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Sesame Street: Elmo's Number Journey (Nintendo 64)

Sesame Street: Elmo's Number Journey (Nintendo 64)
Developer:Realtime Associates
Genre:Educational, Collectathon
Released:November 30, 1999
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 17 achievements worth 34 (34) points.
Authors: Griffin (17).

A Not so Glorious Maze
won by 139 (137) of 153 (90.85%)
Collect all assigned numbers in the Garden Maze
Dracula's Lair
won by 135 (133) of 153 (88.24%)
Collect all assigned numbers in the Castle Interior
"Serious Counting"
won by 138 (136) of 153 (90.20%)
Complete Counts journey by beating his bonus game
Jet Skiing Down the River of Diarrhea
won by 143 (140) of 153 (93.46%)
Collect all assigned numbers in the Chocolate River
1080 Sugarboarding
won by 135 (133) of 153 (88.24%)
Collect all assigned numbers in Sugar Mountain
Wait...this Isn't Cookie World
won by 141 (138) of 153 (92.16%)
Complete Cookie Monsters journey by beating his bonus game
The Deserted Carnival
won by 132 (131) of 153 (86.27%)
Collect all assigned numbers in the Dunking Booths
"I Bet You're in the Mood for a Bumpy Ride"
won by 129 (129) of 153 (84.31%)
Collect all assigned numbers at the Bumper Cars
Can I Go Home Now?...Please?
won by 131 (130) of 153 (85.62%)
Complete Ernie's journey by beating his bonus game
Puppet Peace Walker
won by 130 (129) of 153 (84.97%)
Beat the game without killing anyone and taking damage (Return to sesame street if damaged) (Reset game if anyone is killed)
Number Knowledge
won by 142 (139) of 153 (92.81%)
Collect the maximum amount of numbers in a journey without choosing any wrong numbers
Summoning the Number Demon
won by 134 (132) of 153 (87.58%)
Collect 3 of the number 6
Winning the Number Lottery
won by 128 (127) of 153 (83.66%)
Collect 3 of the number 7
The (Number) Journey Begins
won by 153 (148) of 153 (100.00%)
Collect your first number and begin a number journey that will hardly be educational or interesting...I hate this game
Quite a Number of Numbers
won by 138 (137) of 153 (90.20%)
Collect 25 numbers in one session
Count von Count Would Be Proud
won by 126 (126) of 153 (82.35%)
Collect 50 numbers in one session
25 Away From an Overdose
won by 125 (125) of 153 (81.70%)
Collect 75 numbers in one session
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Recent Players:
CapNinja2022-07-23 13:02:57Playing Sesame Street: Elmo's Number Journey
Recent comment(s):
5 May 2021
If you are going to be playing this game then please read the forum post I made because it has important info in it that you should know before playing the game
19 May 2021
Mastered.(also, i claim bronze lol)
19 May 2021
19 May 2021
22 May 2021
You couldve added ones for each number, but Im glad you didnt. Thanks for the set!
23 May 2021
6! The 6th Sesame Street game that I have mastered! MWA-HAH-HAH-HA! *Lightning Crashes*
23 May 2021
7 Jul 2021
imagine being the one person not to master this lmao
21 Jul 2021
I actually played and mastered this because I remembered Stuttering Craig's video of this for Screwattack's Video Game Vault, where he made it sound like an adventure game.
19 Aug 2021
can we get the ps1 versions of this and elmos letter adventure on this site? or are they not added because they are too similar?
31 Aug 2021
Mastered! I remember playing this game a lot back in the day. Elmo's walk always looked weird. Thanks for the set.
19 Sep 2021
99th Master. My last achievement for this game was the 6's, so let that be a lesson to you that this game is haunted.
2 Jan 2022
Does anyone else hear elmo saying elmos dying every time you get a right numberMastered!
21 Jan 2022
Mastered :D
25 Feb 2022
Mastered! #13
29 Apr 2022
For the 666 and 777 achievements it should be allowed to just pick them as wrong numbers in a stage. They are free point (1) achievements anyway, so it's pointless and boring to keep entering and leaving stages (and hearing all those dialogues over and over again) until they ask you for 6 or 7.
29 Apr 2022
30 Apr 2022
Mastered, harder than Mario Early Years
15 Jun 2022
8th Master. Since I've mastered both Letter Adventure and Number Journey, I can confirm that although Number Journey felt more like a journey, Letter Adventure just had more substance. However, that's not saying much.
21 Jul 2022
Mastered! I can count the number of shots that I took while playing this game thanks to the valiant efforts of The Count, Cookie Monster, and Ernie as they drag me out by my leg from the bar. There is nothing sweeter than being able to tip the waitress with a fat ass now that I know how much to give because I almost learned how to count numbers!

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