1095
(7.67%) players
Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man!
Escape from Monster Ock and save the world! ... Again
273 (166) of 1095
(24.93%) players
What if one of the Fantasic Four was around?
114 (85) of 1095
(10.41%) players
Now Dig On This!
What if Peter Parker could bust a move?
79 (65) of 1095
(7.21%) players
I'll Make Him INfamous!
What if Spider-Man didn't save Jameson?
83 (71) of 1095
(7.58%) players
No Ticket!
What if Spider-Man hitched a ride on a blimp?
89 (73) of 1095
(8.13%) players
You're Lucky I'm Not Armed
What if Spider-Man annoyed the Lizard?
73 (62) of 1095
(6.67%) players
One Less Day
What if Spider-Man activated all four switches and drowned his wife?
82 (69) of 1095
(7.49%) players
The Two
What if Spider-Man found his impostor?
78 (66) of 1095
(7.12%) players
Don't Look, Peter! Keep Your Eyes Shut!
What if Spider-Man raided the lost ark?
71 (60) of 1095
(6.48%) players
Full Speed Ahead Mr. Parker, Full Speed Ahead
What if Spider-Man won a race against a yellow submarine? (Normal or higher difficulty)
67 (59) of 1095
(6.12%) players
Dirty Dancing
What if Black Cat got footloose?
80 (66) of 1095
(7.31%) players
What if Doc Ock was only 6 inches tall?
79 (66) of 1095
(7.21%) players
We Told You So!
What If Venom's prime suspect was guilty?
78 (65) of 1095
(7.12%) players
Small, Green and Gruesome
Take out 15 Lizardmen in Time Attack Training
91 (80) of 1095
(8.31%) players
Three Minutes of Playtime
Survive for 3:00 against the symbiotes in suvival training
65 (58) of 1095
(5.94%) players
Go Web!
Complete Speed Training 1 in less than 0:40
107 (91) of 1095
(9.77%) players
Complete Speed Training 2 in less than 1:30
80 (71) of 1095
(7.31%) players
Up, Up and Away, Web!
Complete Speed Training 3 in less than 0:45
79 (70) of 1095
(7.21%) players
Score 18 points in Target Practice
85 (74) of 1095
(7.76%) players
Thrill of the Hunt
Complete Item Hunt training in less than 1:10
91 (76) of 1095
(8.31%) players
Exzipit A
Earn 10,000 points in Zip-Line training
53 (37) of 1095
(4.84%) players
It's Rude to Point!
Rescue all the hostages in the Daily Bugle and defeat Mysterio as Spider-Man 2099
72 (63) of 1095
(6.58%) players
Back in Black
Make your way through the sewers, defeat Venom and rescue Mary Jane as Symbiote Spider-Man
94 (76) of 1095
(8.58%) players
Universe Man, Universe Man
Defeat the three final bosses as Captain Universe
88 (72) of 1095
(8.04%) players
Unlimited Power!
Rescue the hostages in the bank and defuse the bomb as Spidey Unlimited
87 (68) of 1095
(7.95%) players
I Think I'm a Clone Now
Defeat Rhino as Scarlet Spidey
122 (97) of 1095
(11.14%) players
Infiltrate the Waterfront Warehouse and rescue Black Cat as the Amazing Bag Man!
69 (60) of 1095
(6.30%) players
That's Just Like You
Catch Venom and kick the crap out of him as Ben Reilly
89 (79) of 1095
(8.13%) players
Some Things Never Change
Escape the Cops as Quick-Change Spidey
58 (50) of 1095
(5.30%) players
Any Questions?
Race to the Bugle and rescue Jameson as Peter Parker
101 (81) of 1095
(9.22%) players
The Golden Age
Collect all comics
91 (76) of 1095
(8.31%) players
Unlock All Costumes
45 (41) of 1095
(4.11%) players
With Great Power...
Complete the game on Hard difficulty
103 (80) of 1095
(9.41%) players
Recent Players:
insanerazor242022-09-30 14:49:59🕷️Spider-Man 🏙️Get to the Bank! ⚖️Normal ❤️0/0 🕸️0/10
reki20012022-09-30 07:13:56🕷️Spider-Man 🏙️ ⚖️Kid Mode ❤️0/16 🕸️0/10
OldSchoolGamer252022-09-29 23:30:03🕷️Spider-Man 🏙️Target Practice ⚖️Normal ❤️100/100 🕸️0/10
NullKit2022-09-29 17:52:07🕷️Spider-Man 🏙️Get to the Bank! ⚖️Easy ❤️200/200 🕸️10/10
Hitchet2022-09-29 02:30:32🕷️Spider-Man 🏙️Get to the Bank! ⚖️Normal ❤️0/16 🕸️0/10
SamueelDaavid2022-09-28 23:55:03🕷️Spider-Man 🏙️Symbiotes Infest Bugle ⚖️Hard ❤️0/80 🕸️1/10
konohali2022-09-28 13:11:50🕷️Spider-Man 🏙️Race to the Bugle ⚖️Hard ❤️80/80 🕸️3/10
DragonLove42422022-09-28 01:38:12🕷️Symbiote Spider-Man 🏙️Catch Venom ⚖️Normal ❤️0/16 🕸️0/10
NickSilva2022-09-28 00:35:57🕷️Spider-Man 🏙️Stop the Bomb! ⚖️Normal ❤️90/100 🕸️9/10
Apram2022-09-27 16:25:24🕷️Spider-Man 🏙️Speed Training 3 ⚖️Normal ❤️100/100 🕸️2/10
Recent comment(s):
Harkaz 7 Mar 2021 13:46
Great set wilhitewarrior thank you.
