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TimeCrush TimeCrushNinja Spirit | Saigo no Nindou 1 week ago
Grabbing this one. Had a blast playing it, familiar with the game; have a set design drawn up that should ensure fun over absolutely destroying gamepl...
TimeCrush TimeCrushEp14 - Development: Personal, and Beyond! (Prizes to be Won!) 4 months ago
Be sure to check out the Discord #rapodcast channel for details on how YOU can win some free games! Today we are diving in on two topics, fi...
TimeCrush TimeCrushRetroAchievements Podcast: Ep13 - As Seen on TV 4 months ago
Hello everyone, welcome back and thank you for tuning in with us for another episode of The Retro Achievements Podcast, where we cover a variety o...
TimeCrush TimeCrushSite News Update 3/3 8 months ago
...I will eat some vegetables.
TimeCrush TimeCrushChallenge League The Top 100 [1/1/23-12/31/23] 10 months ago
Mastered third game for Bl4h challenge ~Homebrew~ Frank the Fruit Fly (Pokemon Mini) Completed Rampage 2 for N64 roll challenge Rampage 2: Universal T...
TimeCrush TimeCrushRetroAchievements Podcast 10 months ago
Hey everyone, just wanted to let you all know that I was able to get the podcast officially on Spotify for easier listening. Enjoy! https://open.sp...
TimeCrush TimeCrushChallenge League The Top 100 [1/1/23-12/31/23] 10 months ago
Getting in on this, so far Bl4h: 2/3 ( Curse of Astarok, The (Arduboy) To the Core (WASM-4)) Brian: Completed Metroid: Zero Mission
TimeCrush TimeCrushRetroArch Cheevo Improvements 11 months ago
Just piggybacking on in the "more information about the achievement" camp: Percentage of players played vs earned on the pop-up and a nearby...
TimeCrush TimeCrushRetroAchievements Podcast 11 months ago
Hey everyone, thanks for taking a shot and the amazing feedback! Just to throw out there: If you have anybody in mind who you believe would be a g...
TimeCrush TimeCrushHoneypot 1 year ago
Cocaine is a hell of a drug.
TimeCrush TimeCrush~Hack~ Sherlock 1 year ago
Renewing claim - miscommunication with account status prevented progress.
TimeCrush TimeCrush~Hack~ Sherlock 1 year ago
We've got a case to solve, Sherlock - CLAIMED
TimeCrush TimeCrushDuke Nukem: Zero Hour 1 year ago
Relinquishing this one - Underestimated the pure STRENGTH that is N64, and the learning curve is steep. I may revisit this after I have more experienc...
TimeCrush TimeCrushCrazy Taxi 1 year ago
Third - Using GDI from several different sources.
TimeCrush TimeCrushDuke Nukem: Zero Hour 1 year ago
Claiming this one