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Mega Man Legends (PlayStation)

First released:Sep 10, 1998
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 56 achievements worth 435 (3693) points.
Authors: Infernox (56).

Left to Rust and Rot
won by 516 (240) of 584 (88.36%)
Fend off the one-armed guardian of the Ocean Tower.
Bonne Begone
won by 224 (118) of 584 (38.36%)
Put a stop to the attacks on Kattelox's residential districts.
won by 192 (107) of 584 (32.88%)
Convince Teisel that digging is best left to a Digger.
won by 183 (101) of 584 (31.34%)
Relieve the Cardon Forest Sub-Gate of its most valuable prize.
Kero Blasted
won by 168 (95) of 584 (28.77%)
Let the Bonne family know why air pirates should stick to the air.
Nobody to Blame
won by 160 (92) of 584 (27.40%)
Face off against the warden of the Lake Jyun Sub-Gate.
Getting Clozer to the Truth
won by 148 (88) of 584 (25.34%)
Access the control system in the Clozer Woods Sub-Gate.
Air Superiority
won by 146 (88) of 584 (25.00%)
Take down the Bonnes on their home turf.
One Last Gambit
won by 132 (78) of 584 (22.60%)
Reduce the Bonne family's final battle mecha to scrap metal.
Meet the New Neighbors
won by 125 (75) of 584 (21.40%)
Obtain all three Sub-City keys.
Beatdown in G Minor
won by 127 (77) of 584 (21.75%)
Decommission the island's presiding Bureaucratic Unit.
Halcyon Days
won by 124 (77) of 584 (21.23%)
Beat the game on any difficulty.
Legendary Digger
won by 16 (16) of 584 (2.74%)
Beat the game on HARD difficulty.
Mad Dash to Victory
won by 22 (19) of 584 (3.77%)
Beat the game on NORMAL+ difficulty with a clear time under 3 hours.
The Blue Bomb Squad [m]
won by 107 (66) of 584 (18.32%)
Complete the Inspector's first request without either bomb detonating.
Leave No Stone
won by 97 (62) of 584 (16.61%)
Complete the Inspector's second request.
Criminal Profiling [m]
won by 75 (53) of 584 (12.84%)
Aid the Inspector for a third time and see the trunk returned to its rightful owners.
No Girls Allowed
won by 84 (54) of 584 (14.38%)
Assist Jim and his gang in decking out their new base of operations.
It Belongs in a Museum
won by 85 (54) of 584 (14.55%)
Donate your findings to the local museum and mingle with its new patrons.
Angel of Mercy
won by 102 (66) of 584 (17.47%)
Give the island's sole hospital a much needed upgrade.
Sleepless Nights
won by 89 (56) of 584 (15.24%)
Help the parents-to-be in their time of need.
Hey, Ya Didn't Miss, Pal
won by 123 (75) of 584 (21.06%)
Earn the top prize from both KTOX TV shooting galleries.
The Quick and The Blue
won by 91 (60) of 584 (15.58%)
Earn the top prize from every KTOX TV race course.
And His Name Was AAA
won by 17 (16) of 584 (2.91%)
Set a new first place high score on all KTOX TV minigames. Ties don't count!
Wanna Know Why They Call Me Rock?
won by 137 (85) of 584 (23.46%)
Learn an important lesson about closed doors.
I'm on a Roll, With All the Girls I Know
won by 88 (57) of 584 (15.07%)
Gift Roll some of your nicest finds.
Novice Looter
won by 127 (84) of 584 (21.75%)
Plunder the Cardon Forest Sub-Gate of all its treasure.
Intermediate Looter
won by 137 (88) of 584 (23.46%)
Plunder the Lake Jyun Sub-Gate of all its treasure.
Seasoned Looter
won by 111 (76) of 584 (19.01%)
Plunder the Clozer Woods Sub-Gate of all its treasure.
Expert Looter
won by 109 (72) of 584 (18.66%)
Plunder the Main Gate of all its treasure.
Master Looter [m]
won by 44 (35) of 584 (7.53%)
Obtain every last piece of loot in the game!
Overwhelming Vitality
won by 55 (36) of 584 (9.42%)
Cap out your life gauge and purchase at least 25 units for your Energy Canteen.
No Capsules Needed
won by 99 (56) of 584 (16.95%)
Outfit your armor with a host of new capabilities.
Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good [m]
won by 49 (37) of 584 (8.39%)
Collect every part for your Buster Gun.
Get Equipped
won by 77 (49) of 584 (13.18%)
Have Roll expand your arsenal to its fullest extent.
Light Up the Night
won by 41 (27) of 584 (7.02%)
Enhance the Shining Laser to its maximum potential.
Seek a Way Out! [m]
won by 303 (164) of 584 (51.88%)
Escape from a not-so-deadly trap.
won by 181 (111) of 584 (30.99%)
Kick a can into the Jetlag Bakery.
Say My Name [m]
won by 134 (86) of 584 (22.95%)
Assume an alias.
Caffeine Addict [m]
won by 36 (33) of 584 (6.16%)
Replenish some HP through an act of vandalism during a boss fight.
You're a Monster [m]
won by 26 (23) of 584 (4.45%)
Spurn a companion who was just trying to help.
In the Arms of the Angel...
won by 104 (71) of 584 (17.81%)
Adopt a furry friend.
Paint It Black
won by 90 (46) of 584 (15.41%)
Reach negative karma status as a result of your various misdeeds.
Violators Will Be Towed [m]
won by 308 (159) of 584 (52.74%)
Find the Servbots with a knack for poor parking.
Zero Waste [m]
won by 67 (44) of 584 (11.47%)
Find the frugal Servbot.
Zany for Zenny [m]
won by 30 (23) of 584 (5.14%)
Find the uneconomical Servbot.
The Art of War [m]
won by 64 (44) of 584 (10.96%)
