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Mary-Kate and Ashley: Crush Course (PlayStation)

Developer:n-Space, Inc.
Genre:Adventure, Minigame Collection
First released:2001
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 20 achievements worth 107 (141) points.
Authors: Infernox (20).

They're Sooooo Cute...
won by 19 (19) of 24 (79.17%)
Bally High is full of hotties, but we're only interested in two of them.
Dress to Impress
won by 24 (24) of 24 (100.00%)
Today is finally the day! We need to pick out the perfect outfits for the big event.
Let's Get Physical
won by 20 (20) of 24 (83.33%)
Courtney may have set us back, but maybe we'll have an opportunity to take back the note during physics...
Spiritual Awakening
won by 19 (19) of 24 (79.17%)
I'll need to show some school spirit if I want another piece of that note.
Making History
won by 16 (16) of 24 (66.67%)
The past is old news. I'm more interested in the near future, preferably one where we're one step closer to our goal.
Journalistic Integrity
won by 17 (17) of 24 (70.83%)
Journalism club is soooo boring, but this could be a good way to keep tabs on Courtney...
Spring Break, Woo!
won by 16 (16) of 24 (66.67%)
As much as I'd love to work on my tan, we've got work to do.
A Thousand Words
won by 13 (13) of 24 (54.17%)
This could be the last year we see some of our classmates now that we're moving on to bigger and better things...
Dancing Queen
won by 13 (13) of 24 (54.17%)
A dance-off with a piece of the note on the line? It's like we're in a movie!
Target Practice
won by 13 (13) of 24 (54.17%)
We definitely can't let Courtney show us up in front of the whole school. We'll beat her scores *and* finish that note!
Between the Lines
won by 13 (13) of 24 (54.17%)
Now that we have the full note in our hands, we can get to work for real!
won by 11 (11) of 24 (45.83%)
Alright, let's start from the top! Complete a game of mini golf in Activity Mode with a Grade A total.
Fridge Logic
won by 12 (12) of 24 (50.00%)
Don't think about it too much. Score a hole-in-one on Refrigerator.
won by 12 (12) of 24 (50.00%)
We need to make a quick detour. In the meantime, how about you try to complete The Capitol in two swings or less?
Danse Macabre
won by 14 (14) of 24 (58.33%)
Dancing has been used as a method of communication since the dawn of man. Complete a cheerleading sesh without missing a move.
50 S 100 W
won by 12 (12) of 24 (50.00%)
They demand blood. Complete the collection minigame in Activity Mode.
won by 9 (9) of 24 (37.50%)
Courtney will at last pay for her insolence. Complete the dance squad minigame without missing a move.
Mary-Hate and Slashley
won by 10 (10) of 24 (41.67%)
The end is at hand. Achieve a score of 115 points or more in the final round of Ball Toss.
I Helped Summon a Cosmic Horror...
won by 10 (10) of 24 (41.67%)
I hope you weren't planning on stopping there. Achieve a total score of 2400 points or more in Treasure Hunt.
...And All I Got Was This Stupid Badge
won by 11 (11) of 24 (45.83%)
Achieve a score of 22 points or more in the final round of Hoops. Your allegiance has been noted. Farewell for now, human.
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Recent comment(s):
14 Aug 2020
Please, I won't be able to sleep at night until this gets achievements!
14 Aug 2020
14 Aug 2020
goty 2001
21 Dec 2020
To think of all the hidden gems I'd have missed if it wasn't for RA!
22 Dec 2020
Just reading this page is an experience
25 Dec 2020
Lol going to have to try this
26 Mar 2021
82nd Master. I had a demo disc of this game on a compilation and I remember it was alright. Funny how you learn about History and Physics by playing mini-golf. Great set as well.

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