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Final Fantasy IX
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Final Fantasy IX (PlayStation)






November 13, 2000

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Authors: tralph3 (100), BahamutVoid (4)
There are 104 achievements worth 1,010 (3,026) points.
Annoy Ruby and the rest of Tantalus with your unwillingness to proceed.

309 (241) of 1,235

25.02% unlock rate

Steal Ilia's grandmother's savings.

702 (371) of 1,235

56.84% unlock rate

Discover Fish Man's secret in Alexandria.

327 (226) of 1,235

26.48% unlock rate

Help Tom find his cat and claim his reward.

456 (287) of 1,235

36.92% unlock rate

Jump the rope in Alexandria 50 times and acquire the Cactuar Card.

226 (179) of 1,235

18.30% unlock rate

Jump the rope in Alexandria 100 times and acquire the Genji Card.

180 (135) of 1,235

14.57% unlock rate

Jump the rope in Alexandria 200 times and acquire the Alexandria Card.

152 (105) of 1,235

12.31% unlock rate

Jump the rope in Alexandria 300 times and acquire the Tiger Racket Card.

106 (59) of 1,235

8.58% unlock rate

Jump the rope in Alexandria 1000 times and acquire your title.

98 (53) of 1,235

7.94% unlock rate

Face Blank in battle and impress all 100 nobles and the Queen herself.

243 (118) of 1,235

19.68% unlock rate

Locate all 8 Knights of Pluto with Steiner and report to Breireicht.

340 (210) of 1,235

27.53% unlock rate

Defeat the Plant Brain in the Evil Forest.

705 (313) of 1,235

57.09% unlock rate

232 (177) of 1,235

18.79% unlock rate

Get a Mage Masher from a chest in the Ice Cavern while having one equipped.

330 (202) of 1,235

26.72% unlock rate

Defeat the Black Waltz 1 and his Sealion in the Ice Cavern.

619 (280) of 1,235

50.12% unlock rate

Defeat the Black Waltz 2 in Dali.

543 (256) of 1,235

43.97% unlock rate

Defeat the Black Waltz 3 in the airship.

526 (250) of 1,235

42.59% unlock rate

Have Vivi win the Festival of the Hunt.

186 (151) of 1,235

15.06% unlock rate

Dig up your first Chocograph and find its treasure.

311 (171) of 1,235

25.18% unlock rate

Defeat a Grand Dragon in Disc 1.

147 (119) of 1,235

11.90% unlock rate

Pass through the Gizamaluke's Grotto without Quina.

198 (144) of 1,235

16.03% unlock rate

Defeat Gizamaluke in Gizamaluke's Grotto.

406 (204) of 1,235

32.87% unlock rate

Get Cancer.

260 (151) of 1,235

21.05% unlock rate

Defeat Beatrix in Burmecia (don't run out of time).

259 (160) of 1,235

20.97% unlock rate

In the second fight against the Black Waltz 3, make him kill himself.

147 (128) of 1,235

11.90% unlock rate

Defeat the Ralvurahva in Gargan Roo.

351 (177) of 1,235

28.42% unlock rate

Defeat the Antlion in Cleyra.

332 (169) of 1,235

26.88% unlock rate

Save all of the residents of Cleyra by giving them the right orders.

258 (149) of 1,235

20.89% unlock rate

Defeat Beatrix in Cleyra (don't run out of time).

241 (144) of 1,235

19.51% unlock rate

Get to Dagger and start the fight against Thorn and Zorn in two and a half minutes or less from the start of the timer.

201 (124) of 1,235

16.28% unlock rate

Defeat Zorn and Thorn in Alexandria.

334 (169) of 1,235

27.04% unlock rate

Defeat Beatrix in Alexandria (don't run out of time).

234 (142) of 1,235

18.95% unlock rate

Defeat the Ralvuimago in Gargan Roo.

328 (163) of 1,235

26.56% unlock rate

Successfully escape Armodullahan without getting caught in Fossil Roo.

211 (125) of 1,235

17.09% unlock rate

Defeat Lani in Fossil Roo.

324 (157) of 1,235

26.23% unlock rate

Find the hidden Moguri in Fossil Roo.

