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Tomba! | Tombi! | Ore! Tomba (PlayStation)

Tomba! | Tombi! | Ore! Tomba (PlayStation)
DeveloperWhoopee Camp
PublisherSony Computer Entertainment
ReleasedDecember 25, 1997
Title Screenhot
In-game Screenshot


Authors: ViperZang (53)
There are 53 achievements worth 417 (890) points.
Clear the Fog in the Village of All Beginnings
1713 (866) of 1792
(95.59%) players
Learn to Speak Dwarf
1143 (651) of 1792
(63.78%) players
Talk to the Dwarf Elder after saving the missing dwarves
867 (530) of 1792
(48.38%) players
Land in Baccus Village
679 (434) of 1792
(37.89%) players
Fix the pump at Baccus Lake then clear "A Drink for Grownups" at Town Hall
630 (411) of 1792
(35.16%) players
Ride the Phoenix to the Masakari Jungle
511 (353) of 1792
(28.52%) players
Restore power to The Village of Civilization
373 (229) of 1792
(20.81%) players
Capture the Fire Evil Pig in the Green Bag
527 (360) of 1792
(29.41%) players
Capture the Haunted Evil Pig in the Pink Bag
476 (321) of 1792
(26.56%) players
Capture the Mouse Evil Pig in the Orange Bag
382 (231) of 1792
(21.32%) players
Capture the Stormy Evil Pig in the Red Bag
405 (256) of 1792
(22.60%) players
Capture the Underwater Evil Pig in the Yellow Bag
351 (220) of 1792
(19.59%) players
Capture the Forest Evil Pig in the Blue Bag
354 (221) of 1792
(19.75%) players
Capture the Deep Jungle Evil Pig in the Navy Bag
353 (218) of 1792
(19.70%) players
Capture the Master Evil Pig in the Black Bag
329 (210) of 1792
(18.36%) players
Find the bracelet stolen by the Koma Pigs
326 (210) of 1792
(18.19%) players
Clear all 130 Events
218 (164) of 1792
(12.17%) players
Capture the Fire Evil Pig without taking damage
290 (235) of 1792
(16.18%) players
Capture the Haunted Evil Pig without taking damage
325 (251) of 1792
(18.14%) players
Capture the Mouse Evil Pig without taking damage
238 (180) of 1792
(13.28%) players
Capture the Stormy Evil Pig without taking damage
250 (189) of 1792
(13.95%) players
Capture the Underwater Evil Pig without taking damage
225 (171) of 1792
(12.56%) players
Capture the Forest Evil Pig without taking damage
239 (178) of 1792
(13.34%) players
Capture the Deep Jungle Evil Pig without taking damage
227 (172) of 1792
(12.67%) players
Capture the Master Evil Pig without taking damage
249 (178) of 1792
(13.90%) players
Learn about the Evil Pigs and get the 100 Year Old Key
1300 (721) of 1792
(72.54%) players
Free him from captivity and get the 1,000 Year Old Key
585 (389) of 1792
(32.65%) players
Collect the Math Beads and get the 10,000 Year Old Key
363 (223) of 1792
(20.26%) players
Find him and get the Million Year Old Key
352 (220) of 1792
(19.64%) players
Find the 100 Year Old Bell in a 100 Year Old Chest
951 (539) of 1792
(53.07%) players
Find the 1,000 Year Old Bell in a 1,000 Year Old Chest
498 (323) of 1792
(27.79%) players
Find the 10,000 Year Old Bell in a 10,000 Year Old Chest
342 (218) of 1792
(19.08%) players
Find the Million Year Old Bell in a Million Year Old Chest
312 (205) of 1792
(17.41%) players
Have a Laugh in the Mushroom Forest
815 (506) of 1792
(45.48%) players
These mushrooms make me sad
834 (511) of 1792
(46.54%) players
Obtain the Ordinary and Mysterious Mushrooms
488 (318) of 1792
(27.23%) players
Acquire the Animal Dash ability from Charles
885 (507) of 1792
(49.39%) players
Learn to Swim from Charles
385 (235) of 1792
(21.48%) players
Learn to Dive from the Mermaid
367 (226) of 1792
(20.48%) players
Clear Hide and Go Seek, A Lost Child, The Cute Witch, and The 100 Year Old Wise Man
307 (204) of 1792
(17.13%) players
Get to the Motocross Course and start a race
343 (211) of 1792
(19.14%) players
Clear "Red + Blue = ?" and have the Taboo status ailment for the first time
411 (263) of 1792
(22.94%) players
Obtain Baron before capturing the 7 Evil Pigs
364 (226) of 1792
(20.31%) players
Find the 5 Golden Items and bring them to the 10,000 Year Old Man
273 (188) of 1792
(15.23%) players
Equip the Grapplejack
363 (225) of 1792
(20.26%) players
Own all four types of pants
337 (216) of 1792
(18.81%) players
Collect 5 Bunk Flowers inside the Lava Caves without losing a life
378 (295) of 1792
(21.09%) players
Have 16 Health
240 (180) of 1792
(13.39%) players
Unlock and use your Red Hidden Powers
474 (299) of 1792
(26.45%) players
Unlock and use your Blue Hidden Powers
294 (206) of 1792
(16.41%) players
Unlock and use your Green Hidden Powers
306 (210) of 1792
(17.08%) players
Accumulate 1 Million Adventure Points
359 (218) of 1792
(20.03%) players
Open every treasure chest
184 (147) of 1792
(10.27%) players
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Recent comments: (All 35)
woifi 21 Dec 2020 19:29
This game made my childhood! :) Be aware if you play the EU version on a different lang that you possibly run into one or more bugs where an achievement doesn't trigger. Happend 2 times for me on german language, thanks Alfex for fixing it so fast!
Jamberman 9 Jan 2021 10:08
It would be nice to have a list of missable events, I found it the hard way about one that I really didn't know, if you ever plan of clearing all 130 events go to Hidden Village and speak to Yan's father before completing the Hide and Seek event
woifi 11 Jan 2021 01:41
As far as I know (I ran into them in my earlier playthroughs):1) Yan's lunchbox as described (sorry Jamberman).2) The one with the barrel in the water if you destroy it.3) The one with the golden flower in dwarf village if you trigger it too late.
ViperZang 11 Jan 2021 07:39
there's a bunch, many I probably havent found either... If you get the gold or silver medals before the lower ones, you can't get the lower ones
Jamberman 11 Jan 2021 14:34
You can also miss the event related to the treasures at the mansion if you open all of them before triggering the event, however what annoys me is the treasure chest im missing
woifi 12 Jan 2021 01:40
Maybe you missed one in the lava cave in the last area, these are the trickiest. If not I would check mushroom area (far down) and mountain area (high up) again. Also labyrinth is possible behind the digged paths.
RetroGamer99999 24 Aug 2021 01:27
Remember to do the event "Plant a Flower Garden" early because you can screw up if you do it in late game where only a few events are left. Check Tomba wiki for more information
ViperZang 24 Aug 2021 15:35
Starting a list of ways to miss the 130 Events cheevo in the forum topic.
dizzykei 14 Sep 2021 18:21
Mastered/Masterizado/Platinado/Platina! That was a long way. But i finally made it! That pesky orange pig cheevo, i get it only when i die once and then caught it no damage. With other pigs i always load save whenever i get hit.
GKSchneider 15 Feb 2022 02:37
Anyone have a tip on the complete Treasures achievement? I'm stuck at 98% and have searched absolutely everywhere...
TehCupcakes 29 May 2022 00:57
The achievement guide tells you which chests are in which locations, although it's still hard to remember which ones you got for the non-essential items:

