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Mega Man Legends (PlayStation)

Mega Man Legends (PlayStation)
Genre:Action-Adventure, Third-Person Shooter
Released:September 10, 1998
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 56 achievements worth 435 (2656) points.
Authors: Infernox (56).

Left to Rust and Rot
won by 1031 (440) of 1153 (89.42%)
Fend off the one-armed guardian of the Ocean Tower.
Bonne Begone
won by 437 (209) of 1153 (37.90%)
Put a stop to the attacks on Kattelox's residential districts.
won by 383 (186) of 1153 (33.22%)
Convince Teisel that digging is best left to a Digger.
won by 351 (171) of 1153 (30.44%)
Relieve the Cardon Forest Sub-Gate of its most valuable prize.
Kero Blasted
won by 312 (155) of 1153 (27.06%)
Let the Bonne family know why air pirates should stick to the air.
Nobody to Blame
won by 300 (148) of 1153 (26.02%)
Face off against the warden of the Lake Jyun Sub-Gate.
Getting Clozer to the Truth
won by 280 (141) of 1153 (24.28%)
Access the control system in the Clozer Woods Sub-Gate.
Air Superiority
won by 273 (140) of 1153 (23.68%)
Take down the Bonnes on their home turf.
One Last Gambit
won by 251 (129) of 1153 (21.77%)
Reduce the Bonne family's final battle mecha to scrap metal.
Meet the New Neighbors
won by 241 (124) of 1153 (20.90%)
Obtain all three Sub-City keys.
Beatdown in G Minor
won by 239 (120) of 1153 (20.73%)
Decommission the island's presiding Bureaucratic Unit.
Halcyon Days
won by 233 (120) of 1153 (20.21%)
Beat the game on any difficulty.
Legendary Digger
won by 27 (24) of 1153 (2.34%)
Beat the game on HARD difficulty.
Mad Dash to Victory
won by 35 (26) of 1153 (3.04%)
Beat the game on NORMAL+ difficulty with a clear time under 3 hours.
The Blue Bomb Squad [m]
won by 187 (104) of 1153 (16.22%)
Complete the Inspector's first request without either bomb detonating.
Leave No Stone
won by 179 (101) of 1153 (15.52%)
Complete the Inspector's second request.
Criminal Profiling [m]
won by 133 (82) of 1153 (11.54%)
Aid the Inspector for a third time and see the trunk returned to its rightful owners.
No Girls Allowed
won by 149 (89) of 1153 (12.92%)
Assist Jim and his gang in decking out their new base of operations.
It Belongs in a Museum
won by 150 (87) of 1153 (13.01%)
Donate your findings to the local museum and mingle with its new patrons.
Angel of Mercy
won by 184 (107) of 1153 (15.96%)
Give the island's sole hospital a much needed upgrade.
Sleepless Nights
won by 160 (92) of 1153 (13.88%)
Help the parents-to-be in their time of need.
Hey, Ya Didn't Miss, Pal
won by 234 (123) of 1153 (20.29%)
Earn the top prize from both KTOX TV shooting galleries.
The Quick and The Blue
won by 174 (96) of 1153 (15.09%)
Earn the top prize from every KTOX TV race course.
And His Name Was AAA
won by 24 (23) of 1153 (2.08%)
Set a new first place high score on all KTOX TV minigames. Ties don't count!
Wanna Know Why They Call Me Rock?
won by 256 (135) of 1153 (22.20%)
Learn an important lesson about closed doors.
I'm on a Roll, With All the Girls I Know
won by 168 (94) of 1153 (14.57%)
Gift Roll some of your nicest finds.
Novice Looter
won by 234 (136) of 1153 (20.29%)
Plunder the Cardon Forest Sub-Gate of all its treasure.
Intermediate Looter
won by 256 (142) of 1153 (22.20%)
Plunder the Lake Jyun Sub-Gate of all its treasure.
