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Donkey Kong 64 (Nintendo 64)

Developer:Rare Ltd.
First released:November 24, 1999
Title ScreenhotIn-game Screenshot


There are 59 achievements worth 550 (1774) points.
Authors: BenGhazi (59).

[Jump Up Super Star]
won by 190 (171) of 1204 (15.78%)
Grab the rainbow coin on top of the Angry Aztec lobby before making Diddy's Rocket Barrel appear on DK Isles (Change areas).
[I Believe I Can Fly]
won by 122 (113) of 1204 (10.13%)
Capture the fairy on top of King K. Rool's ship before learning Monkyport (might need to change areas).
[Jane, Stop This Crazy Thing!]
won by 133 (119) of 1204 (11.05%)
Win Minecart Mayhem (Fungi Forest or Creepy Castle) without letting go of the Z button (start holding during the explanation).
[Where the Lights Are]
won by 118 (106) of 1204 (9.80%)
Grab the golden banana in the barn's attic without playing your instrument.
[Maze in Ice]
won by 96 (88) of 1204 (7.97%)
Grab the Golden Banana in the ice maze without getting hurt or using your instument.
[The Tortoise and the Hare]
won by 140 (122) of 1204 (11.63%)
Get your revenge on the rabbit from Fungi Forest by letting him blow up.
[Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head]
won by 113 (102) of 1204 (9.39%)
Grab everything needed for 101% in Crystal Caves without killing the giant Kosha. (Might need to enter a new area to activate)
[Lay Down Your Arms]
won by 98 (88) of 1204 (8.14%)
Grab the crown in Shockwave Showdown without killing a single enemy.
[Castle Island]
won by 143 (118) of 1204 (11.88%)
Grab everything needed for 101% in Hideout Helm. (Might need to enter a new area to activate)
DK Rap
won by 916 (592) of 1204 (76.08%)
Listen to the best videogame song ever.
Petite Ecolier
won by 801 (560) of 1204 (66.53%)
Free Diddy from his prison cell.
Hey Armadillo
won by 301 (260) of 1204 (25.00%)
Beat Armydillo in Jungle Japes without getting hurt.
Welcome to the Jungle
won by 653 (475) of 1204 (54.24%)
Obtain the key for beating the boss of Jungle Japes.
Ruff in the Jungle Bizness
won by 256 (212) of 1204 (21.26%)
Grab everything needed for 101% in Jungle Japes. (Might need to enter a new area to activate)
Folsom Prison Blues
won by 462 (342) of 1204 (38.37%)
Free Lanky from his prison cell.
Le Portrait de la Petite Cosette
won by 478 (352) of 1204 (39.70%)
Free Tiny from her prison cell.
won by 296 (251) of 1204 (24.58%)
Beat Dogadon in Angry Aztec without getting hurt.
Temblores de Tenochtitlan
won by 439 (329) of 1204 (36.46%)
Obtain the key for beating the boss of Angry Aztec.
The Flower Songs of Nezahualcoyotl
won by 210 (173) of 1204 (17.44%)
Grab everything needed for 101% in Angry Aztec. (Might need to enter a new area to activate)
Rusty Cage
won by 372 (294) of 1204 (30.90%)
Free Chunky from his prison cell.
The Floor is Lava
won by 154 (138) of 1204 (12.79%)
Starting from the inside of DK's house make it to the top of Cranky's Hut without touching the ground.
Expand Kong
won by 330 (251) of 1204 (27.41%)
Use Lanky's Baboon Balloon.
Der Flohwalzer
won by 303 (237) of 1204 (25.17%)
Learn to play the piano with Lanky.
This is the Savanna
won by 112 (102) of 1204 (9.30%)
Score 175 points in the Rambi Arena.
Somewhere Beyond The Sea
won by 108 (99) of 1204 (8.97%)
Score 200 points in the Enguarde Arena.
It's on Like Donkey Kong
won by 232 (171) of 1204 (19.27%)
Save your beloved Nintendo Coin from Donkey Kong.