wilhitewarrior 7 Mar 2021 20:03
Thank you! Congrats! :)
bubufubu 7 May 2021 23:12
Does anyone know exactly how to make "What If Mode" work? I am entering the right code (GBHSRSPM). I get the message that it's activated but I can't actually enter this mode. How the hell do you make it work?
wilhitewarrior 7 May 2021 23:25
The only difference on the first level is that one building says "NEVERSOFT" on it in big letters. It'd be easy to not know that it didn't the first time. You'll definitely know if its working when you get to the second level though
bubufubu 7 May 2021 23:31
That was the problem. I had no idea that it didn't start until after the first level. All the guides and videos I watched, they don't mention anything about it starting on the second stage. I'm playing it now. Thank you.
wilhitewarrior 7 May 2021 23:40
No problem
wilhitewarrior 12 Jul 2021 05:26
Added trigger flags to most challenge cheevos. When challenges are active it should show it on-screen. On retroarch this requires version 1.9.6 or higher
AGX29 10 Aug 2021 02:53
Just to let you know, the trigger flag of the wall crawler cheevo is broken, it appears at almost all levels after you didn't get the cheevo
RDPateau 8 Nov 2021 00:19
there is something weird happening, i have all cheevos, two of them on softcore, but the badge is not showing on my page... what gives?
wilhitewarrior 8 Nov 2021 00:22
That's a bit of a site bug. If you have earned any achievements on softcore, it won't grant the softcore badge if you earn the last one in hardcore. If you reset any achievement and re-earn it in softcore, it should grant the softcore badge
RDPateau 8 Nov 2021 00:31
thats weird but ok, i'm gonna do it
RDPateau 8 Nov 2021 10:37
mastered and i'd like to say that this set is a lot of fun and quite challenging at times, the boss challenges are kinda hard and fun. however the zip line minigame is beyond aweful, but thats not the fault of the set.
AtaqueZero 22 Nov 2021 02:50
What an amazing set! I played this game a lot back in the PS1 era, but I didn't have access to the game's secrets. It was the first time I played "What if mode" and it was an amazing experience and very funny. Some achievements are really challenging, especially the 10,000 point Zip-Line training. Thank you so much for this set that gave me a lot of fun!
wilhitewarrior 22 Nov 2021 03:33
:) Thank you very much! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it <3
ManoJP 26 Dec 2021 21:17
My first mastered! Despite some of them being really challenging I had lots of fun, thank you!
wilhitewarrior 26 Dec 2021 21:24
Congrats! :D This one is a pain to master, especially cuz of that zip-line cheevo, anyone who does it should be proud XD
NiteShift 7 Aug 2022 23:45
Thanks for this. Great to play the game again.
ChaosXeloc 19 Aug 2022 09:35
Mastered. Screw the Zipline achievement and the Venom boss fight. I liked the creativity of the costume achievements, though it's a shame that so many of the other ones are invalid with the powered up suits. It makes sense, but it would have been fun to mess around and have an easier time. Also, "What If?" mode was new experience for me! Thanks for the set.
thebolak 22 Aug 2022 23:20
Yeah, It was so much fun revisiting this game and I didn't know 50% of the game !! (I was 7 back in time). What if mode was a fun experience
slashfour21 4 Sep 2022 19:26
Well I want to thank wilhitewarrior for the set of a game that was part of my childhood, now finished.



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Defeat as many henchman as possible in 60 seconds!
Defeat as many thugs as possible in 60 seconds!
Defeat as many lizardmen as possible in 60 seconds!
Defeat as many symbiotes as possible in 60 seconds!
Defeat as many henchman as possible in 120 seconds!
Defeat as many thugs as possible in 120 seconds!
Defeat as many lizardmen as possible in 120 seconds!
Defeat as many symbiotes as possible in 120 seconds!
Survive as long as possible against the henchmen in the combat room!
Survive as long as possible against the thugs in the combat room!
Survive as long as possible against the lizardmen in the combat room!
Survive as long as possible against the symbiotes in the combat room!
Survive as long as possible against the henchmen on the building top!
Survive as long as possible against the thugs on the building top!
Survive as long as possible against the lizardmen on the building top!
Survive as long as possible against the symbiotes on the building top!
Reach the Neversoft New York office as quickly as possible!
Reach the Daily Bugle as quickly as possible!
Reach the condemned building as quickly as possible!
Score 18 points in target practice as quickly as possible!
Collect all the orbs in Item Hunt as quickly as possible!
Collect as many orbs as possible in 30 seconds!
Collect as many orbs as possible in 90 seconds!