Seasoned Looter
won by 193 (116) of 1153 (16.74%)
Plunder the Clozer Woods Sub-Gate of all its treasure.
Expert Looter
won by 209 (113) of 1153 (18.13%)
Plunder the Main Gate of all its treasure.
Master Looter [m]
won by 66 (52) of 1153 (5.72%)
Obtain every last piece of loot in the game!
Overwhelming Vitality
won by 116 (59) of 1153 (10.06%)
Cap out your life gauge and purchase at least 25 units for your Energy Canteen.
No Capsules Needed
won by 194 (88) of 1153 (16.83%)
Outfit your armor with a host of new capabilities.
Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good [m]
won by 84 (61) of 1153 (7.29%)
Collect every part for your Buster Gun.
Get Equipped
won by 157 (80) of 1153 (13.62%)
Have Roll expand your arsenal to its fullest extent.
Light Up the Night
won by 81 (42) of 1153 (7.03%)
Enhance the Shining Laser to its maximum potential.
Seek a Way Out! [m]
won by 594 (281) of 1153 (51.52%)
Escape from a not-so-deadly trap.
won by 309 (173) of 1153 (26.80%)
Kick a can into the Jetlag Bakery.
Say My Name [m]
won by 257 (149) of 1153 (22.29%)
Assume an alias.
Caffeine Addict [m]
won by 67 (59) of 1153 (5.81%)
Replenish some HP through an act of vandalism during a boss fight.
You're a Monster [m]
won by 46 (39) of 1153 (3.99%)
Spurn a companion who was just trying to help.
In the Arms of the Angel...
won by 197 (114) of 1153 (17.09%)
Adopt a furry friend.
Paint It Black
won by 145 (70) of 1153 (12.58%)
Reach negative karma status as a result of your various misdeeds.
Violators Will Be Towed [m]
won by 621 (277) of 1153 (53.86%)
Find the Servbots with a knack for poor parking.
Zero Waste [m]
won by 146 (84) of 1153 (12.66%)
Find the frugal Servbot.
Zany for Zenny [m]
won by 58 (42) of 1153 (5.03%)
Find the uneconomical Servbot.
The Art of War [m]
won by 110 (69) of 1153 (9.54%)
Find the studious Servbot.
LEGO, Set a Watchman [m]
won by 105 (62) of 1153 (9.11%)
Find the lookout Servbots.
Mega Man Soccer '98 [m]
won by 16 (16) of 1153 (1.39%)
On HARD difficulty, destroy every enemy (excluding the boss) in the Ocean Tower using only Reaverbot bombs. [SEE COMMENTS]
Efficient Bombardier
won by 15 (15) of 1153 (1.30%)
On HARD difficulty, clear Portal 1 of enemies in :52 or less under the specified conditions. [SEE COMMENTS]
Bulwark Speedster
won by 13 (13) of 1153 (1.13%)
On HARD difficulty, clear the 2nd Sub-Gate of enemies in 4:45 or less under the specified conditions. [SEE COMMENTS]
won by 15 (15) of 1153 (1.30%)
On HARD difficulty, clear the Old City Sub-City of enemies in 1:45 or less under the specified conditions. [SEE COMMENTS]
Grand Grenadier
won by 14 (14) of 1153 (1.21%)
On HARD difficulty, clear the Downtown Sub-City of enemies in :48 or less under the specified conditions. [SEE COMMENTS]
Dog Eat Dog [m]
won by 21 (20) of 1153 (1.82%)
On HARD difficulty, take out all three Karumuna Bash in the Clozer Woods Sub-Gate in two attacks or less with the Spread Buster
Hats Off to the Bull [m]
won by 19 (18) of 1153 (1.65%)
On HARD difficulty, reduce Garudoriten's HP to zero using only Splash Mines and without taking damage.