Kong the Destroyer
won by 99 (87) of 1204 (8.22%)
Finish a game of Donkey Kong with a score of 30,000 in adventure mode.
Life on the Nickel
won by 212 (173) of 1204 (17.61%)
Grab the Rareware Coin during a game of Jetpac.
Rocket Man
won by 128 (115) of 1204 (10.63%)
Get a score of 15,000 in Jetpac on adventure mode.
Jewel in the Crown
won by 240 (194) of 1204 (19.93%)
Earn 4 crowns from the kong battle arenas.
Jumpin' Jack Flash
won by 159 (146) of 1204 (13.21%)
Beat Mad Jack in Frantic Factory without getting hurt.
Life in the Factory
won by 285 (220) of 1204 (23.67%)
Obtain the key for beating the boss of Frantic Factory
In the Toymakers Workshop
won by 177 (143) of 1204 (14.70%)
Grab everything needed for 101% in Frantic Factory. (Might need to enter a new area to activate)
Thirty Thousand Pounds of Bananas
won by 209 (169) of 1204 (17.36%)
Earn 100 Golden Bananas throughout the game.
Too Many Fish in the Sea
won by 130 (121) of 1204 (10.80%)
Beat Puftoss in Gloomy Galleon without getting hurt.
Sea Within a Sea
won by 240 (193) of 1204 (19.93%)
Obtain the key for beating the boss of Gloomy Galleon.
Sunleth Waterscape
won by 174 (148) of 1204 (14.45%)
Grab everything needed for 101% in Gloomy Galleon. (Might need to enter a new area to activate)
No Quarter
won by 144 (127) of 1204 (11.96%)
It took close to 20-years for this coin to be found, hopefully it doesn't take you that long to find it.
Dragonfly's Outro
won by 116 (105) of 1204 (9.63%)
Beat Dogadon in Fungi Forest without getting hurt.
The Three Mushrooms
won by 193 (158) of 1204 (16.03%)
Obtain the key for beating the boss of Fungi Forest.
Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow
won by 142 (118) of 1204 (11.79%)
Grab everything needed for 101% in Fungi Forest. (Might need to enter a new area to activate)
Burnt Ice
won by 114 (103) of 1204 (9.47%)
Beat Armydillo in Crystal Caves without getting hurt.
Victims of the Ice Brigade
won by 166 (137) of 1204 (13.79%)
Obtain the key for beating the boss of Crystal Caves.
A Hazy Shade of Winter
won by 148 (124) of 1204 (12.29%)
Grab everything needed for 101% in Crystal Caves. (Might need to enter a new area to activate)
Upgrade U
won by 165 (138) of 1204 (13.70%)
Obtain every upgrade in the game.
My Favorite Things
won by 134 (115) of 1204 (11.13%)
Collect every single colored banana in the game.
Nickels and Dimes
won by 77 (70) of 1204 (6.40%)
Collect every coin in the game and have every upgrade purchased.
Madman Across the Water
won by 102 (93) of 1204 (8.47%)
Beat King Kut Out in Creepy Castle without getting hurt or losing a Kong.
Protect Ya Neck
won by 164 (135) of 1204 (13.62%)
Obtain the key for beating the boss of Creepy Castle.
Spooky Scary Skeletons
won by 144 (119) of 1204 (11.96%)
Grab everything needed for 101% in Creepy Castle (Might need to enter a new area to activate)
The Secret Place
won by 105 (95) of 1204 (8.72%)
Access the super secret test room and the spoils that come with it.
Penny Slots
won by 95 (84) of 1204 (7.89%)
Beat Batty Barrel Bandit at Snide's HQ.
Luck Be a Lady
won by 100 (90) of 1204 (8.31%)
Beat Krazy Kong Klamour at Snide's HQ.
Hacking to the Gate
won by 153 (127) of 1204 (12.71%)
Shut Down the Blast-o-Matic
Fairies' Lamentation And Dance
won by 144 (122) of 1204 (11.96%)
Receive your reward for capturing all the fairys.
won by 134 (113) of 1204 (11.13%)
Grab everything needed for 101% in DK Isles. (Might need to enter a new area to activate)
The Champ is Here
won by 59 (52) of 1204 (4.90%)
Beat King K. Rool without getting hurt.