278 (144) of 1,235

22.51% unlock rate

Get all the scattered treasure in Fossil Roo.

168 (111) of 1,235

13.60% unlock rate

Defeat the Hilgigars in Conde Petie's Mountain Path.

300 (153) of 1,235

24.29% unlock rate

Defeat the Soulcage in Iifa Tree.

294 (144) of 1,235

23.81% unlock rate

Train Hippaul with Vivi in Alexandria until he reaches level 80.

123 (88) of 1,235

9.96% unlock rate

Beat the Nero Brothers game 9 times in a row.

104 (74) of 1,235

8.42% unlock rate

Get the three rare coffees and give them to Morrid.

173 (109) of 1,235

14.01% unlock rate

Play a game of Tetra Master and win with a PERFECT score.

284 (153) of 1,235

23.00% unlock rate

Win the mandatory Treno Card Tournament.

265 (137) of 1,235

21.46% unlock rate

Correctly assign the tasks to the Knights of Pluto with Garnet.

221 (126) of 1,235

17.89% unlock rate

Defeat Tantarian in the Alexandria Library.

190 (123) of 1,235

15.38% unlock rate

Save all the Scholars in the Alexandria Library when Alexandria is under attack.

158 (104) of 1,235

12.79% unlock rate

Defeat Ark in Oeilvert.

242 (132) of 1,235

19.60% unlock rate

Win Cid's Hedgehog Pie minigame on the first try.

126 (79) of 1,235

10.20% unlock rate

Defeat Valia Pira in the Desert Palace without taking out any Bloodstones.

100 (89) of 1,235

8.10% unlock rate

Defeat Meltigemini in Mount Gulug.

233 (126) of 1,235

18.87% unlock rate

Defeat Taharka in Ipsen's Castle.

225 (123) of 1,235

18.22% unlock rate

Solve Ipsen's Castle pots puzzle.

176 (105) of 1,235

14.25% unlock rate

Defeat the Earth Guardian in the Earth Shrine.

219 (121) of 1,235

17.73% unlock rate

Defeat the Silver Dragon, Garland and Kuja without getting any party member KO'd.

145 (99) of 1,235

11.74% unlock rate

Defeat the Nova Dragon in Memoria's entrance.

193 (112) of 1,235

15.63% unlock rate

Buy all of Stiltzkin wares in every location you encounter him, then get his gift.

109 (82) of 1,235

8.83% unlock rate

Defeat all 4 monsters in the Treno Knight House.

95 (74) of 1,235

7.69% unlock rate

Get the Treasure Hunter's Guild "Rank S Medal" for your treasure hunting habits.

114 (86) of 1,235

9.23% unlock rate

Collect the Mini-Brahne, Mini-Cid and Mini-Burmecia figurines.

169 (107) of 1,235

13.68% unlock rate

Discover all the members of the Nero family in Lindblum and claim your reward.

88 (77) of 1,235

7.13% unlock rate

Defeat Maliris in Memoria.

185 (111) of 1,235

14.98% unlock rate

Defeat Tiamat in Memoria.

188 (112) of 1,235

15.22% unlock rate

Defeat Kraken in Memoria.

190 (113) of 1,235

15.38% unlock rate

Get the Pumice and equip it on Garnet

114 (87) of 1,235

9.23% unlock rate

Defeat Lich in Memoria.

190 (112) of 1,235

15.38% unlock rate

Defeat Deathguise in the Crystal World.

182 (108) of 1,235

14.74% unlock rate

Defeat Trance Kuja in the Crystal World.

182 (108) of 1,235

14.74% unlock rate

Defeat Necron in the Hill of Despair.

178 (105) of 1,235

14.41% unlock rate

Finish Final Fantasy IX.

172 (103) of 1,235

13.93% unlock rate

Find the secret Blackjack game.

97 (80) of 1,235

7.85% unlock rate

Do 9999 damage in a single hit.

302 (159) of 1,235

24.45% unlock rate

Collect all 13 Stellazzios and bring them to Queen Stella.

140 (92) of 1,235

11.34% unlock rate

Dig up all 24 Chocographs and find their treasures.

156 (103) of 1,235

12.63% unlock rate

Find and loot all 3 Mountain Cracks with Choco.

