Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Mega Drive)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Mega Drive)
DeveloperSega Technical Institute, Sonic Team
Genre2D Platforming
ReleasedNovember 21, 1992
Title Screenhot
In-game Screenshot


There are 32 achievements worth 420 (2195) points.
Authors: Scott (21), ColonD (10), qwe (1)

Reach Chemical Plant Zone (Level Select Disabled)
8579 (3844) of 9106
(94.21%) players
Reach Aquatic Ruin Zone (Level Select Disabled)
4674 (2288) of 9106
(51.33%) players
Reach Casino Night Zone (Level Select Disabled)
4096 (2039) of 9106
(44.98%) players
Reach Hill Top Zone (Level Select Disabled)
3313 (1735) of 9106
(36.38%) players
Reach Mystic Cave Zone (Level Select Disabled)
3337 (1691) of 9106
(36.65%) players
Reach Oil Ocean Zone (Level Select Disabled)
2586 (1381) of 9106
(28.40%) players
Reach Metropolis Zone (Level Select Disabled)
2331 (1247) of 9106
(25.60%) players
Reach Sky Chase Zone (Level Select Disabled)
1973 (1026) of 9106
(21.67%) players
Reach Wing Fortress Zone (Level Select Disabled)
1947 (1014) of 9106
(21.38%) players
Reach Death Egg Zone (Level Select Disabled)
1721 (843) of 9106
(18.90%) players
Defeat Dr Robotnik in Death Egg Zone! (Level Select Disabled)
1533 (698) of 9106
(16.84%) players
Complete the whole game as 'Just Tails' (Level Select Disabled)
623 (475) of 9106
(6.84%) players
Get a Fantastic Result in Casino Zone slots
1558 (964) of 9106
(17.11%) players
Get a Perfect Bonus in Act One of Emerald Hill Zone
537 (414) of 9106
(5.90%) players
Get a Perfect Bonus in Act One of Aquatic Ruin Zone
343 (281) of 9106
(3.77%) players
Collect all 67 Rings on Sky Chase Zone
595 (443) of 9106
(6.53%) players
Complete Emerald Hill Zone without pressing Left - triggers at chemical plant (Level Select Disabled)
1132 (836) of 9106
(12.43%) players
Complete Aquatic Ruin Zone Act 1 without collecting any rings
398 (300) of 9106
(4.37%) players
Complete Emerald Hill Zone Act 1 without jumping or using spin-dash
1114 (795) of 9106
(12.23%) players
Complete Death Egg Zone Act 2 in under 2 minutes
850 (451) of 9106
(9.33%) players
Collect all 7 Chaos Emeralds (Level Select Disabled)
989 (431) of 9106
(10.86%) players
Collect all 7 Chaos Emeralds while in Emerald Hill Zone
749 (465) of 9106
(8.23%) players
Complete an act in under 25 seconds. (Reset from Menu if died)
560 (373) of 9106
(6.15%) players
Defeat a Boss without touching the floor.
1315 (816) of 9106
(14.44%) players
Complete Emerald Hill Zone without defeating any enemies (not including Boss) (Reset from Menu) (NO Death)
622 (488) of 9106
(6.83%) players
Attack the Boss in Chemical Plant Zone with Invincibility (not Super Sonic).
448 (368) of 9106
(4.92%) players
Complete Aquatic Ruin Zone without entering the water or dying. (Reset from Menu)
440 (345) of 9106
(4.83%) players
Complete Casino Night Zone Act 1 without collecting a single ring.
276 (223) of 9106
(3.03%) players
Gain 4 1-ups whilst in Hill Top Zone Act 2 (via Rings and 1-up Boxes, NOT score)
228 (199) of 9106
(2.50%) players
Complete Wing Fortress Zone without taking damage. (no Super Sonic) (Reset from Menu)
285 (233) of 9106
(3.13%) players
Complete the whole game without Spin Dashing. (Level Select Disabled)
274 (245) of 9106
(3.01%) players
Complete the whole game without Dying. (Level Select Disabled)
343 (197) of 9106
(3.77%) players
Recent Players:
dankrank2023-02-03 22:42:23Aquatic Ruin Zone 1, 60700 points, All Chaos Emeralds
Ternous2023-02-03 22:36:28Casino Night Zone 1, 140 points, No Chaos Emeralds
PlaycodBR2023-02-03 22:22:07Emerald Hill Zone 1, 300 points, No Chaos Emeralds
ArloFox2023-02-03 21:39:40Metropolis Zone 3, 224920 points, 1 Chaos Emerald
yDanza2023-02-03 20:45:27Chemical Plant Zone 2, 44100 points, No Chaos Emeralds
drak1ng2023-02-03 19:08:09Chemical Plant Zone 1, 25800 points, No Chaos Emeralds
Danilo17342023-02-03 18:24:36Death Egg Zone, 461710 points, All Chaos Emeralds
Koleco2023-02-03 18:09:26Emerald Hill Zone 1, 0 points, No Chaos Emeralds