An Ode to the Red Hunter
won by 13 (13) of 1153 (1.13%)
On HARD difficulty, take out Juno's second form using only the Blade Arm and additional restrictions. [SEE COMMENTS]
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Recent comment(s):
24 Dec 2021
At least Blankult went into a lot of detail instead of the same tired "if you don't like it do it yourself" nonsense and nothing else.
24 Dec 2021
I stick by what I say.
24 Dec 2021
I may have been a bit too harsh, but here's the thing, i mastered the set didn't i? I'm thankful the set exists since it's completely voluntary work but still, that doesn't make it good lol
24 Dec 2021
Well...Okay, I guess you deserve to vent since you did master it, and I'll admit I've been cranky the past few days. But still, you could suggest a revision...I should've been more professional at handling the criticisms, but I kinda have a love-crush on the MML series. Bad talk is a trigger to me. =p
25 Dec 2021
but people not liking a certain hard set doesn't mean they don't like MML though? lol
25 Dec 2021
Well....yeah, but MML's set was a long time coming and I'm sort of defending the developer here...In my head it ties together.
28 Dec 2021
Wow this os classic. A Guy complaining about cheevos that should'nt be on a core set (like the last eight). And some moron coming to defend the worst part of the set, without knowing that devs have guidelines asking them to put those kind of cheevos on bonus sets, but they put on core sets anyways, because, who cares?
28 Dec 2021
And since RA have a shitty community that likes to brag about stupid cheevos, its nearly Impossible to ask for a revision and get to actualy improobe the set. People like to actualy put more cheevos related to perfect runs and speedrun techniques. Its ridiculous. Also, make a set yourself dont solve anything, as its a Very stupid and random sugestion lol
28 Dec 2021
Anyways, for those who know a Lot about the game, this set is wonderful. A lot better than the one for Megaman 64. Even not knowing murcha about the game, you haver ways to discover stuff in the internet, like the Servbot locations. The real problem are the cheevos that requires glitches and speedruner skills. And InfernoX knows pretty well that those should be on a bonus set. We talked about it once
28 Dec 2021
Trollers gotta troll, right? Lol So you come in, complain about us and the community, and then turn around and say 'But it's a'ight'? Hypocrite.
28 Dec 2021
Heh, but what would I know, I'm the 'moron' in this situation. I knew when I was wrong and made my attempts to apologize to those in the situation, then you jump in here and re-ignite the whole thing. GDIAF.
3 Jan 2022
Not trolling. This community is trash because of morons like you. Thats why I dont even use the forums. I just get the cheevos and check the status on the site. If you think im a hypocrite, you just dont get what I said. You're free to read it again until you understand lol
7 Jan 2022
Guys keep it civil. Critism of the work is fine but no personal attacks.
20 Feb 2022
If you don't like this set just play mega man 64 it's the same game but looks lighter on the difficulty. A lot lighter. I am interested in trying this version out though I grew up playing MML on n64 not ps1 so I'm unsure if there's any differences.
8 Jun 2022
Mastered <3, yes I like actual pain how could you tell.
27 Jun 2022
So do you play this once and then again on Hard mode or start straight with hard mode? Never played this and always wanted too, bit intimidated by the missables.
28 Jun 2022
Kamikoopa I recommend just beating the game at your leisure on Normal as Hard mode isn't playable until you beat Normal mode, the Hard mode cheevos require you to upgrade almost everything in your arsenal to even begin the attempts so you would be getting the rest by proxy.
20 Jul 2022
So Easy mode isn't required? I can see normal required to unlock hard and hard for the hard specific ones. I'm looking through what I have left and one of the buster parts is easy mode only. Unless that's not included in the 'all buster parts'
21 Jul 2022
You dont need to "upgrade almost everything" on hard. There's no cheevo with such a high requirement. Megaman 64 do have a cheevo like that and you can do it on Easy. Even "And His name is AAA" can be done on Easy. The problem in this set are the ceevos that require speedrun techniques.
21 Jul 2022
Try the hard speedrun achievements without having the loadouts maxed out to see how that goes.

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