155 (102) of 1,235

12.55% unlock rate

Find and loot all 5 Diving Spots with Choco.

138 (95) of 1,235

11.17% unlock rate

Buy a Robe of Lords from Mene.

95 (71) of 1,235

7.69% unlock rate

Defeat Hades in Memoria.

135 (94) of 1,235

10.93% unlock rate

Defeat Hades without using magic stones.

75 (71) of 1,235

6.07% unlock rate

Defeat Ozma in the Chocobo Air Garden.

99 (76) of 1,235

8.02% unlock rate

Defeat Ozma without having completed the Friendly Monsters sidequest.

76 (69) of 1,235

6.15% unlock rate

Fulfill the desires of all 9 friendly monsters.

110 (81) of 1,235

8.91% unlock rate

Defeat the friendly Yan in Vile Island.

74 (67) of 1,235

5.99% unlock rate

Answer all 16 of Ragtime Mouse questions correctly and then encounter him once more to claim your price.

101 (80) of 1,235

8.18% unlock rate

Fix the Mognet Central.

116 (87) of 1,235

9.39% unlock rate

Explore all 21 beaches in the world and get Fat Chocobo's blessing.

88 (70) of 1,235

7.13% unlock rate

Discover the secret in the Black Mage Village.

100 (84) of 1,235

8.10% unlock rate

Defeat the Behemoth in Treno's Knight House with Amarant while using his starting weapon and without any magic stones.

86 (74) of 1,235

6.96% unlock rate

Get all of Quina's Blue Magic.

116 (90) of 1,235

9.39% unlock rate

Get all abilities with all characters.

80 (71) of 1,235

6.48% unlock rate

Get all 100 Tetra Master cards, then, admire your collection on the card menu.

84 (63) of 1,235

6.80% unlock rate

Deliver all 21 letters from the Moogles before Disc 4.

94 (75) of 1,235

7.61% unlock rate

Get the Ultima Weapon.

146 (97) of 1,235

11.82% unlock rate

Get the Whale Whisker.

169 (106) of 1,235

13.68% unlock rate

Get the Mace of Zeus.

159 (103) of 1,235

12.87% unlock rate

Get to Lich in Memoria from the start of the game, defeat him and obtain the Excalibur II in less than 12 hours.

56 (47) of 1,235

4.53% unlock rate

Get the Rune Claws.

156 (103) of 1,235

12.63% unlock rate

Get the Angel Flute.

156 (101) of 1,235

12.63% unlock rate

Get 99 frogs, defeat Quale and get the Gastro Fork.

115 (85) of 1,235

9.31% unlock rate

Get the Dragon's Hair.

161 (105) of 1,235

13.04% unlock rate

Get the Reef ability for Choco.

215 (123) of 1,235

17.41% unlock rate

Get the Mountain ability for Choco.

172 (106) of 1,235

13.93% unlock rate

Get the Sea ability for Choco.

173 (108) of 1,235

14.01% unlock rate

Get the Air ability for Choco.

165 (106) of 1,235

13.36% unlock rate

Recent Players:
SanWingOffender2023-06-07 10:04:49🚢[Zidane ⬆️32] [Freya ⬆️22] [Vivi ⬆️33] [Amarant ⬆️30] | πŸ’°137550 | βœ‰οΈ 13/27 | πŸ—ΊπŸ€1/24 | ❓2/16 | ⏱️32h14m
Overlordnp2023-06-07 06:27:33🚢[Zidane ⬆️18] [Dagger ⬆️12] | πŸ’°19123 | βœ‰οΈ 0/27 | πŸ—ΊπŸ€0/24 | ❓0/16 | ⏱️20h45m
Kado42023-06-07 04:22:44🚢[?????? ⬆️1] | πŸ’°500 | βœ‰οΈ 0/27 | πŸ—ΊπŸ€0/24 | ❓0/16 | ⏱️0h03m
mrcheshire2023-06-07 03:36:41🚢[Garnet ⬆️3] [Zidane ⬆️5] [Vivi ⬆️4] [Steiner ⬆️5] | πŸ’°4512 | βœ‰οΈ 1/27 | πŸ—ΊπŸ€0/24 | ❓0/16 | ⏱️2h30m
LamTheCarMan2023-06-07 01:45:27🚢[Zidane ⬆️2] | πŸ’°1783 | βœ‰οΈ 0/27 | πŸ—ΊπŸ€0/24 | ❓0/16 | ⏱️2h47m
BrunoGontijo2023-06-07 01:33:08🌎[Bruno ⬆️7] [Vivi ⬆️7] [Freya ⬆️7] [Quina ⬆️7] | πŸ’°5752 | βœ‰οΈ 3/27 | πŸ—ΊπŸ€5/24 | ❓4/16 | ⏱️63h38m
Kaleo2023-06-06 23:40:41Playing Final Fantasy IX
munie2023-06-06 23:32:25At the Main Menu.
Facuacuario12023-06-06 21:22:41🚢[Dagger ⬆️4] [Steiner ⬆️9] | πŸ’°9540 | βœ‰οΈ 0/27 | πŸ—ΊπŸ€0/24 | ❓0/16 | ⏱️8h29m
Dioges2023-06-06 20:42:15At the Main Menu.