Find the studious Servbot.
LEGO, Set a Watchman [m]
won by 54 (34) of 584 (9.25%)
Find the lookout Servbots.
Mega Man Soccer '98 [m]
won by 11 (11) of 584 (1.88%)
On HARD difficulty, destroy every enemy (excluding the boss) in the Ocean Tower using only Reaverbot bombs. [SEE COMMENTS]
Efficient Bombardier
won by 11 (11) of 584 (1.88%)
On HARD difficulty, clear Portal 1 of enemies in :52 or less under the specified conditions. [SEE COMMENTS]
Bulwark Speedster
won by 10 (10) of 584 (1.71%)
On HARD difficulty, clear the 2nd Sub-Gate of enemies in 4:45 or less under the specified conditions. [SEE COMMENTS]
won by 11 (11) of 584 (1.88%)
On HARD difficulty, clear the Old City Sub-City of enemies in 1:45 or less under the specified conditions. [SEE COMMENTS]
Grand Grenadier
won by 11 (11) of 584 (1.88%)
On HARD difficulty, clear the Downtown Sub-City of enemies in :48 or less under the specified conditions. [SEE COMMENTS]
Dog Eat Dog [m]
won by 12 (12) of 584 (2.05%)
On HARD difficulty, take out all three Karumuna Bash in the Clozer Woods Sub-Gate in two attacks or less with the Spread Buster
Hats Off to the Bull [m]
won by 11 (11) of 584 (1.88%)
On HARD difficulty, reduce Garudoriten's HP to zero using only Splash Mines and without taking damage.
An Ode to the Red Hunter
won by 10 (10) of 584 (1.71%)
On HARD difficulty, take out Juno's second form using only the Blade Arm and additional restrictions. [SEE COMMENTS]
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Recent comment(s):
18 May 2020
Any chance of getting a set for this. I'd rather not play the 64 version.
31 May 2020
Agree. Id prefer to play the PS1 version.
13 Aug 2020
Also agreed.
27 Aug 2020
27 Aug 2020
Aww snap its finally here. Time to marathon Legends 1 & 2. Thanks for the set.
27 Aug 2020
Thank you!! Looking forward to playing this now
13 Oct 2020
Is there any chance for the bottom eight cheevos to be made easier? Half of the them are only won by one person and the other half no one has won.Not allowing people to use healing item is too much, these probably should be in a bonus set.
21 Oct 2020
The set is fine overall. Kinda fun to do. But the last 8 are a bit stupid. The "see comments" is a ridiculous thing to see on a cheevo description TBH
14 Dec 2020
Just noticed the original PS1 version has Cheevos. Now I don't need to play the 64 port, woo! (^^)
12 Jan 2021
I love these games but the gameplay goes way down when is stressed out, these hard challenges means hell, frustation, stress, due to the controllers. The game works well within its own challenges who knows how far it can go.
23 Jan 2021
Thank you for not flooding this set with a ridiculous amount of nearly impossible challenges. I like the changes.
26 Feb 2021
Upon truly seeing what the his name was AAA is the bottom eight are merciful, to the person who said they didn't flood the set with impossible challenges... yeah, it wasn't a flood but trickle, which is enough to have it suck.
3 Mar 2021
"His name is AAA" can be completed on Easy with buster max. Since Baloon Fantasy is the hardest of the games., the last eight are not merciful
3 Mar 2021
There should really just be a bonus set for this game.
10 Mar 2021
Okay, so I've looked everywhere, where are the servebots for the frugal, uneconomical, studious and lookout achievements?
10 Mar 2021
Also, I have no idea what spurning data is even about for the you're a monster achievement.
7 Jul 2021
Mastered... after alot of pain and suffering, lots of yelling and cursing, pizza and an energy drink.
24 Sep 2021
Man this set is complicated. A bunch of unnecessary cheevos that require not only you having to deal with the janky controls, but to have good RNG. I don't mean to sound whiny but when achievements rely too much on RNG... That's a big yikes for me. It's not even an achievement anymore, it's just luck. The challenges themselves aren't really that bad on their own but the restrictions are too heavy. There's no margin of error, you'll often unlock these time limit achievements with only a couple of seconds to spare, which would be fine in other games but the crappy controls, enemy position, movement and overall RNG can make you waste 10 or more seconds. Other people might be fine with this kind of stuff but i don't look forward to having to master the game movement, an entire stage layout and the best possible course of action for 3+ hours only to get one achievement, specially on the kind of game that was not designed for that. Not to mention having to get 1st place on the bonus games, not the worst i've seen, but bonus games within a game shouldn't have to be mastered just to master the game's achievement. Sucks to get every single achievement in a game and get stuck on a stupid mini game that doesn't even incorporate the main game's gameplay (not really this game's case because you use the same controls as the main game but still). So in short, this set is hot garbage.

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