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ALF (Master System)

Genre:Action Adventure
First released:1989
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 25 achievements worth 180 (594) points.
Authors: MGNS8M (25).

Melmac Snack
won by 166 (101) of 177 (93.79%)
Pick up the CAT in the kitchen.
Melmac Batting Practice
won by 77 (60) of 177 (43.50%)
Grab the SALAMI from the fridge.
Guiding Light
won by 84 (65) of 177 (47.46%)
Turn on the LIGHT in the basement to enter the cave.
A Fat Egg Under a Dog!
won by 43 (35) of 177 (24.29%)
Retrieve the GOLD NUGGET in the basement cave, get 50 bucks.
The Key to Willie's Closet
won by 39 (32) of 177 (22.03%)
Buy the KEY from the General Store for 50 bucks.
Shwimming with the Shumways
won by 49 (36) of 177 (27.68%)
Use the KEY to find the SWIMSUIT.
Better. Than. Vegas.
won by 32 (25) of 177 (18.08%)
Swim down the pond and grab the TREASURE.
Pearl Hoarder
won by 27 (22) of 177 (15.25%)
Swim to the bottom of the pond and retrieve the PEARL.
Holey Light, Alf Man!
won by 27 (21) of 177 (15.25%)
Buy the LANTERN from the 5 and Dime store.
On Melmac Our Ladders are Horizontal, I Guess
won by 24 (19) of 177 (13.56%)
Buy the LADDER from the General Store.
Fuel Me to the Moon
won by 20 (15) of 177 (11.30%)
Get the fuel PELLET from the basement cave shack.
Give My Regards to Neil Armstrong
won by 22 (17) of 177 (12.43%)
Travel to the space station and buy the SPACESUIT.
Trip to Friend Zone
won by 19 (14) of 177 (10.73%)
Grab the repair kit from the moon and complete the game.
Haa! I Kill Me!
won by 26 (21) of 177 (14.69%)
Buy the ALF BOOK at the 5 and Dime, and you get a Game Over.
A Literal Red Herring Which Is Green
won by 26 (22) of 177 (14.69%)
Buy the FISH at the general store.
You Wouldn't Hit an ALF with Glasses Would You
won by 24 (20) of 177 (13.56%)
If you buy the COSTUME at the General Store, you can't afford to beat the game.
This Is For Your Own Good
won by 44 (37) of 177 (24.86%)
Sell the Tanner's pet cat, Lucky.
Well Aren't You Lucky
won by 22 (21) of 177 (12.43%)
Make exactly 5 dollars from selling only the cat 5 times.
Come On In Heeeeeere
won by 47 (34) of 177 (26.55%)
AhhHHhHhhHHh Jibbly Jibbly Jibbly
Doctor Warner, I Presume
won by 35 (27) of 177 (19.77%)
From the starting area, obtain the GOLD NUGGET without dying.
Dr. Warner Struck Me As A Rather Gentle Man
won by 26 (16) of 177 (14.69%)
Starting from the gold nugget shack, obtain the PEARL without dying.
I'm Not Sure I Like the Word CONDUCT
won by 24 (15) of 177 (13.56%)
Starting from the oyster, obtain the fuel PELLET without dying.
Warner's Body Had to Be Removed by a CHIMNEY SWEEP
won by 27 (16) of 177 (15.25%)
Starting from the fuel pellet shack, return to the front yard without dying.
Unless You Want to Pay Another Visit to the Centrifuge
won by 27 (15) of 177 (15.25%)
After starting the Space Scooter, reach the end of the game without dying.
No Continues, NO PROBLEM
won by 16 (11) of 177 (9.04%)
Finish the game without using a Continue and have at least 8,400 points.
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Recent comment(s):
9 Feb 2020
Nice to see Alf in RA...;)
9 Feb 2020
aaaaaaaaaaaa o gato
10 Feb 2020
Alright, should have those issues worked out, but let me know if anything else comes up.
11 Feb 2020
MASTERED!!!I was told was the worst game of the SMS, It is not at all, this is not a generic platformer. Nice to had discovered the best ALF game ever.
13 Feb 2020
Honestly, after playing this game so often the last couple days, I have to agree, it's not that bad. The last two major sections are a little RNG and annoying, though.

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