Recent comments

(See all 116)

rlxldk 2 Jul 2022 17:07
Mastered!!! Great set of cheevos !
Mekichan666 19 Aug 2022 08:15
dang.. i remember, my bro gift me this game at my 7 or 8 birthday . what a day to remember..
Guilherme8294 8 Sep 2022 23:30
i kinda wish there was another steiner ultima weapon achievement that wasnt the ex2, like ofc not ragnarok, maybe smth like ex1 that you get from the fingertip quest
HellionX606 13 Dec 2022 13:02
My favorite video game of all time. Thanks for great set.
Chaos447 28 Jan 2023 02:28
Great set. Other FF games should take notice.
SyedNekoChan 4 Feb 2023 00:35
Holy mother of god, there is someone who has skipped the jump rope 3492 times
DEATHDragon 17 Feb 2023 02:02
Mastered. This game is a masterpiece. And the set is simply amazing... except for a few stinkers.
The King of the Jump Rope one is a carpal tunnel syndrome waiting to happen, is not fun and frustrating. Don't care if me and other people got it already, take it out of the set. New people attempting this set don't deserve to go through that medieval torture device for 50 points.
Another one is the Cancer one, because haha, get it, we got Cancer. Comedy gold.

I also found weird how there's no achievement for doing the Madain Sari wall sidequest. That one actually contains important lore of the story for the game, but is nowhere in the set, despite being an obscure sidequest like the Nero Family one, and that one IS on the set.
Another one that i feel should be taken out is the "Buy the Robe of Lords with 10k points" The grind I had to do to get that one was insane. It almost made me hate that minigame too. Almost.
It would had made more sense to have a cheevo that counted the ammount of wins we do in Tetra Master. It's a pretty fun card game once you know how the mechanics work, so it seems rather odd we don't get more cheevos related to that minigame, besides getting a perfect or getting the entire collection of cards.

Despite these criticisms, i think the creator did a fantastic work on this set, set up a few challenges that were actually fun to do and got me engaged on finishing them all up. Good set. Hope it gets a revision soon.
coveredingas 3 Mar 2023 19:53
On that previous comment - I want to do RPG sets, but almost every single one I'd be interested in has something like this that would completely kill it for me.

I get why this is here. The game rewards it. It's part of the Steam set. I can't really debate the merits.

And I don't feel entitled to a mastered badge - if I don't wanna do something, I just won't.

But on the flipside - it's kind of absurd that you can beat a hidden boss in the vanilla game in under 12 hours and not have the mastered badge because you don't want to practice a repetitive minigame for hours on end.

It's one of those things where I think both that it's absurd when trophy sets DON'T reward something like this - but it also turns me off to bothering with the set.

What I like in achievements is stuff that challenges me within the bounds of the core mechanics (throw me those LLGs all day) and that introduces me to things I never knew about the game or makes me play in a novel way I never would have otherwise.

That gives me a new appreciation for the game I'm playing.

I'm pretty sure my love for FFIX would quickly turn to hate if I dedicated myself to mastering the jumprope game a second time. We'll see - I might go for it eventually, but it detracted from the game the last time I did, and I might just do a casual playthrough next time I get the bug for FFIX.