Stab2023-02-03 17:53:58Chemical Plant Zone 1, 16400 points, No Chaos Emeralds
Kheven092023-02-03 15:53:07Chemical Plant Zone 2, 46900 points, No Chaos Emeralds
Recent comments: (All 112)
GearDoGi 6 Jul 2020 09:08
A great set! Fun and challenging!!Thank you very much!
LETSPLAYmarkus 13 Oct 2020 13:04
Mastered. Was a really nice set. Some challenges might be hard for Sonic-Casuals.
playah1 22 Dec 2020 18:07
This set was really interesting. A lot of unique challenges not seen in other Sonic sets.
danilofent97 27 Dec 2020 03:26
Mastered! Thanks for the awesome set! :D
Diego788 1 Feb 2021 23:59
Mastered! it was really nice to complete
Alexdatadestroyer 1 May 2021 21:19
The tag "(Level Select Disabled)" was added by me and other devs on Level Select protected achievements! Now, this will avoid people creating tickets on them as their description is cleaner enough! ;)
Berser97 15 Jun 2021 18:26
funguy161 29 Jun 2021 18:35
this is a good game. like, a really good game. if you somehow haven't already played this play it right now
MusicalMinerdude 7 Jul 2021 10:51
Yo, speedrun timer for Sky Chase hasn't been submitting properly for me when I clear it. The timer keeps going throughout the rest of the game and ends on a fail when you restart.
MusicalMinerdude 23 Aug 2021 07:46
(...I only now realized I meant Wing Fortress and not Sky Chase. Way to go me >_>)
Emoon 10 Sep 2021 04:45
@MusicalMinerDude Yep, that timer is bugged. That's why there's no official Wing Fortress Speedrun leaderboard
williamgeesdorf 7 Dec 2021 20:44
Mastered (platinado)! Very nice set. But that time i died at Wing Fortress during the "Zero Deaths" cheevo wasn't nice hehehe
napu 11 Jan 2022 15:13
420 points is great but should be worth a few more :)... one of the best RA sets I played so far
KingKong4221 21 Jan 2022 20:32
DavidYTBR2 3 Feb 2022 22:07
FINALLY MASTERED!!! fuck you deathless achievement, i spent all afternoon trying just this shit.
coldfox 13 Mar 2022 15:38
Some cheevos and leaderboard are working with debug mode. This is something that have to be fixed.
diablo666 23 May 2022 17:13
A good game and a good SET of Achievements
RetroSprites 13 Jul 2022 03:48
Mastered! WOW, it was quite entertaining and VERY challenging to get some achievements, I always played this game when I was little, and I always finished it using the sound test and then using the stage select and having Super Sonic from the beginning, since I found it very difficult to get all emeralds, but in the end, I've gotten MUCH BETTER at this game (and Sonic games in general) thanks to the no spin dash and no dying achievements.
Difficult set, the first one I felt I wouldn't get so fast.
ElectricAngel 31 Jul 2022 00:29
Mastered! Under 25 seconds one was thrilling to do, and the ringless ones were kinda bs, but I had fun overall
DeliaSymbols 5 Dec 2022 22:31
Mastered (even though I didn't deserve the no ring challenge at Aquatic Ruin since I got it through debug). Glad I got it all done!


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Fastest Time to beat the game [No Transformations]
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Fastest Time to beat Emerald Hill [No Transformations]
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Fastest Time to beat Chemical Plant [No Transformations]
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Fastest Time to beat Oil Ocean [No Transformations]
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Fastest Time to beat Metropolis [No Transformations]
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Fastest time to beat Sky Chase [No Transformations]
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Fastest time to beat Wing Fortress [No Transformations]
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Fastest time to beat Death Egg
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Fastest Time to beat Emerald Hill, Chemical Plant and Aquatic Ruins [No Transformations]
Scorpius Scorpius03:53.15