Returns a King
won by 130 (106) of 1204 (10.80%)
Beat King K. Rool and view the normal ending.
Don't Rain on My Parade
won by 115 (98) of 1204 (9.55%)
Get 101% and view the secret ending.
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Recent comment(s):
30 May 2020
Sounds like a good main set for a pretty underrated and hated N64 game in comparison to others made by Rareware. Gotta try this someday BUT as long as the game has the memory leak problem, game might freezes at Fungi Forest or Creepy Castle...
29 Jun 2020
While I am working on the 101%, does anyone know if you can get the normal ending achievement at the same time as the 101% or do i need to just save before the final boss and redo it with all the golden bananas?
29 Jun 2020
Normal ending always comes first before secret ending, so I suppose that only the 101% run is enough.
2 Jul 2020
I unlocked both at the same time. You can check my profile, the difference should be only the minutes it takes to start the secret one.
25 Jan 2021
Mastered! Love the game and it's totally fun to get the 101%. There are interesting challenges in this set and i totally underestimated the All-Coin- and K.-Rool-No-Hit-Achievements, but after all i really enjoyed it.
16 Apr 2021
So much complaining about these cheevos, yall arent hardcore at all. What do you think achievements are for if youre too lazy to get difficult ones?
7 May 2021
It's more like... do you really justify playing up to a certain point, having to constantly check the achievement list just to make sure you won't miss something or accidentally do something that'll lock you out of a achievement.
7 May 2021
A lot of the achievements here feel like they come from an DK64 expert who took it upon themselves to make it for themselves.
7 May 2021
But god forgive me for accidentally using an instrument here, or killing an enemy there or playing the game the way it was intended and getting locked out of a cheevo and having to play up to that point again for another shot at an achievement.
7 May 2021
This game is nothing like the original trilogy on the snes and I don't see the justification for boss fights to have cheevos based on if you got hit or not; seeing as most attack sporadically. Especially King K. Rool's dreadful 20 minute long fight.
7 May 2021
This achievement list could benefit from a good scrubbing, but in no ways by making it a more casual experience. After all everyone using this site is looking for a greater challenge.
7 May 2021
Just not challenges made by players who treat this game like a 2nd religion.
7 May 2021
Please forgive my long tangent.XD
7 May 2021
While most of these achievements aren't really that bad looking back, some of the missable ones are just too many for this kind of game. I feel like *only some* missables belong in a Bonus set. Not trying to piss anyone off, I'm grateful for the set,
7 May 2021
Nah, i don't share that critic. I really liked and enjoyed this set. Grab the 101% and watch out for the missable ones. Get every achievement is usual a little more tough at the end, so it was with Every-Coin- and NoDamage-Finalboss-Achievos.
26 May 2021
Finally beat that stupid Pufftoss battle without taking damage. Five freaking rounds of going in circles trying to hit rings and not get hit by a million fireballs... brilliant -_-
6 Jun 2021
I think its perfect fair. Missable achievements are normal even in modern console games. And as for the achievements being "made by an expert for themselves", id say i hope so. Thats what I'd expect.
6 Jun 2021
I think its inherently the point of achievements is that you have to "achieve" something to earn them. Sometimes that's grinding, sometimes it's finding well hidden secrets.
15 Jun 2021
I have to agree with IIStickyII. The one thing I dislike about achievements is the mindset that comes along with it that every achievement must be this insane feat that takes hours of practice to achieve. New games have better saves to go back, too.
15 Jun 2021
Everyone else was voicing their differentiating opinions, so why not me too, lol. Though if you look at the Spyro sets on here, those are perfectly fair and acceptable I think. With so many devs, not everyone is gonna be happy. Just a fact

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Highest score obtained during a game of Donkey Kong.
Highest score obtained during a game of Jetpac.
Highest score obtained in the Rambi arena.
Highest score obtained in the Enguarde arena.
Shutdown the Blast-o-Matic as quickly as possible.