Just my 2 cents. I feel like subsets are underutilized. There's layers of mastery to a game. I would have zero qualms with 1000 jump ropes as part of a subset - or even the Excalibur II achievement, even though that one is easier than it looks to someone unfamiliar with the game.

Main sets should be challenging - and the appropriate level of challenge is determined by the game, I think; big difference between DMC3 and Epic Yarn - but even when the game itself is asking a lot of time for something tedious and repetitive - that feels a bit much.
coveredingas 3 Mar 2023 20:00
And to be clear on my thought process - I think dodging 200 lightning bolts in FFX is a clear cut pick for the core set. It's something you have to do on the way to getting the ultimate weapons for each character. That should be acknowledged and rewarded. If you're playing FFX for achievements, you should go in understanding that the grind is part of it. (And I will note, for full disclosure - this is partly why I grew to hate FFX and will never touch it again, but a similar grind in a different game would suit me just fine. I have yet to try the international version.)

1000 jumpropes has no impact on any other part of the game, offers no lore, no combat advantages; doesn't open up any boss fights or make an ultimate boss easier - it just awards an in-game title.

Again - I don't feel I can argue the merits. I can only say that's why the odds, at this point, that I will ever go for it are close to zero, in a set I would otherwise enjoy - and that while a mastery badge is a privilege and not a right, I would feel robbed if I had Excalibur II but didn't have one because I don't want to master a minigame.
du0drag0n 4 Mar 2023 17:44
Hey team, not sure how to request this, but can we please get the Hashes for the EU discs added? id really like to be able to use my Dumps to play, Im in a Pal area so all my games are PAL/EU.

is there a ticket i can report this on? i imagine it would be not too hard to add? just add the hashes from the REDUMP EU files?

Thanks in advanced
TeaShooey 1 Apr 2023 18:17
Managed to do the 1000 jumps, wasnt too bad in the end. took me about 4 hours in total before i got it
Ayuchan2008 8 Apr 2023 22:32
My fav game of all times, but I'm still not going to try it. The jumping thing is impossible to me. Congrats to the ones who got this, though.
Ayuchan2008 8 Apr 2023 22:35
And I agree with DEATHDragon. Not having an achievement for the Eidolon Wall in Madain Sari is sad, because the information in there was cute and important.
ChronoGear 23 Apr 2023 10:13
Making people replay the whole game to get to that point for a "look at the wall" achievement seems unreasonable.
GoJamBe 7 May 2023 09:19
Very good set
DEATHDragon 18 May 2023 17:40
If the issue is replaying the game to that point, i can provide a save so people can do it. I have a save file prepared in the case that cheevo gets added.
DEATHDragon 18 May 2023 17:55
And besides, if you have a save file before the final boss, you can still do the sidequest. And by that point, you definitely have it. "Umm, but backtracking!" The Nero Brothers sidequest makes you backtrack multiple times, c'mon now.
Ayuchan2008 18 May 2023 20:23
I agree again with DEATHDragon. Also, the Nero Brothers sidequest makes me so angry, lol. Again, I think that Eidolon Wall is a great side quest, because adds depth to so much in the lore, more than Nero Brothers xD
ElevatedCosmonaut 19 May 2023 01:18
I want to play so bad but idk if

1. Duckstation supports fps increasing hacks or if FFIX even has them
2. if that invalidates my achievements
ElevatedCosmonaut 19 May 2023 01:18
I want to play so bad but idk if

1. Duckstation supports fps increasing hacks or if FFIX even has them
2. if that invalidates my achievements

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The Actual King of Jump Rope

Jump the rope in Alexandria as many times as you can.

Fastest Beak in the Woods

Get all 8 treasures in Chocobos Forest as fast as possible.

Fastest Beak in the Shallow Lake

Get all 4 treasures in Chocobos Lagoon as fast as possible. (Reef ability)

Fastest Beak in the Deep Lake

Get all 8 treasures in Chocobos Lagoon as fast as possible. (Sea ability)

Fastest Beak in the Air

Get all 8 treasures in Chocobos Air Garden as fast as possible.

Rush for Domination

Get the Excalibur II as fast as possible.