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~Hack~ Legend of Zelda, The: Link's Awakening DX - 3 Heart Hack (Game Boy Color)

Publisher:Hack - The Legend of Zelda: LADX (v1.2)
Genre:Action RPG
First released:January 13, 2016
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Recent comment(s):
14 Nov 2017
This is only for the 3 Hearts version of LADX. Do not link any other LADX rom to this entry.
16 Nov 2017
Use the rom with MD5 checksum 77f0693224c8dec44d61800d777b15d7. The earlier rom with md5 checksum 7a723b165b560740b863fc412dce6965 has had reports of softlocks.
22 Nov 2017
Make sure you have 3 Hearts, Green Clothes (no upgrades), L1 Sword, avoid the Guardian Acorn & Piece of Power and pick up the instruments for the damageless dungeon achievements.
22 Nov 2017
For those damageless dungeon achievements, you must go through every room and all basement side view areas in each dungeon without taking damage.
22 Nov 2017
I advise saving the game as you enter the first room of every dungeon in case you take a hit. If you take a hit, reset the game, exit the dungeon and re-enter and try again.
25 Nov 2017
The advice about saving will also let you have another chance at not only the damageless dungeon achievements if you don't get them on 1st try but also the Mini-Boss Masher achievements.
25 Nov 2017
The Mini-Boss Masher achievements must all be done with 3 Heart Containers (0 Heart Pieces), Green Clothes, L1 Sword, and without having picked up the Guardian Acorn or Piece of Power in the room before the mini-boss.
28 Nov 2017
24-Karat Foliage starts in the Kanalet Castle basement in the side view room next to the Goomba room. You have to go from that room & get all 5 leaves damageless. Get the one the Mace Knight drops last or else the achievement won't trigger.
28 Nov 2017
I recommend saving in that basement room before trying 24-Karat Foliage in case you mess up. If you take a hit return to that room with 0 leaves. if you took a hit after getting a leaf, reset and try again from that basement room.
10 Nov 2019
Just finished 3 heart hero mode on the Switch remake. Looking forward to going back to something more familiar, will definitely be tackling this!
6 Dec 2020
The meaty achievements of this set have to still be looked at. I had to demote 3 I thought were ready because of issues found during testing. But here is the preliminary set. Lots more to come.
6 Dec 2020
Note: Getting any heart containers, the level-2 sword upgrade, or the blue/red clothes from the Color Dungeon will prevent these achievements from popping so avoid them.
30 Dec 2020
Looks like you've been hard at it. I remember you saying you were having some trouble with some LA cheevos. Excited to see some up and running!

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