I would say check the Million year old chests first, as you probably couldn't unlock them the first time you ran into them. There are some which only appear after that location has been restored. Other than that, I suggest checking all over Lava Caves and Mushroom Forest once again, as there are many over pits that are easy to miss.

Would be nice if someone would snapshot where all the chests are, but I'm afraid it won't be me. XD
ValentinoT 13 Aug 2022 01:17
Actually I got Gold Medal on First Run... And After I played again for Silver and Bronze.. is possible to get them after
nightwhite 4 Dec 2022 14:43
How many times to master it? Just courious
williamgeesdorf 18 Dec 2022 04:08
Mastered (platinado)! Very creative and underrated game. I'll definitely play Tomba 2 too sometime.
Golbi2654 29 Dec 2022 23:26
I heard the PAL version (Tombi!) has revisions (Rev 1) for both languaged copies according to Redump. I don't what the difference are but somebody should add support for these ISOs too. Also I found Rev 1 for the version that includes Spanish is the version that wasn't originally called Rev 1 since the older version was added to Redump after the Rev 1 version and the Rev 1 version is compatible with this already when I tested it so please rename the Linked Hashes for these PAL ISOs to their updated Redump names and add 2 more versions so there'll be 4 PAL ISOs on there now.
AlphaDragon 30 Jan 2023 07:22
If anyone's struggling with the chests, there's a 100 year and a 1000 year chest high up above the normal path on stormy mountain that are very easy to miss and forget (I think you're supposed to use the umbrella to get them but who wants to stick around in that wind eh?).
DistalSoul 4 Mar 2023 12:34
This was a fun game to master. As a child, I played the demo of this sooo many times, but could never find the full game anywhere. When I became older, I discovered emulators and finally completed the full game. Was a joy to play this through with achievements. Only one to watch out for really is the all chests achievement.
FlamingDoom 5 Mar 2023 00:04
What an awful torture, blind jumps everywhere, even with a step by step guide is a pain . Barely reached what I wanted to get my aotw. Seriously, wasn't there a standar quality in this era already??
MahBoi 5 Mar 2023 06:48
Beginning is rough but once you get the parasol (grapple hook helps too) the platforming is a lot easier.
automidnight 5 Mar 2023 13:43
Interesting game, it has some significant flaws IMO but is rewarding to explore. Thanks for the set!